Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knudsen’s Been a Bad, Bad Boy

Old Knudsen’s been following me around and begging for it ever since he first set foot on this blog.

He’s offered me a shag, followed by a nice cuppa tea but I won’t give in to his sweet talking ways.

It’s time he was taught a lesson, wouldn’t you agree?

So I’m gonna give the old hornivore the spanking of his life…

There. That’ll learn ya.


  1. Very good, you've got me with a giant erection and getting spanked, not really anything I can object to. I knew you wanted me. Even Freud can see how hot you are for me.

    Does my arse look big?

  2. Ya I concur you vant a go at Old Knudsen's custard chucker, just cum out and say it.

  3. Don’t be so cocky.

    It’s only ‘cause you’re a pensioner that I’m doing it for free.

    And sometimes an arse is just an arse.

  4. MJ’s animus is animalistic!

  5. She's only doing it 'cos yer a pensioner with the ability to alter your will.

    And whats with the hairy fucking armpit inthe first pic? Yuk.

  6. "strong to the finish, 'cos he eats his spinach.........."

  7. OK, this has gone on for long enough. Can we please have some postings with cake recipes and handy household hints please like a good girl.
    Or some stories about what happened during the day, like all the nice blogs do.

  8. Lucky bastard. Unless you fisted him after.

  9. PIGGY: The armpit hair is old growth. Like the rainforest.

    And like the rainforest, I’m saving it.

    TONY: I’m sure the ‘finish’ you speak of would cum sooner than it takes to sing that tune.

    VICUS: Look for that sort of thing later this week when I channel my inner Betty Crocker.

    In the meantime, here. Try this on. You’d look pretty in my pinny.

    KAV: Ooo, that bit of Irish totty has decided to grace us once again with his presence.

    Did you finally post something as well?
    *goes to look*

  10. My Word!
    This is hardly a punishment and besides you can't blame a feller for tryin'!
    He did offer you Tea...and they say that chivalry is dead..pfft!

  11. Just what the heck did I walk in on!! remind me next time to close my eyes!


    Now, hand the paddle over...he needs a real spanking!

  12. In an effort to turn over a new leaf, I'm only going to say nice things about people from now on.

    Therefore, I must compliment Old Knudz on his smooth buttocks. Someone of his age should have buttocks like a goat's pickled scrotal sac.

    Blimey, it's a lot more peaceful over here than it is at mine these days.

  13. HE: Knuddie even offered to remove his socks before we do the dirty but as you can see from the photo, he's forgotten his manners.

    AWA: He hasn't lived 'til he's had a good wallopin' from a crazy Mississippi mama. Give it to him good!

    Can I be next?

    BETTY: That certainly is one smooth derriere. He waxes it, you know.

    However, his old bitter balls truly do resemble a goat's pickled scrotal sac. But you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for that. I'm selling advance tickets if you want to be sure of admission.

  14. PADDY: I've got a nice fresh yew switch that I use for naughty Irishmen.

  15. Cuming soon,'The Knudsen Strikes Back'.

  16. *dares old cunt Knudsen*

  17. I've just been sent a video of what Old K does on a Saturday night. I'll email it to you.

  18. Yes I'm silly enough to try it on, just look at the Saturday night footage, I'm a cunt of cunts. Here is MJ's Other Blog incase anyone missed it in my post.

    Click me hard

  19. PIGGY: Sharrup! Don't encourage him.

    TICKERS: I'm posting that next week. When he least expects it. Ta.


    EVERYBODY ELSE: do NOT click hard on that link of Knudsen's.