Thursday, January 17, 2008

Book Title of the Day

I think we all know of these, don’t you?

Gay Whore by Jack Love.


  1. Is that the authors real name? His nom de plume should be Jack Mehoff.

    wv:agcntus HA!

  2. Is this IVD's autobiography?

  3. i take offense at this...

    *falls down laughing*

    okay i really don't...i was trying to be straight faced but just can't pull it off

  4. Surely that's Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

  5. Harry Cox should have made the word verification A.G. Cntus, his 'penus' name, that would have be awesome.

    I'll bet that Gay Whore is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius! You'll laugh, you'll cry. it will become a part of you.

    How on Earth did the Publisher ever convince Sly Stallone and River Phoenix to pose for the cover?

  6. ..and yes me doing gooder at the ESL classes, learning better every days..

    I speak tree langwidge, h'inglash da best!

  7. Jack Love, didn't he write 'Call of the Wild' and 'White Fang'?

  8. ..and thanks for the all of the song titles you are such a sweetie.

    Darn it anyway I just gotta tell you how much fun you are. Oh sure I know that you like to put on this 'tough broad' act but deep down you're just as sweet as pie.

    Have a wonderful day :)
    xxx ooo

  9. No Gay Whore is becoming part of me!

  10. Gay Whore has already consumed you, Steve.

    Fucking slaaaaaag.

  11. CONNIE: It’s the abridged edition of IVD’s autobiography.

    The unabridged copy is several thousand pages long (in order to list all the names of the punters) and is available through special order only.

    KNUDSEN: Are you the man that Xaviera Hollander did for free?

    DAISY: The walls and floors in here are padded should anyone fall down.

    KAZ: The only thing missing is Tony Randall.

    Que sera sera.

    HE: That gay whore (IVD) has become part of too many men to mention.

    Beware his warty wand.

    TICKERS: Yes, and he also penned “Sea Wolf” where they end up on a desert island together as pictured here.

    HE: For supporting the “Up With MJ” campaign, a cheque is in the mail. Along with an “I’m an MJ Booster” bumper sticker.

    Thank you for your patronage.

    SMUNTY: I found your tart card in a phone booth.

    PIGGY: What is Smunty’s trade name?

    Is Carly getting a cut?

  12. I misunderstood and thought it was an "Up Your's, MJ" campaign.

    As to the book cover: So THAT's how one transforms from a 98lbs weakling to the muscle-bound Atlas? I'm sure glad I didn't send in my boxtops to get the 'secret'.

  13. Connie and MJ, you cheeky fucks!

    Several thousand pages of names indeed. Why, I've never been so insulted! My autobiography may be several thousand pages long (full of interesting stories from my lives and deaths), but I can assure you that 'The List' only takes up a small fraction of the whole.

  14. RIMMER: Here’s all the secrets.

    IVD: “The List” takes up your entire (w)hole with room to spare.

  15. Which one is gay and which one is the whore?

  16. BINGOWINGS: Six of one, half a dozen of the other.