Thursday, March 22, 2007

Party Preparations

You’re invited to a party on Infomaniac!


When: Friday, March 23, 2007

Time: Open House (drop-in) all day and all of the night.

Refreshments will be served.

I’m hard at work cleaning up for the fête.

The pic below is especially for Vicus who requested…

“Can we please have some postings with cake recipes and handy household hints please like a good girl?”

MJ’s domestic side

Please join me here on Friday, bitches.


  1. wow, what attachment were you using? talk about making housecleaning a breeze.

    I'm bringing the absinthe!
    and the green bean casserole with the crunchy onion thingies on top.

  2. FN: You like the long hose, don't you?

    Absinthe... is that the leftover "green wine" from Mutley's?

    Green bean cassesrole? I had you down for burritos.

  3. Will *dress* be essential?

  4. i will also bring that lovely green we say in Poland "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder"

  5. Kaz - judging by the way things usually work around here, I should imagine a suit of armour would be appropriate. And bring a nuclear fallout shelter too.

  6. I may join you, depends what state I'm in when I return from the pub.

    Is it a birthday celebration?

  7. I'll bring the lemons. All sorts of recipes and cleaning tips involve lemons.

    And if anyone misbehaves? Why, they can be turned inside out and shoved up th....

  8. KAZ: Cum as you are.

    TONY: But if you can’t be with the wine you love, love the wine you’re with.

    BETTY: It’s always best to bring protection.

    CONNIE: I won’t wait up for you, you know.

    And in the words of Loretta Lynn, Don't Come Home A Drinkin', With Lovin' On Your Mind

    It’s a celebration, I’ll say that much.

    SPIKEY: It’s only fitting that you, my Canuck friend, should bring the Tim Hortons donuts and coffee.

    IVF: You can make yourself useful right away. Here…squeeze these lemons.

    Why don’t you come and stay “for a spell”?

  9. I am bringin cheese - all kinds and types - any special requests anyone? I already have Old Knudsens Goat, Smackheads Cocaine flavoured and Dog era cheese! What else should I bring?

  10. MUTLEY: Brie for IVF when he does his Desperate Housewives drag.

  11. Will there be jelly? And naked lesbians to wrestle in it?



    will there?

  12. STEVE: If Maidy shows up a bitchfight could break out.

  13. Sure but on the understanding that any Roll up The Rim winners are mine! :)

  14. I think I may be busy washing my hair.

  15. I'll bring my stripper's pole, of course.

  16. SPIKEY: Will you be giving out Rim Rollers to everyone?

    PIGGY: Polishing your knob, more like.

    CHELLY: Please do. Just in case the lesbians don't show up for Stevey.

  17. so do I but I'm sick at the moment. Very quiet today.

  18. PADDY: Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly.

    Is it a fever?

    Bend over and I'll take your temperature.

    That's a good lad.

  19. I can only do my Bree if Frobi brings that wig!

  20. We'll take Paddy's temperature for him.

    He'll fell better in no time at all.

    And IVF only wants to borrow Frobi's wig.

  21. IVF: You and Frobi are a couple of cheap trollops.

    There'll be a catfight over that wig. Mark my words.

    You'll snatch that wig off Frobi's head the minute she turns her back.

    PIGGY: It's common knowledge that Fenians like a rear entry.

    Let me do it. Paddy prefers a woman's touch.

    SPIKEY: Don't let your guard down or some of the fellas here will roll up your rim.

  22. MJ - Sorry to disappoint you dahling, but only a man knows what a man REALLY likes.

    It's better if we do it.

  23. PIGGY: Fine.

    But at least let me prep him.

  24. So this is what happens when I am avoiding life in general?

    Count me in tomorrow.

    Oh, and Piggy, I know what a man likes.

    And a woman.

    So there!

  25. MAIDY: Yer a dirty bitch who takes it any which way.

    A real crowd pleaser, you are.

    What's your phone number again?

  26. MJ ~ It's listed.

    800 U FUCK ME

    *charges may apply*

  27. MAIDY: The party hostess shouldn't have to pay for it.

    Give it up or I'll throw you to Knudsen.

  28. EEEEEEEEEKK!!!!!

    *throws keys to hotel room*

    Here! You got it! Just keep nasty old bitter balls Knudsen away.

  29. MAIDY: I hear he has a tongue on him like a giant anteater.

    He could probably do us both at once.

  30. I don't know. If we were talking Nick Beyeler, that would be a diff story.

    I'd have to think about it.

  31. Damn, that number doesnt work from here!