Friday, January 18, 2008

Filthy Friday

(cleek to make beeg)


  1. Oh, my; Is it Fish Friday already?

  2. Is that you on your weekly crab inspection MJ?

  3. The oldest trick in the book! There is an even bigger hole cut into the seat so that both of the 'ladies' ((ahem)) can position themselves for what the Magician's call "the reveal".

    I wonder if she can hear the Ocean?

  4. There must be a mirror inside that - er - aperture.
    You can tell by the look on her face?

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  6. "No MJ I'm afraid your bracelet is not here."

  7. I'm not an expert on female apertures but...that doesn't look like a real one. Too big, too smooth and the wrong colour.

    In fact, the legs look a bit plasticky too - compare with the arms. And I reckon the hair's a wig.

    Somehow, the idea that someone would fake all that is more disturbing than that they found a real woman who could do it.

    But not as disturbing as the men who get more turned on because she's wearing fishnets.

  8. Um, that's not actually as hard as it looks. I can do it. Doesn't do anything for me, though, as I'm not a librarian.

  9. Ugh. Or should that be Argh? I didn't know you had dyed your hair, MJ. We can see your roots.

  10. BINGOWINGS: Care for the clam platter?

    CONNIE: *flicks one at Connie*

    HE: I’m sure she can hear the roar of the ocean in that gonch, erm, conch shell.

    GARFY: I prefer cane(ing).

    KAZ: Could it be the cock sucking mirror?

    SID: No bracelet but I found your wristwatch.

    KAPI: You’re not an expert on female apertures but you play one on telly, don’t you Hugh?

    TICKERS: Alas. She’s only looking for a one-night-stand.

    PEEVISH: You’ll be plenty upset if you find an overdue notice in there!

    WW: “"Does she or doesn't she? Hair color so natural only her hairdresser knows for sure!"

  11. If the wind changes , she will get stuck like that

  12. If her tongue could reach her faff, and she chowed down on the chowder, would that make her a lesbian?

  13. I can't even spell my own name.........oh, the shame!

  14. well if i could do that...well...i fucking well wouldn't!

  15. why would you want yer smelly parts in yer face, weemen are dirty shites, they don't call it stench trench for nothing. When I earned my living as a muff diver for the first 6 weeks I was boaking but then I got used to it and could hold my breath for 6 minutes.

  16. Is she looking for the ping pong ball that she was supposed to be firing?

  17. Is That possible? My Back Hurts just looking...! I,m thinking of those credit card adverts, you know, the ones about My Flexible Friend.........

  18. BEAST: 'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

    STEEEEV: It wouldn’t make her a lesbian.

    But it would make her talented and happy.

    DAISY: If I could do that, I’d probably never leave the house.

    KNUDSEN: Mind you don’t get the bends.

    I suggest you try diving with a snorkel.

    TATAS: Yes, so why don’t you cough it up before you choke.

    TONY: If you give her your credit card, perhaps you’ll find out if it really is possible.