Saturday, March 10, 2007

Have a Good Weekend

I’ll let you out on Monday and we’ll talk about you on the ‘Blogging Roundup’!

So make it goooood.


  1. Yay! First!



    *conga-line of nekkid males waving their willies*

    *people over in the eastern corner of the room throwing darts at an image of MJ on the wall*

    *kids over at the far end, blindfolded, pinning a piece of string on Old Mare MJ, the hottest new party game*

  2. Put that cigarette out now, young lady, otherwise I will not go to your room.

  3. Is that a Kent cigarette?

    Scraped to you by the WV erawax!

  4. Hey - that dame looks just like me.
    But younger.
    I hope she sets her gloves on fire.

  5. PIGGY: Conga lines of waving willies?

    *assumes they belong to Piggy and Tazzy*

    *surprised Frobi hasn’t shown up to ogle the dancing boys*

    TONY: Ta. Obviously you’re the only one who cares.

    VICUS: *lights up another fag*

    *blows smoke in Vicus’ face*

    SID: Of course it’s a Kent.


    And I don’t recall giving you permission to come out of the room.

    KAZ: She’s gonna ignite something all right!

  6. Sorry Mistress.

    *wonders why she uses a glove to handle her Kent*

  7. SID: You seem to have forgotten you're my bitch, bitch.

    My Kent must be handled with kid gloves.

  8. Eww! I hope I don't have to clean your room?

    I can't imagine what else I'd be in there for...

  9. EDDIE: Please refer to the "Stadium Gal" urinary pouch featured in my 'Women Who Pee Standing Up' posting. I'm sure it could be adapted for the male member.

    IDV: *hands IDV a French Maid's outfit and a feather duster*

  10. I thought IVF already had an outfit like that?

  11. PIGGY: It's at the cleaners.

    All that knob polishing left it soiled.

  12. I want to see IVF in a french maids outfit.

  13. TICKERS: Why don't you lend him yours?

  14. Shame on me for posting something unfunny and non sexual, just for you I posted a picture of a big impressive Willy, enjoy.

    No its not will smith what do you take me for? in fact will you just take me?

  15. KNUDSEN: I'm at work for the next few hours so can't come over and enjoy your big willy.

    Yeah yeah I know I'm posting a comment on a blog right now from work so why not yours but I make an exception to the rule with my own blog.

    If your willy pleases me, I'll let you know about being taken.

  16. a man knudie's age is lucky he still has something to pee through beside a plastic tube.
    *searching desparately for promised willy waving conga line*
    * baits havahart trap with picture of tazzy's Hot Tittage*
    *catches awaiting*

  17. FN: Don't bother going over for a look at Knudsen's willy. You'll be disappointed.

    Tazzy's Hot Tittage is my PC wallpaper. I have to spray the screen with Windex each morning after I've licked it.

    KNUDSEN: You trickster. That's not the kind of willy I was asking for!

  18. well I'm no a mind reader, how am I expected to know you want to see pictures of male genitalia? you aren't the first woman to be dissappointed with my willy and ya won't be the last.

  19. KNUDSEN: Yer gonna have to do better than that to win me over.

    I'll give you a second chance.