Sunday, January 13, 2008

Book Title of the Day

Hot Pants Homo


  1. No wonder he went off women with all that excessive back scratching.

  2. I that the girl from the old coca cola ads?

  3. Thats just stupid, how can you have sex with men? they don't have vaginas, idiots!

  4. An anagram of Hot Pants Homo?

    Something Betty Turpin might scream.

    Oh Man...Hotpots!

  5. 'Years of agony'?????
    Were his hotpants too tight ????

  6. They don't look like hotpants to me. More of a moleskin chino.

  7. I must remember to ask if they have any books by Percy Fenster next time I'm in a library. Looks like a good read.

  8. TICKERS: They’re practicing reciprocal altruism; you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

    CYBERSLAG: I can’t be sure if it’s Coca Cola but it does look like she’s selling something.

    KNUDSEN: I’m keeping you and Eddie Waring after class for tutoring.

    Using illustrations on the chalkboard, I’ll expect both of you to act out your parts as instructed.

    SID: Looks like he got a few too many pints of Newton and Ridley's in him and jumped the bar to sample Betty’s “hotpot.”

    BEAST: His thong was riding up.

    GEOFF: You can’t go wrong with the comfort and versatility of a classic moleskin.

    Have you considered a career in catalogue advertising?

    WARING: If Percy Fenster hits the big time on Oprah’s Book Club or Richard and Judy’s Book Club, you can say you saw him here first.

  9. mj...i have a posting on my blog which was done thinking about you and what you might

  10. Jaaazzmaaan?
    Oh so that was my ex husband's problem.

    Thanks Doctor MJ.

  11. Percy Fenster?

    What a poofy name.

  12. DAISY: Ha! What a bunch of knobs.

    KAZ: A jaaazzmaaan or a fohhhhkkkmaaaan?

    GARFY: His ma should have named him something more manly like Dirk McAssgrabber.

    Or Garfer.

  13. well she is definately selling something

    but he wasn't buying


  14. Old Knudsen said...
    Thats just stupid, how can you have sex with men? they don't have vaginas, idiots!

    If you were a girl, I'd hug you for that!

  15. Hell, for 95 cents? I'd give it a read.

    Those pants look a tad too conservative for a jazzman. I think he's a closet Republican.

  16. CYBERSLUT: Guffaw.

    RIMMER: You can give him head instead of a hug. He’s not fussy.

    PEEVISH: He’s out of the closet now, in any case.

  17. HE: I've just popped over to your blog and you haven't changed your avatar.

    Liar liar hot pants on fire!

  18. *wonders if it's still in print*

  19. It's Hot Pants Homo...Escapeons! I'm telling his wife.

  20. MAIDY: It's out of print.

    Along with Hot Pants Secretary, Hot Pants Stepdaughter, Hot Pants Niece, Hot Pants Nurse, Hot Pants Typist, Hot Pants Neighbour and Hot Pants Virgin.

    WW: The wife is always the last to know.