Thursday, June 08, 2006

Introducing Miss Tazzy: Supermodel

(Photo by Awaiting)

Remember my previous posting about gem sweaters?

I’m pleased to introduce the latest sensation to hit the gem sweater / gold lame catwalk.

A round of applause for the latest and greatest supermodel … Miss Tazzy!

By day Miss Tazzy can be found with partner Piggy at Tazzy And Piggy Dot Com

Miss Tazzy’s partner Piggy
(Photo by Awaiting)

Awaiting, who created these gems, has recently discovered the joys of Photoshop and she’s been Photoshopping up a storm on her blog, Awaiting X~tasy.

And Miss Tazzy? Just follow RuPaul’s advice and you’ll go places.


  1. Is the second picture a recent one of Britney Spears up the duff? Or is it Kevin Federline?

  2. *fucking shocked!*

  3. *slaps awaiting*

  4. *slap*


    And one to grow on...


    Okay, so that was more than one....but I am beginning to beleive you two boys like being slapped around!

    Now go home and post something new already!

  5. oh my god that is excellent i havent laughed soooo much for ages thank you