Saturday, March 17, 2007


Oh to be fucked in Ireland

Snackbox Diaries describes the Irish porn film ‘Fucked In Ireland’ as:

The torrid tale of testosterone-addled twentysomethings travelling to Tory Island for threesomes and tackle-tugging and teat-tickling.

More here. Be sure to scroll down to the dialogue.

If you’re looking for more Irish porn, and who isn’t? … check out Infomaniac’s previous Irish Porn posting. With graphic pics!

The only thing I love more than Italian footballers are DIRTY, FILTHY IRISHMEN.

So in honour of St. Paddy’s Day, I salute the dirty, filthy Irishmen of Infomaniac:

Stupid Oirish Cunt (SID), Kav, Paddy, Bock, and whatever bits of Old Knudsen are Irish.

As for the rest of ya, here’s to a grand day.

I’m off to the pub to get polaxed.


  1. Does it involve much Guiness and a potato?

    Just wonderin'.

    Yayyy! My mom is making corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. Although we are not Irish...I can't wait to eat it!!

  2. AWA: You're not Irish?


  3. I had a dream about frying corned beef last night - vile. Absolutely vile.

    Anyway, I clicked on the link, read the dialogue: Leperporn. Heh heh! Her knocker fell off...

  4. MJ, I have been known to drink SID under the kitchen it is questionable.

    That and the fact that I am considered fairskinned amongst african americans, has me wondering.

    Bring on the Guinness!!

  5. On the subject of black Irish, wasn't it Billy Connely who described Phil Lynott as the greatest ever Irishman.

  6. Did you hear about the Irish hippy porn film?...

    Pubic Eire.

  7. IVF: Were you nekkid in the dream? Were there commanding female voices?

    AWA: Maybe you're related to Phil Lynott. (see Tickers' comment)

    TICKERS: I don't know who said it but Phil left his mark while he was here.

    Flow it, show it
    Long as God can grow it
    My Eire.

  8. BEEJEEZUS Happy Paddy's Day MJ.dont drink out of any damp glasses!

  9. frobi's going to celebrate with a little smokin of the green if i know my ratso. me, in honor of the true spirit of ireland which me mudder passed on ta me, i plans to hide behind closed doors and hate meself for being born female.
    erin go braugh and all that shite.

  10. Corned Beef? who the fuck who eat that? I'm sorry but only my filthy cock is Irish so you'll have to make do. Heres to St Patrick's death.

  11. Top o The Morning toYa!(dances a jig)

  12. FN: Erin go braless.

    KNUDSEN: Stuff your filthy Prod cock. You know I’m only interested in Fenian cocksucking.

    TONY: My aching head! Tony, I had a late night. Take it down a notch.

  13. Dacent People!!
    HA that is hilarious...will the world ever tire of making fun of their CELTure?
    Not bloody likely!

  14. HE: "Will the world ever tire of making fun of their CELTure?"

    I know I won't.

  15. 'hope the Head is better?
    "never Again" huh?:)

  16. I was fucked in Ireland once NEVER ask for directions they'll send you to a Fenian/IRA supporting part of town for a laugh and then you'll be fucked.

  17. KNUDSEN: Would that be the Fenian cocksucking side of town?

    *consults map, then asks for directions*

  18. MJ - hope you had a great day for SP - not a green beer in sight. I had a bucket of Guiness and can feel it now. SORRY for post on Corrie Canuck - didn't have an appreciation of your sense of humour, but on the good side - it made me come and check out your blog, which is wicked good!!!

    No comment on Fenians or cocksuckers.... Best that way....

    Your blog is now on 'favourites'

  19. ALASDAIR: I've been called worse by the buncha cunts who visit me here!!!

    Think nothing of it.

    As for Fenian cocksucking, that's a little joke between me and Old Knudsen. Although it MAY have some basis in reality.

    *goes away whistling and looking innocent*

  20. Awwwwww shit. Did I miss St. Paddy's day again? I could have sworn it was next Saturday. Which reminds me, I must remember to put my clocks forward next weekend.

  21. And it's March 19 in the UK by now so Mother's Day is a write-off too. You have the excuse of being in another time zone.

  22. EDDIE: That comment above was for you, Eddie.

  23. Have never wanted to be a Fenian before, but....

    Did I tell you this is a fucking fantastic blog???! If I didn't, then call me a Fenian....

    What the fuck is a Fenian???!!

  24. ALASDAIR: Thank you! Are you drunk?

    You want to know about Fenians, do you? You have soooo much to learn. Stick around here and we'll educate ya, boy.

    In the meantime, email me since I can't find an email address for you or a blog for that matter. Unless you don't have email either! My email address is in my Blogger Profile.