Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Album Cover of the Week

“Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday” by John Bult.

I wonder what Julie got for her birthday.


  1. Maybe he has a pearl necklace for her.

  2. And yay! first, thats how I roll.

  3. KNUDSEN: Yet all he asks from her for his birthday is a rusty trombone.

  4. Chlamydia and an assortment of other STD's. Oh and a brown moustache.

  5. She's just found out she's pregnant and he's the father.

  6. CONNIE: Is your stage name Dirty Sanchez?

    TATAS: Is he also the baby's uncle?

  7. 1) No.

    2) He's also the grandfather.

  8. She wanted one of the Bay City Rollers.

    She got some grizzled old country perve.

  9. dammit i have to be quicker at this site. all the good answers have been taken.


    i like how she is longingly looking at the half empty (half full?) beer glass and the burnt out cigarette in the ashtray.

  10. Fake ID
    because Julie is underage and obviously sitting in a Pub.

    What does she have to give JB for getting her fake ID...
    just spin his initials around..
    oh yeah..

    Julie is dreading 'closing time' because JB seems oblivious to the esthetic benefits of manscaping, as well as being unacquainted with the sentencing requirements of Statutory Rape.

    Did Bult sing
    "Julie, Julie, Julie,
    do ya love me?"

  11. Repressed memories for her therapist to bill by the hour!

  12. Perhaps John is her father and he is consoling her because her H.S. Beau broke up with her or, worse yet, died at the front in Nam.

    Perhaps John is her freind and is councelling her on the pitfalls of underage drinking and/or alcoholism.

    Perhaps she has a miscarriage and John is explaining again why premarital sex is not a good idea.

  13. From where I'm sitting it looks like she got a horrible rash on her face

    poor dear, never let family that close

  14. CONNIE: 1) Well it should be.

    2) There's nothin' like keepin’ it in the family.

    GEOFF: But what you can’t see is that the grizzled old perv is wearing a kilt.

    MAIDY: Well? Which is it? Half empty or half full? Damn, I’m not your therapist.

    That looks like typical cheap, watered-down American beer to me.

    HE: The Julie, Do Ya Love Me singer was Bobby Sherman who is now a paramedic in Los Angeles.

    Possibly saving the lives of the women who used to faint at the sight of him.

    BINGOWINGS: If Rimmer’s counseling theory holds true, she’ll be sending the bills directly to John himself.

    PIGGY: But the pox is so cuddly.

    RIMMER: Perhaps he is teaching her how to play the Coronation Street Drinking Game.

    CYBERSLUT: Surely you have something in your makeup bag to help out.

    You keep the cosmetics industry in business, don’t you?

  15. Actually no

    Concealer is your best friend though

    and a little mascara for the lashes as they shouldn't look all dull, brown and short

  16. Those lashes sound like small poos, CyberPoo. Someone needs to get a bit more fibre in their diet...

    As for Julie, she probably got a punch to the other side of her face for ridiculing his beard as well as his hideous jacket.

  17. CYBERPOO: *offers CyberPoo a trowel to apply his concealer*

    IVD: Why don't you lend CyberSlut your false eyelashes?

    The ones you inherited after Tammy Faye died.

  18. That cow stole them from me after my third death! There's no way I'm giving them up now.

    CyberPoo, you can have my spare set. They've only been worn by Ru Paul.

  19. A day late and a dollar short, as usual. Poor, poor Julie. Wonder where she is now?

  20. IVD: RuPaul once confided to me that it takes him 3 hours to apply his makeup.

    “You can’t rush glamour.”

    PEEVISH: Julie’s running the bar now and has barred John.

    IVD was hired as the piano player and CyberSlut as her cosmetician.

  21. Named MJ,the one who does it for half a packet of Hob Nobs.

  22. mj,
    How daft do you think that I am?

  23. I like that comment

    "you can't rush glamour"

    Thanks, but my lashes aren't that short. It's mostly the brown colour that bothers me.

    Yes IDV hideous jacket

  24. Hes just told her that shes now too old for him and they should take a break.

  25. It's Scientology drone Joey and preachy Dawson from the Dawson's Creek Reunion Movie!

    *cue Paula Cole, I don't want to wait*

  26. SID: Only the HobNobs with the dark chocolate coating.

    What do you take me for?

    HE: Just kidding around.

    I know you had a poster of Bobby Sherman on your bedroom wall. And WW had David Cassidy.

    KAZ: Kaz said “Willie.”


    CYBERSLUT: And is she wearing BLUE eye shadow?!

    KAZ: *sniggers again*

    EMMA: I applaud that remark.

    Can you hear the clap?

    BINGOWINGS: I don’t wanna wait to find out how it ends.

  27. KNUDSEN: If she'd skimp on the makeup she could pass for younger.

    You might wanna suggest it to her.

  28. MANUEL: Nappy rash?

    She IS rather young.