Friday, January 04, 2008

Filthy Friday

Arse and smut.

According to yesterday’s Infomaniac reader survey, that’s all you lot care about.

How fortuitous, then, that today should be Filthy Friday.

How’s this for smutty arse action?…

I believe it even fulfils Kaz’s “retro depravity” requirement as it looks like it’s ripped straight out of the pages of a 1970’s gay porn mag.

You bitches make me feel dirty. Like I’m your personal smut peddler.

So much for the PG-rating I was hoping to attain on this blog.


  1. we should have said "nice" arse action :::::punches self in the head::::::

  2. Personally I would like to see more topics related to the environment and issues concerning famine relief in Africa.

    That said, I'm not complaining about the pictures of female bottoms and jiggly bits. After all, one can't have everything one wants can one?

  3. * also punches Knudsen in the head for not requesting 'nice' arses *

    Must. Remember. Not. To. Visit. Here. On . A. Friday. Whilst. Eating. Breakfast.


  4. ER ...yes. Well Thank god it's not 'Granny porn' as you mentioned yesterday.
    I just love some of your sexy black and white pics.

  5. i was wrong ... it is possible to have too much arse.

  6. KNUDSEN: You’re trying to trick me into giving you some nice arse action.

    I told you I’m not that kind of girl.

    WARING: I’ll make a point to discuss whether or not the burning of Eddie Waring in effigy contributes to global warming or not.

    IVD: You? Punch? Those little girly wrists of yours would bend back and break off.

    Although we know you’re quite accomplished at making a fist.

    Would you like some Boy Butter with your toast?

    KAZ: So you’d like me to post a sexy black and white pic of Knudsen in a corset?

    Please be more specific when requesting “retro depravity.”

    I’m not a mind reader, you know.

    BITTERSWEET: There’s just no pleasing some folk.

  7. I just happy you're happy, MJ. That's whats really important in the 'end', isn't it?

  8. RIMMER: I am experiencing strong feelings of Gemütlichkeit.

    Perhaps because I have my head up my arse.

  9. You have no feelings!! And as far as PG you must be kidding there is nothing below a xxx with you. So keep doing what your doing you old cunt.
    * says it in a good way*

  10. I thought you said you never go in the kitchen MJ?

    You've cut your hair again.

  11. GEO: Your kind words warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

    CONNIE: The champagne was chilling in the kitchen.

    And Knudsen's head is in the freezer.

  12. Is that guys shoes bolted to the board?

    Whatever they've got going on, it looks painful

    could you take the hotness of the pictures up a notch - or ten?

  13. Do you think Helen Keller was into the kinky stuff?

  14. I for one am sure that for Helen Keller nothing was too kinky

  15. Knudsen in a corset - er perhaps not.
    Cyberdane in a basque might be nice ...very multicultural.

  16. CYBERSLAG: Hotness is in the eye of the beholder.

    Well perhaps not the eye but you know what I mean.

    RIMMER: I can't answer each and every question you have.

    I'm not a "Miracle Worker" you know.

  17. KAZ: Oops, you snuck in there.

    I'll turn it over to CyberDane now.

  18. Is that you in the first picture? I thought it was a rather fatty turkey stuffed into netting. Or your ass. From what I gather, I feel both are interchangeable.

    Is that true, SID?

  19. I'm not posing you know that MJ

    I made that quite clear before. Maybe KAZ will be satisfied with a pic of you in a basque?

  20. Oh, who's a clever blogger, then?

    Happy Friday, here's a hug.

  21. MAIDY: SID is indisposed.

    His brain was deprived of oxygen whilst scaling Mt. Willy.

    CYBERSLAG: Over to Kaz, now.

    Am I going to have to play middle man all day?

    RIMMER: You may rise now.

  22. What's up with Cyberbasque?

    You have enough Divas over here already!

  23. Where is PETA? Have they been notified that a walrus is tangled in some nets?

  24. Are you kidding KAZ?

    I LOVE divas

    It's dramarama all the way


    Kaz? CyberPete.

    CyberPete? Kaz.

    Oh, I see you've met already.

    Kaz: CyberDane sticks out in a crowd. You'll recognize him by his tiara and high heels.

    And his liberal use of words like "dramarama."

    BINGWINGS: Did you know that the walrus is a "bottom" feeder?

  26. was just wondering much for a few smacks on the bare bottom there...i don't want a slave as then i have to feed him, listen to him whine...yada yada...but a few smacks may improve my disposition...

  27. DAISY: That depends.

    Do you wish to be the smackER or the smackEE?

  28. Well dramarama is a fabulous word isn't it?

    I like it

  29. Is there a thong somewhere up there? Some don't need to wear that! Seems like these guys have a hang-up with their hobby.

  30. CYBERSLUT: Glamourama is another good word.

    DAISY: You can spank some of these bitches for free.

    Why don’t you join forces with CyberPoof and IVD to give Bingowings a good bum-warming. They can hold him down while you do the honours.

    Knudsen and Waring could use a good tanning as well.

    Be my guest.

    The first slap is on the house.

    MYTOES: I don’t know about a thong but if you’ve lost your wristwatch you might want to check up there.