Monday, January 07, 2008

How Clean Is Your Arse?

Is your arse minty clean?

Can you do this with confidence?...

If not, don’t come back here ‘til you have a tidy tush.

So what are you doing to ensure everyday freshness?


  1. So what are you doing to ensure everyday freshness?

    I take a shower every Friday, whether I need one or not.

  2. Nice to see you're starting the new year as you mean to go on.

    I think it may be a good idea not to visit here while at work.

  3. This post is like my living room at the moment. Everything is arse about face.

  4. WARING: Considering your diet of Baked Beans a la Mexicano, and your arse scratching and finger sniffing, I would suggest showering twice a week.

    CYBERPOO: "It's Like Altoids for your Ass!"

    CONNIE: If you’d wanted work-safe content, you should have participated in the Infomaniac Reader Survey.

    The people have spoken.

    TICKERS: I can suggest a good air freshener.

  5. Mmmmmm

    Do you use it yourself MJ?

    The public wants to know what the MJ does to stay minty fresh in that area

  6. There are some things in Life better left to the imagination...
    and seeing the photo of a Lobbyist listening to the Representative from the 'Show Me State' talkin' out of his ass, is definitely one of them.

    Children avert your eyes!

  7. CYBERPOO: I use Piggy’s sleeve.

    HE: A case of verbal diarrhea?

  8. What are you doing up at this ungawdly hour?

  9. CYBERPOO: Unlike the filthy Danes, Canada practices sanitation in the nation.

    HE: Infomaniac never sleeps.

    Wait. Isn't that what they say about rust? Damn.

    My my, hey hey.

  10. I'm not filthy

    I'm a delish puff uh I mean poof pastry

  11. I purposely leave my ass dirty so exactly THAT won't happen. That and I don't do handstands for the same reason.

  12. CYBERPOO: Good thing you didn't say "puff" pastry as those are flaky and contain several layers of fat.

    RIMMER: I was sure there's a "rim" in Rimshot.

  13. We really need to teach Rimmer the importance of keeping the rim clean

    no matter if he is eating out or eaten out

  14. Oh MJ, your sardonic humor knows no bounds! You're quite the witty minx, aren't you?

  15. I use soap and water. Clean as a whistle.

  16. CYBERPOO: You can be his mentor.

    RIMJOB: I'm such a laff riot that I crack myself up all the time.

    BILLY: You know how to whistle, don't you, Billy?

    You just put your lips together and blow.

  17. you crack yourself up ?


  18. She can fit most of herself up her crack too.

  19. CYBERPOO: See? I did it again!

    CONNIE: You'll shut up right now if you don't want to be stuffed up there along with me.

  20. Christ, that looks uncomfortable. I'm all for athletic sex, but that's a position where I'd want to neither be top nor bottom.

    Body wash for me on a nice fluffy scrubber.

  21. You could eat your dinner off my freckle!

    Don't forget to douche kids!

  22. I lick my own arse clean every morning.

    But sometimes forget to clean my teeth afterwards.

  23. PEEVISH: You really must expand your repertoire.

    FROBI: And wipe front to back!

    KAPI: *offers Kapi a breath mint*

    PRU: I’ll only allow my insides to be flushed with alcohol.

  24. this reminded me of a friend of mine and made me smile so big it hurt my cheeks...i will let you decide which ones

    *slaps my own hand for that one*

  25. DAISY: Never mind your cheeks.

    Which scene here reminded you of your friend?