Monday, December 31, 2007

Fasten Your Seatbelts

I intend to make it to the bottom of the bottle tonight.

On January 1st I’ll be joining SID (pictured below) in his annual New Year’s Day tradition…

The Scaling of Mount Willy

My crampons are packed and I'm ready to go.

See you back here on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Happy New Year, bitches!


  1. Try not to slip off because of the slush.

  2. Any excuse to mess around in the slippery white stuff.

    * tuts *

    Happy New Year!

  3. Pack an extra pair of socks. You never know when you might need them.

  4. I thought you were going to say you were making it bottoms up

    which is more than likely you dirdy canuck

    Have an amazing New Year and tell me *all* about the mounting of the willy

  5. KNUDSEN: Slush?

    I’ve packed my rubbers.

    *wonders if this will get lost in translation over The Pond*

    IVD: It’s slippery but I’ve got good traction.

    EDDIE: Socks?

    They’re stuffed down SID’s trousers.

    Welcome back!

    CYBERPOO: Bottoms up was clearly illustrated in Salacious Saturday.

    I’m not kissing you after Tatas has had her filthy mouth on you.

    FROBI: May your new year be filled with chocolate hash truffles.

  6. I didn't ask you to

    So salacious saturday was a preview for you at New Years and the lads from yesterday....

    It all makes sense now

    Have an AMAZING new years

  7. Make sure you've a firm grip, and keep that white stuff from getting in your eyes and you'll be fine. Careful when venturing toward crevasses; some slits are best taken on by 2 or more companions ;)

    Happy New Year, MJ!!!

  8. CYBERSLUT: My postings are full of clues.

    If only the others were as observant as you.

    Have a glittery New Year!

    BINGOWINGS: Two companions?

    CyberSlut and IVD should be along again soon to take on your slit.

  9. Don't worry about my new year being glittery

    It'll sparkle like nothing anyone has ever seen.

    Still got that bodice and the shoes I was supposed to wear over to IDVs today

  10. Oh, MJ, thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not planning any mountaineering soon. But perhaps CP and IDV would like to join me to serenade you as you wrap yourself around the hard projections and work yourself up to the peak...

    *Sings out loud*
    "Climb every mountain, search high and low
    Follow every byway, every path you know.
    Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
    Follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream!

    A dream that will need
    all the love you can give,
    Every day of your life
    for as long as you live.

    Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
    Follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream!"

    *waits for the avalanche*

  11. CYBERSLUT: Glitter and be gay!

    RIMMER: I bet you say that to all the Canucks.

    *saw you on HE’s blog*

    BINGOWINGS: And at the top we’ll find you, The Lonely Goatherd, yodelling
    “Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!”

  12. But of course

    how can one not be?

  13. So you are off to Mt. Cumalot. Have fun and don't forget your rubbers. We don't need any little MJ'S running around. One is enough. I will see about sending them to ya . Have a great New years eve.

  14. H N Y MJ.

    I didnt want to see a shaved groin

    A man in my condition could be fatal

  15. Happiest New Year you 'Cutest of all Canuck Chics'!
    May you scale new heights of filth in 2008 XX.

  16. Methinks BingoWings knows far too many Sound Of Music lyrics to really be straight.

    CyberPoo - Your luck's in!

  17. CYBERSLAG: We're all finding bits of glitter in our undies from your fabulousness.

    GEO:I'm also scaling Mt. Cumalot's twin peak, Mt. Humpalot.

    BEAST: I'm sure there must be someone here who would perform life-saving maneuvers on you.

    KAZ: Or sink to new lows.

    May I sip champagne from your Docs?

    IVD: Let's see how many beers it takes to unstraighten the fair Bingowings.

  18. IDV: My mother's fav movie of all time is the Sound of Music; so naturally, for the annual church talent shows, my siblings and I did numbers from the movie for a number of years. I guess I should be glad Titanic wasn't out at the time--or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, as I can't dance in heels ;)

    MJ: Beer only makes me pee, which I suppose is a good thing if you're into golden showers, but I'm not--I need liquor to feel a buzz now...

    *remembers to schedule appt for liver exam*

  19. So it's going to be a Hard Day's Night then, I guess. HNY, Infomaniac. No one's quite like you.

  20. Some more than others I'm sure

    Bingowings: It's easy, it just takes a bit of practice

  21. Just cracked open a Hobgoblin, MJ.

    A toast to you!

  22. Just cracked open a bottle of nail varnish remover, MJ.

    A toast to you!

  23. Nice boner! Don't it itch when the pubes come in? Happy New Year...hope that's not how you start a new year by stroking.

  24. Happy New Year's MJ! Hope you have fun down there in BC. 'tis a frosty one up here, but that's what alcohol is for and that's what I intend to do tonight. I'll leave scaling Mount Willy to you and any others that so desire!

    Have a great one everyone and all the best to all for 2008!

  25. I'm a big ol' lush and I have severals bottles all ready fer a'drankin'. But. Must. Wait. For. Kidlets. To. Head. To. Bed. Then its party time!

  26. Just cracked open a human skull (damn vagrant), pericranial fluid is surprisingly full bodies.

  27. Rim...I am beginning to worry about you.

    And that is not a great way to start the new year.

    But being that I am about to ruch into the '08 in oh, about 45...I'll let you slide.

  28. Mj: I'd bet you change your mind about touching my lips if you knew I had Connie's cock all around them.

    Pukker up BITCH.

    Happy New Year Toxic slut

  29. BINGOWINGS: You can’t dance in heels? That means you’ve tried, haven’t you?

    WW: You say no one’s quite like me? Well, Geo said that one MJ is enough so be happy I haven’t cloned myself.

    HNY to you too.

    CYBERSLUT: Did you wake up lying in a pool of your own glitter this morning?

    GEOFF & BETTY: Don’t mix drinks. You’ll get a hangover.

    MYTOES: The waxing is worse than the pube itch.

    Happy New Year to you and your toes.

    NWT: Aside from Hawaii, we were the last to ring in the New Year.

    Heed these words of advice in ’08…Don’t stick your tongue to cold metal.

    AWA: “I’m a big ol’ lush”…Well there’s a surprise.

    RIMMER: But what food do you pair with pericranial fluid?

    AWA: You’re in too much of a ruch!

    Slow down and enjoy your New Year.

    TATAS:Connie’s cock?


    Now I’m completely off you.

    Happy New Year all the same, you dirty old slapper.

  30. Happy New year MJ!! A suitable photo has been dispatched - I hope you like it...

  31. Happy New Year. I hear that "hair of the dog" is good for hangovers.

  32. I thought crampons were the pieces of toast you find in soup.

  33. MUTLEY: Your pic was worth waiting for.

    Such a squeezable arse!

    BREAKERSLION: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Alcohol…is there nothing it can’t do? Thanks for the hangover tip.

    Did you find me via HE?

    TICKERS: If that’s so, you’re going to need your stomach pumped.