Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hardhouse is desperate for Desperate Housewives totty in the form of Ryan Carnes.

Ryan Carnes is an American actor born December 6, 1982 in Pittsfield, Illinois. Ryan plays the role of Andrew Van De Kamp’s boyfriend Justin on Desperate Housewives.

Hardhouse further requests that I find a photo of Ryan Carnes “with his feet exposed if you can manage it ;o)”

Why don’t you just join Foot Friends (NSFW) like everyone else? ;o)

But since you asked...

And now let’s get on with the show. Ladies and Hardhouse… RYAN CARNES!

Update: Here are a few screen grabs from QueerClick of Ryan Carnes naked in Eating Out.


  1. Thank You Thank You!! isn't he a picture? He also stars in 'Eating out', where he plays it gay again.

    Eating out is an ok film but has a diamond phone sex scene that everyone must see, made me run for the bathroom anyway!!

  2. *running to the bathroom to be sick perhaps?*

  3. Hardhouse: Just added an update here for you though you've probably already seen these.

  4. nope haven't seen em b4 but thanx again you porn peddler

  5. sorry - did I miss the Gaz fest?

  6. Jacqueline: You're further on down the list. Keep your shirt buttoned.

  7. One day, makers of TV shows will realise that not all gay men are young, slim, muscled and absolutely eyepoppingly gorgeous. We're just like everyone else - a bit fat and tierd, a bit lined and baggy, and wearing clothes that are a bit too old and smeared.

    But until TV execs finally grow up...Phwoar! Enjoy, boys!

  8. Kapitano: Weary-arsed homos with creased trousers and crumbs on their vests are always welcome here. Just remember to moisturize.