Friday, March 16, 2007

That Ugly Old Troll MJ

Yes, this really is me so don’t bother asking that question. And I don’t remember where the pic was taken so don’t ask about that either. In fact, keep your questions to yourselves, you nosey buncha cunts.


  1. never mind the face, a paper bag can solve that, what fine child bearing hips.

  2. As I was saying, you're hot from the neck up but I'm sure you hear that alot.

    copies and pastes into spank bank.

  3. KNUDSEN: You've not been on the end of my revenge stick yet but your day is coming.

    Just because you're a pensioner doesn't mean you'll get off lightly.

  4. Ok, now I must seek therapy yet again.

    Posting a bod like that has caused me to have a relapse.

    I am sooo jealous.

    Sexy woman you.

  5. Would you look at that neck!

    Are you related to Deidre Barlow, by any chance?

    I think so.

  6. Piggy, she is more Ida Barlow's age.
    MJ is that you? Where was it taken?

  7. Are you a natural redhead?

  8. Nice body, shame about the face.

    That is soooo different to how I imagined you to be.

    Expect a post about that soon.

  9. You should be so lucky!
    Deidre is now the highest paid member of the Corrie cast.

  10. Are those your real eyes, MJ?

    What were you drinking?

  11. First, you post a pic and tell us not to ask questions. Then you have the nerve to call us a nosy buncha cunts.

  12. Cunts. All of you.

    AWA: Thank you! But Piggy will be more than pleased to point out my many flaws.

    PIGGY: If YOU were straining to breathe in there YOUR neck would pop too. At least it’s made you forget the ET references.

    VICUS: Fuck off. There. Now we’re even. :)

    CONNIE: The curtains don’t match the carpet.

    And that’s actually Frobi’s wig I’m wearing. See previous posting.

    TICKERS: You didn’t recognize me without my cigar, did you? Remember that pic of me?

    GEOFF: I’d been drinking the blood of Kentishmen.

    KAZ: And the lucky bitch gets to sleep with Ken!

    MAIDY: Nosey buncha cunts.

  13. Does that say Pantorama behind you? Were you in there to pick up your Ugly Sister mask?

    Oh, you already have. Silly me.

  14. IVF: Yes. And yes. I'm not a mall person. Wearing a troll mask was the only way I could cope.

  15. That cigar picture isn't you, it's the late George Burns, I can tell by the breasts.

  16. I heard your carpet's getting a bit threadbare.

  17. I don't understand how your neck has shrunk by about two foot since we saw the picture of you with Ronald Macdonald. Is it like one of those adjust to fit swivel chairs?

  18. TICKERS: Nothing gets past you, does it? Here. Have a cigar. You're gonna go far.

    FROBI: I was going for the Don King look. I'll have it restyled before I give it back to you.

    CONNIE: *kicks Connie's mangina*

    BETTY: That cunt Piggy Photoshopped my neck!

    And if you all don't shut up, my head is going to swivel 360 degrees like in the Exorcist!

  19. You know, with a burlap sack hiding that nasty noggin of yours, I'd still do you.

    But don't let anyone know.

  20. I'm with Awaiting on this one. What a gorgeous figure you have. I've seen the face (a bit) and can only say that our MJ is one hot mama. :)

    (Chelly waits for a self-deprecating comment from MJ.)

  21. MAIDY: Yer a dirty bitch.

    Gimme your phone number.

    CHELLY: You saw my face? Which bits? The warts and boils? You saw the warts and boils didn't you? I must hide forever. I'm hideous!

  22. Come On Shrekira, Take It All Off!

    I find this quite distressing, why can't you just expose 'more' of yourself and not so much with the head shots.

    I know,
    is this because you're Medusa and if we saw how beautiful you really are, we would 'turn to stone'?

    Nice neck,
    shame about the face!
    (The Monks)

  23. TAZZY: I don't believe Tazzy would say such a thing. This comment could only be from Piggy.

    Piggy, remember that I have pics of your hideous mishapen trotters. Perhaps our readers would be interested?

    HE: This is a G-rated blog. Not a peep show!

  24. thats it! The Red Beret! Very French! Chic.Oh~La~La........Do all the Chicks in Paris look like you?

  25. It's so nice we've finally got a face to go with the name.

    You're exactly how I imagined you. But only in that you're female.

  26. Then again I think Deidre Barlow is a ride. Revenge stick huh? you'll be tasting the tip of me cutlass if you aren't careful, I'll make you spank me plank, er I mean walk it.

  27. KAPI: You thought I was a drag queen, didn't you?

    If I were a bloke, would you let me go cruising with you? Can I go anyway?

    KNUDSEN: Your plank'll draw blanks when I finish yer spank.

  28. HE: That's "arse" for the benefit of our British friends.

  29. PADDY: You don't need to say it... I'll say it for you ... "shame about the face, though."