Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knudsen OverXposed!

Old Knudsen continues his quest to get my knickers down around my knees.


He’s made a less than valiant attempt to glorify my womanhood here.

Look, Knudsen… just because Daniel Craig used you as the model for his portrayal of 007 doesn’t mean this woman will kneel at your altar.

And what, Knudsen, is the meaning of this?! Inhorniac? A travesty! I should sue you.

Quite frankly, I must ask you to cease and desist emailing your filthy pics to me.



This photo was the final straw…

I don’t drop my knickers for just anyone, you know.


  1. I don’t drop my knickers for just anyone, you know.

    Well I'm not just anyone,I have Mussolini's scrotum in a small wooden box and the Coalman's head in the fridge.
    I have a map of the world with flags on it which are all potential promises of sex I only have one flag in Canada but I'd like to try a Canadian woman as well so if you want to be on my sailing and shagging around the world documentary let me know.
    Any idea how to shut up a severed head?

  2. KNUDSEN: So this other flag in Canada... he was a ghey?

  3. You can cut the sexual tension on this blog with a knife . . .

  4. I had to hack through with a machete just to leave this comment, Frobi.

  5. I don’t drop my knickers for just anyone, you know.

    Just nearly everyone ...

  6. FROBI & IVF: Please don't mention sharp objects in his presence as he likes to pull out his cutlass and wave it about.

    CONNIE: Jealous cunt.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Ghey? no he just wants more readers for his blog.

  9. KNUDSEN: While we're on the topic of gheyness, I think you're just a bit poofy yourself.

  10. Ghey? Is that how all the cool people spell it now?

  11. AWA: Ghey is the Knudsen way.

    By the way, I think he fancies you.

    Would you like me to set you up with him?

  12. Me? Jealous? Naaaaaah.

    *sure he's got an early pic of MJ to support this assertion*

    LMAO, word verification fappw

  13. Well Im astonished - he looks bigger than I remember!

  14. CONNIE: I think he fancies YOU too.

    Although why I don't know.

    MUTLEY: Surely he's Photoshopped that cutlass.

  15. There was a young lass named MJ
    always laughing and happy and gay
    but a pervy old fang
    kept showing his wang
    now she can do nothing but yack away.

  16. Listen up all.

    Not only do I want to sex that big hunk of manhood Knudsen up. I want to sex up all of my faithful readers as well. If you're on my links cum and have a go, the first one is free but if you don't have the moves I will so Blog about it.

  17. My word, try to control yerself woman.

  18. EDITH: Please pay attention.

    That should be, “always laughing and happy and GHEY”

    MJ: Wait a minute! I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!! Knudsen, wait 'til I get my hands on you!!!


    You’ve stolen my identity!!!

    Just how low will you go?

  19. I think I shall adopt his cool hip new fangled gheyness. Tres chic.

    As for his a'fancy with moi, I shall leave you all the yummy gummy goodness that is old knudsen.

  20. AWA: But he wouldn't make you move to fucking Arkansas.

  21. yummy gummy goodness that is old knudsen

    I'm getting that feeling again.

    As for Gheyness, being an old seman I favour "any port in a storm."
    Also what goes on at sea stays at sea.

  22. KNUDSEN: So what you're really saying is that you're a try-sexual.

    You'll try anything once.

  23. What is up with the Willy Wonka's Wrinkled Weiner pictures?

    What about my needs?

  24. HE: Take a number and get to the back of the queue.