Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Album Cover of the Week

“Back to the S**t” by Millie Jackson


  1. Dayum! You pulled it out the back of the closet! I love her. In fact, this summer before I left my estranges husband, I sent him an email with her Fuck You Symphony attached. Priceless.

  2. Yay! am I not supposed to be first?

  3. Classy, very classy - and to be 3rd behind awa and knudsen. Wow!

  4. I imagine she does a lot of groaning on this al'bum'?

    It certainly looks like she's passing one sideways by the look on her face...

  5. P.S. I didn't comment on yesterday's 'Minty Fresh' post because, like Connie, I was at work.
    I couldn't click off fast enough!

  6. Does she mention what the result was on the Bristol Stool Scale?

  7. LOL your blog is very mirthful I am rich with glee:)

  8. Talk about 'bad taste' ... whoever put those flowers in that vase?

  9. What is she about to do with the shoe?

  10. Happy New Year! An' all that shit!


  11. did you pull this from those poo loving poofs' collection?

  12. AWA: You might also try these lyrics from another Jackson…Wanda Jackson sings “Big Iron Skillet”…

    There's gonna be some changes made when you get in tonight
    Cause I'm gonna teach you wrong from right
    With my big iron skillet in my hand
    Gonna show you how a little woman quits a great big man

    KNUDSEN: Awa’s ex-husband Jerk-O-Meter sounded when I posted this pic so she beat you to the punch this time.

    NWT: That’s “klassy” with a K.

    Knudsen might be nervous that you’re behind him. He’s not really into lads.

    IVD: So from work you can click on an image of a woman sat on the shitter but you can’t click on a pic of Kim Woodburn wearing a rubber glove?

    What kind of work is it you do exactly, hon?

    CONNIE: The Bristol Stool Scale is Piggy’s specialty. Ask him.

    BRAD: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    You’ll need a rabies shot if you want to hang out here.

    And mind you don’t poke your eye out with your finger. Why do your eyebrows need supporting?

    KAZ: CyberDane is rubbing off on you. (Ew. That doesn’t sound right.)

    He’s all about bad taste at the moment if you visit his blog.

    BETTY: She’s about to throw that shoe at Awa’s ex-husband.

    Are these lucky couple of Kents you and Geoff?

    RON: I hope you had a good “knees”-up!

    MAIDY: I would have credited the gruesome twosome if it was theirs.

    This is from my own personal collection of women on toilets.

    Would you like to send me a pic of you on the loo?

  13. Is she Michael's Mom?
    because that would explain a lot of things.

  14. HE: No, but they're both MJs.

    That might explain a lot of things.

  15. now if only Girls Aloud would cover that.....

  16. MANUEL: You'd make it your ringtone.

  17. It looks like the mission Jackson sister or maybe it's La Toya

    Her albums were shit

  18. Those lucky Kents aren't us. They're from the Medway towns which officially have the worst accents in Britain, too.

    I got Millie's follow-up album, Skid Marks. Scratch 'n' sniff cover, too.

  19. CYBERPOO: I'm convinced that Michael Jackson and La Toya Jackson are the same person.

    He just applies slightly more makeup for his appearances as La Toilet.

    GEOFF: Skid Marks?

    She obviously isn't practicing good anal hygiene and could have benefited from yesterday's posting.

  20. Hey you could be right!

    That's why her album was "he's my brother" ?

  21. Did you use the toilet before her MJ?

    Hence the grimace on her face.

    Happy New Year bitch!


    He's not bad!
    (He-He-He's not bad!)

    SID: I smell like the heavenly scent of honeysuckle on a spring day.

    You, on the other hand, stink like a corpse flower.

    So you’ve finally come down from Mt. Willy.

    Happy New Year, cuntface!

  23. Yes the prodigal child has returned to your mangy bosom.

    Kill me.

  24. You know her music or did you just make something up you minx?

  25. That's worse than the Mammas & Pappas one when they're in the bath.

  26. SID: And while you're at my bosom, you know what to do.

    CYBERPOO: It's a line from one of her songs.

    You're right. It's shite.

    BILLY: I know the cover of which you speak.

    That would be a good one to post on my unsuspecting public one day. Along with Pete Townshend in a bathtub full of baked beans. Ta.

    Now fuck off all of you. I have work to be. Back later.

  27. Ah, but I clicked on this post from home before I went to work. I didn't get time yesterday morning, hence the visit from work. Seeing Kim was OK (as was the word 'arse' because it was relatively small), but scrolling down to see some guy getting his insides cleaned out my some other guy's tongue would've had me sacked before you could say "back, sack and crack"

  28. Yeah it is quite ghastly

    I have one of her multiple compilations that I got in a pack of 3 along with Ami Steward and Sabrina

    I know...

  29. Geoff: I take umbrage to your slight about the Medway accent. The Chatham Girls do sound truly awful though.

  30. i'll get geo to snap a photo of me at the potty sometime soon for you.

  31. her nose is staring at me.

    make it stop.

  32. SID: Welcome back.

    IVD: I’ll make the word ARSE larger next time.

    *note to self to find more and bigger rimming pics*

    CYBERPOO: Triple horror.

    CONNIE: Isn’t your bitch Tatas from Chatham?

    I like this comment about Chatham on that video …

    “biggest shithole iv ever been 2.”

    MAIDY: May I post your potty pic for public viewing?

    FN: Lay off the Alice B. Toklas fudge for a few days.

  33. No I'm from the Medway Towns area. Tatas is a West Country lass.