Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Men Who Pee Sitting Down


Do you pee standing up? You’re a stehpinkeln.

Or do you pee sitting down? Then you’re a sitzpinkler.

MAPSU (Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up) is an organization of “concerned individuals who want to stop peeing standing up, support the victims (those who have to clean up), and prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.”

Urine stream fragmentation? Is this an issue in your household?

The WC Ghost is a voice-alarm that shames German men from standing to pee at the toilet.

"Hey, stand-peeing is not allowed here and will be punished with fines, so if you don't want any trouble, you'd best sit down," one of the devices orders in a voice impersonating (former) Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Another has a voice similar to that of his predecessor, Helmut Kohl.

WC Ghost

So tell us…

Is one method of peeing preferable to another? Is there any advantage in sitting to pee over standing to pee?

If you’ve always done it one way, try it another. Right now! And get back to us with the results.

Join us tomorrow for Women Who Pee Standing Up.


  1. The mothers in MAPSU are just jealous because they can't pee behind a tree.

  2. Standing up is more fun but you sometimes piss down the front of your trousers.

    Sitting down is no fun and you sometimes piss through the gap between the seat and the toilet.

    I prefer the standing up method unless I'm wearing my zoot suit.

  3. I stand up unless I'm wasted or I get up during the night.

  4. KAZ: If you’ve tried peeing behind a tree, please return for tomorrow’s discussion.

    GEOFF: I had no idea that male peeing was so fraught with danger.

    CONNIE: Wasted? In other words, you sit down to pee most of the time.

  5. The toilets in Schiphol (or whatever its called) airport in Amsterdam have painted a little fly on men's urinals for target practice.

    Hardly any pee hits the ground.

    Clever Dutch fuckers

  6. How barbaric!

    I simply translocate the contents of my bladder into the wc.

    Job done. No mess.

  7. I didn't fight the japs at the Bulge to be told how to pee. Who sits doon to pee? weemen thats who, who doesn't have massive balls to avoid pissing over? weemen thats who.
    Put weemen on those pills for bladder infections that turn yer pee red and you'll soon see that men don't just make the messes.

  8. IDV: We can't all work magic like you.

    KNUDSEN: Piss off you old cunt.

  9. Only the Germans would come up with something like this. Good aim equals cleanliness, even with the toilet seat down.

    Now the Dutch, they ARE smart...

  10. If I haven't been pleasured recenty I can piss standing up with pin sharp accuracy. However, I usually sit to pee as I'm lazy. I only stand at a urinal or the wash hand basin.

    You now have the excess of information you required.

  11. oh lordy.
    not even my 2 year old grandson sits down to pee. please. what's wrong with germans? aren't they happy unless they're oppressing someone needlessly?
    no, really. i'm married to one. whats the deal?
    and if you were a guy wouldn't you risk dabbling your regions in the water? that'd be a shock in the middle of the night.

  12. lovely piece of information, mj. very informative. i've always wanted to know more about peeing standing up and sitting down.

  13. Another mad case of too much time on their hands for those mothers. Someone should pee on their leg....standing up.

  14. WW: The tidiest, most organized people I know are all Germans. But I don’t want them regimenting my freestyle peestyle.

    Tickers: You pee in the wash basin?

    You filthy cunt.

    FN: I’m sure all the men who read this blog have balls big enough to fear dropping them in the water.

    Except SID.

    Pink: Now you know.

    Awa: They’d just think it was raining.

  15. I usually go before I get up in the morning but on the rare occasion that I get caught short during the day, it's the kitchen sink for me providing Mrs. Waring has done the dishes (I'm not an animal). Failing that, I keep an empty 32 ounce gatorade bottle by the side of my chair. This is the only valid reason for sitting down to pish, being too fuckin lazy to get up.

  16. Piss off you old cunt

    what else is an old cunt going to do? are you taking the piss?

  17. KNUDSEN: I'm taking the piss all right and don't turn your back or I'll piss in your beer.

  18. Yes good old German Engineering.
    You forgot the Gentlemen's mandatory peeing in the snow (or lake) whilst standing joke..

    "Man this snow/water is sure cold...
    and deep!"

  19. How about men who pee on the seat and don't clean up. We have one of those guys in our office. I likes to leave his mark whever he pee's

  20. RICH:
    If you sprinkle
    When you tinkle
    Please be neat
    and Wipe the seat.

  21. Either sit down, or piss off elsewhere!

  22. oh my god! this explains so much! my boyfriend pees sitting & it is just soo strange! his father is german so that explains it. God they're a controlling bunch :)