Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Too Tired to Post

I’m too tired to post. So instead of reading Infomaniac, please visit 2 bloggers who’ve been away for a while. They’re old friends to some of you but new faces to others. Welcome back.

First up…

Geo of Shooting 4 Fun.

Married to that American Psycho Bitch Maidy. Poor bugger.

Drives a big rig.

Likes to shoot stuff.

Gay men want to do him.

Straight men want to be him.

Next up…

Maddie of Ridicluelessness.

Celebrity-bashing babe from Alabama.

Married to Billy (himself a former blogger) and he’s a cop so be nice to her.

Try not to confuse Maddie with Maidy.

Maidy is the Philadelphian psycho bitch married to Geo and Maddie is the celebrity-bashing Alabamian.

And don’t get me started on blogger names Kav and Kaz and Taz.

No wonder I’m tired.


  1. Apologies to anyone who tried to comment earlier. I had the comments turned off by mistake. Told you I was tired!

  2. Stupid cunt.

    And lazy cunt.

    Yay! Officially first!

  3. Taz is so much better looking than me and Kav has pencils up his nose.
    Otherwise we are identical triplets.

  4. PIGGY: *considers turning comments off again*

    KAZ: We can't all be stunners like Taz.

    Kav removed his pencils for a few days causing me great distress. I'm happy to report that after offering him a bribe, the pencils are back up his nose.

    WW's away covering a Womens Hockey Championships and he was the one most easily confused over the Kav/Kaz/Taz name game.

  5. Nice breasts Info!

  6. I don't remember you being so well endowed...


  7. WW: You mean to say you were checking me out in the pub that night?

    You cheeky Canuck!

  8. They look a bit flat, here....let me fluff 'em up a bit for ya.

    Tired? Paddy probably has some pills for that.

  9. Well of course, M'Lady.

    What's a single Canucklehead in the Big City to do, especially with a girl of your Blog Stature and Cheeky Reputation?

  10. MAIDY: Note that the Vulva Pillow was posted with you in mind.

    EDDIE: I want Paddy as my own personal apothecary.

    Feed my head!

    WW: Don’t you have the Women's World Hockey Championships to cover?

  11. Huh? What? I am too drunk to comprehend.

  12. AWA: I'm surprised you have to ask.

  13. No, I've been diverted to cover the 34th Canadian Darts Doofus Championship in Cornerbrook.

    The Women's Worlds doesn't start til April 3. Then I'll be gone for pretty much a solid week.

  14. WW: Doofus Championship?

    You'll fit right in!


  15. Now I've read all the comments, I've forgotten what the post was. Something about gear sticks I think.

    My Golf GTi has a gear knob in the shape of a golf ball. Isn't that cute.

  16. I was looking to see if you were slobbering in your sleep.

  17. TICKERS: Do you have Disney floor mats and pink fuzzy dice?

    GEO: I only drool when I dream of Tazzy.