Friday, June 23, 2006

Chip-Throwers Chastised

Pauline Oakley of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was fined £75 for throwing a “manky chip” out her car window. Doncaster Council increased the fines to £75 after announcing a zero-tolerance policy on littering the streets.

Earlier this month, a Manchester man was fined £75 for throwing chips to park pigeons.

And in May, a Luton woman was fined £75 for throwing a Cheesy Wotsit into the road.


  1. I wish they'd fine Sainsbury's £75 for spraying me with rotten tuna.

  2. I wish they'd shut Sainsbury's down. Their foods shite.

    What a surprise (not) about Doncaster though. As it's just down the road from us, we considered going there today for some shopping (not at Sainsbury's). I got a parking ticket in Doncaster a couple of years ago though. £40 for overstaying by 2 minutes, the cunt's.

    We changed our mind and went to Pets at Home in Taz and Pig Town instead.

    Fucking waste of time that was too - I want a house wabbit, but Tazzy won't let me have one.

  3. Good. Fine the bastards.

    I will concede that maybe they should make more effort fining the ones who chuck beer cans into hedges and sweet wrappers onto the ground.

    At least chips and Wotsits are biodegradeable.

    Oh and pigeons should be shot.

    I'm due on in a couple of days - can you tell?

  4. Ree. Dic. You. Lus.

    Although I agree with FT about fining the ones who litter non-biodegradeable stuff.


  5. Sainsbury's versus Tesco. Discuss.

    I promise never to litter in Luton. Or anywhere else in your Kingdom.