Sunday, June 04, 2006

Totty Week: LL Cool J, Richard Bacon, Anthony Hutton, Party Boy, Steve-O, Princess Stephanie and Ashton

Lord Frobisher’s appetite for totty is limitless. It seems our resident greedy-guts is not content with one pin-up when SEVEN will do fine, thank you.

Frobi’s totty requests are as follows: LL Cool J; Richard Bacon; Anthony from last years Big Brother; Party Boy & Steve-O from Jackass; Ashton from; and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

LL Cool J

Erm, Frobi? Which Richard Bacon did you have in mind?…

Richard Bacon, former Blue Peter presenter?

Or Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk?

Anthony Hutton – Winner of Big Brother (UK series 6)

Party Boy from Jackass, aka Christ Pontius

Steve-O from Jackass

Princess Stephanie of Monaco

And finally, click here for a pic of Ashton from OR if you want the “not safe for work” pic, click here.


  1. Yayyyyyyy!

    I'm first!

    I left a lil present for p&t at my place!

  2. We'll get you back, bitch!

    Anyway (fave word), Frobi's choice in men is a little, erm, odd.

    No fucking taste that one. No taste at all.

  3. Yes, I have no taste. That's why I have Piggy and Tazzy on my blogroll. Cunts.

    But, wow, MJ you have excelled yourself. It was R. Bacon the ex-Blue Peter presenter, sacked for doing a little nosebag on the side. Has a sort of shabby sexiness about him, bet he smells great. Mind you I like the look of the little pink pig too.

    Chris Pontius, I thought that might have stumped you. Ashton is a God, and rough with it, poor Thad *mind begins to wander*

    Certainly put a smile on my face this morning, Thanks!

  4. PS - hasn't Princess Steph got great shoulders?

  5. Awaiting: Your prezzie for Piggy & Tazzy is brilliant and I'm postering Vancouver with their images. SID's printing them off to paste up on the billboards of Belfast so all we need are a few more recruits before they have international exposure. Oh, and we should put "for a good time call" on them with their toll-free number.

    Piggy & Tazzy: Criticizing Frobi's taste in men, are we? Let's see you do better. Who are your top totty requests? (Should be some right mingers, eh Frobi?)

    Frobi: I am here to serve you as long as you hold the future Corrie episodes spoilers over me. Princess Steph has built-in shoulder pads. Must have been quite handy during the 80s.

  6. Mmmm... The ex-Blue Peter Richard Bacon looks rather nice in that pick. I'd never given him much thought until now.

  7. Damn, LL is just so dang fine!

  8. That's rather endearing, isn't it: Princess Stephanie buying her own damned groceries? Well done.

  9. Phlegmfatale: Just like one of the plebs.