Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jenna Jameson’s Hot Trimmer

The men have Mr. Baldnutz for their personal shaving needs. But what about the ladies?

Good news. Now you can style the hair down there with Jenna Jameson’s Hot Trimmer.


  1. whoot..cookie cutters for your cookie

  2. That looks fucking frightening!

    Where can I buy one? Not really.

    Is that the only colour it comes in?

  3. Wait...are those STENCILS?


  4. Hello.
    That's an ingenious Bonzai tree maintenance kit. Pink too. I would have gone for an earthy green.

    Nice to meet you. If you regularly feature such marvellous devices, I'll be back...

  5. geeze, how '70's is that?

    although i suppose it beats the 'bald weasel' look thats popular now.

    sometimes, pubic hair is there for a VERY GOOD REASON.

  6. Hey everybody, you're cracking me up! I gotta get back to work. Not sure they'd approve of pubic hair discussions here so I'll see you later.

  7. I am an enormous fan of pubic topiary. i love the little shapes that come with the kit. although i must warn everyone - shaping your snatch hairs is heaps harder than it looks. and ALWAYS remember to remove your genital piercings before you start, people.

  8. Pamer: You're a laff riot. :)

    Piggy & Tazzy: You need it for the hair on your backs.

    Maddie: Yes indeed. Or 'cookie cutters' as Pamer put it so well.

    Tickers. Ta very much. Now get to work with those templates and email me the pics. I'd like to see you with the heart-shaped one.

    Winters: Bienvenue. Stick around and see what happens.

    First Nations: What reasons? So crabs can have something to hang onto?

    Jungle Jane: Thank you for the public service announcement. You're always looking out for us. (I think the PSA was meant for Tickers who will surely have a mishap)

  9. My word!
    Everybody knows that when you are dining out that the presentation is everything.

    Because men are generally so fussy and hesitant about engaging in cunning linguistics (that's a real tongue twister eh?)it seems as if women must now bend over backwards to get them interested.

    Jenna J's fancy schmancy beaver cleaver will single handidly ruin the Robert Duvallian rustic cowboy gem from Lonesome Dove;
    'a poke in the whiskers.'

  10. HE: Fussy and hesitant? Not the men I know. SCHWING!