Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shirtless Italian Footballers

What could be better than shirtless footballers? Shirtless Italian footballers!

Because you can’t have enough football totty. And because Gli Azzurri won the FIFA World Cup 2006.

Alessandro Del Piero (aka Pinturicchio)

Del Piero – shirtless again!

Del Piero – just take it off and keep it off Alessandro

Francesco Totti

Helloooooooooooo Francesco!

Not only is Fabio Cannavaro shirtless, he seems to have forgotten his pants too!

Alberto Gilardino

Alessandro Nesta

Gennaro Gattuso

Luca Toni

Gianluca Zambrotta

Gianluigi Buffon (Gigi)


  1. um...why is guy walkign around public in his tidy whities?

  2. Prunella: The shirtless photos will have to do until I can find full frontal nudity pics.

    Jacqueline: Who cares why he's walking around in public half naked? I'm hoping that if I stare at Totti's photo long enough, he'll take off his underwear.

  3. I think you should apply this topless sportsmen idea to the world of snooker ...

    ... Steve Davies ... Bill Werbeniuk ... Stephen Hendry ... phwoar.

    Then again, perhaps not.

  4. Betty: Those snooker guys deserve their own nude calendar. Rowr!

  5. oh puh-leeze!

    Howzabout some manly Canadian MEN Enough already with these cheesy little mama's boys.....wuss city!

  6. HE: Hey! Lay off my ragazzi. Go on then. Name me some manly Canuck men.
    *waits for HE to suggest William Shatner*

  7. MJ, you're right these guys are better but I do love Fredrik's tattoo. Thanks for linking this, it was a perfect start to my day :P

  8. Vixen: Glad you liked it. I've had to start a new folder just for my Italian footballer pics.

  9. Woooo boy! It's hot in here!