Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sudsy Saturday

This post is for all you whinging wusses who demanded more smut on this blog yet couldn’t take it when the filth was served up to you on a platter.

Enjoy the cleanliness of today’s post.

There’s something here for everyone.


  1. Freaky. We don't need to see man ass though do we?

  2. MARKY: We don't need to see your man nipples either.

    Put some pasties over those things.

  3. That first car wash is perfect

    It must be the equivalent (spelling?) to car heaven


  4. CYBERSLAG: I hope they do interiors as you've been licking the windows.

  5. i do have to say i never know what to expect when i come to this site...i always end with either vomit or a smile...

  6. Bloody hell MJ where did you get that pic of me holding my tits up by my nipples?

  7. DAISY: Smile as you vomit.

    I'll hold your hair.

    TATAS: Same place as I got the pic of your husband, below yours.

    Now we know why he's known as Connie.

  8. Who put the wang on this beautiful girl? Plus it's a pencil dick!

  9. @Marky - hello? Yes, we DO need the man ass. Show us yours!

    I have the urge to clean things now. In the nude. My husband thanks you, MJ. The neighbors are clutching their eyesockets screaming for bleach.

  10. I really hope they do MJ

    did you get my email? been having trouble sending

  11. MYTOES: Possibly the same person who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong.

    PEEVISH: Naked with stiletto heels, I hope.

    Style, luv, style! Work it.

    CYBERSLUT: You dirty boy, I did!

    Ta very much.

  12. MJ, how else does one clean naked? Should I wear the green suede stilettos or the black patent leather?

  13. PEEVISH: Perhaps Infomaniac's resident fashionista, CyberSlut will be along later to counsel you.

    A note about patent leather: If you're wearing a skirt AND patent leather shoes, the patent leather acts as a mirror up your skirt. This could be a plus or a minus depending on your personality.

  14. I would prefer a pair of glittery stilettos myself - something strappy.

    That's how one should clean as it's so much more glamorous that way

  15. I'll take Doors Nos. 1, 3, 4 and 5, with bonus points for No. 1 please, Alex.

  16. was the last one for me? I knew you loved me.

    even though you dissed the meme.

  17. Knudsen - The last one was for me.

    MJ - Just out of interest, where did you find such a disgusting picture. I must remember to add it to my list of blocked sites.'s not you is it?

  18. CYBERSLAG: Something strappy?

    I’m picturing you Hoovering in a strap-on.

    WW: I think you’ve confused Let’s Make A Deal with Jeopardy.

    Understandable as both Monty Hall and Alex Trebek are Canucks.

    Isn’t Monty from WinterPeg like you?

    KNUDSEN & WARING: I want you both to strip nekkid and wrestle in oil before I tell you which one of you I posted that pic for.

    I’ll also need to whip your bare buttocks with birch branches before revealing the answer.

    RIMMER: You’re a fast learner.

  19. Yes, Monty Hall's also from Winnipeg. He's the third guy from the left in the carwash pic. It's amazing what they can do with cosmetic surgery nowadays.

  20. WW: Maybe he's still in top form.

    Afterall, he did a commercial for Dentu-Cream but he doesn't have dentures.

  21. Hey who put the weenie on the babe? It's a teenie weenie at that!