Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Someone’s Been Eating My Porridge

It’s not unusual to see black bears in the Greater Vancouver Regional District as we share their habitat. They don’t wander into the city centres but if you’re hiking one of the GVRD’s many trails, there’s a chance you’ll have an encounter. I came face to face with a bear while walking adjacent to a wooded area in North Vancouver. Advice: Stay calm and back away slowly.

Still, you don’t expect to come home and find a bear eating your oatmeal porridge. But that’s exactly what happened to a woman in West Vancouver.


  1. I would have shit my pants MJ. Really.

    I haven't had any bear encounters but we did have a cougar on our property last spring. My dog scared it away, she got a big juicy steak that night.

  2. Do they like muesli too, or is it just porridge?

    If i walked into my house and a bear was eating my porridge i would very politely ask him if he wanted a second helping.

  3. WHAT a flippin JOKE! Had you not linked the story I so would have thought you were BSing us! HOW Got Derned FUNNY is that?!

  4. What a story!

    Wow MJ, you actually had a face to face encounter! I don't know if I could stay calm in that sort of situation.

  5. I was talking softly to him as I was backing away. He probably thought I was a loonie so he left me alone.