Saturday, June 17, 2006

S. Epatha Merkerson aka Reba the Mail Lady

S. Epatha Merkerson as Lt. Van Buren

Before she was Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on Law & Order, S. Epatha Merkerson played the role of Reba the Mail Lady on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

Reba the Mail Lady

Reba the Mail Lady action figure by Matchbox

Watch an animated video clip called Trouble in the Playhouse. Reba gets it on with Ricardo in the Playhouse…



    COME IN hheh heh hee!
    I have the theme song on my playlist. I completely forgot about that, thanks. You are a trivia machine.

    What was up with Miss whats her face with the 1950s big knocker bouffant ensemble on the show? Was all that hubba hubba & innuendo for the Dads watching??? Damn what was her name???? We all found out that Pee had a dark side ala theatre scandal so he must have had some sort of agenda.

  2. Shocking!!

    Unfamiliar with Pee Wees playhouse. I'm here to reqest Marc Warren pics as he was in Doctor Who last night.


  3. Then I'll climb down from ya ample ass ;o)

  4. That just put a really big smile on my face :-)

  5. Homo: That's Miss Yvonne! I'll have more on Miss Yvonne in future as there are a couple of other Pee-Wee fans who visit.

    Hardhouse: I accomplish the Herculean task of finding a photo of Ryan Carne's exposed feet and now you want more? Fine. But we still have a few other requests to go through. And Hardhouse? You need a shave.

    Tickers: Happy to make you smile. Would serve you up a nice dish of faggots too if you were here.

  6. i never got her name. what's with the S.?

    she rocks...

  7. JJ: The 'S' stands for Sharon but she dropped it in favour of the initial.

  8. Tickers has a thing for S. Epatha does he???


  9. I love the episode Reba was in where the word of the day was Zzbaluba (or something like that) and they went to another planet. That one really rocked.

  10. I have a thing for Paul Rubens. My kids loved Peewee's big adventure. It always reminds me of such happy times together. We didn't get the kids show over here so this is the first time I've seen a refrence to it.

  11. My eyes! My eyes!