Thursday, June 22, 2006

Men With Long Fingernails

If you like men with long fingernails, you’ll love Liking Long Fingernails on Men.

Long fingernails on a guy are really very special to me. I like to see guys with long, sharp fingernails, the longer and sharper the better. I fantasize about being pinched and scratched by those claws. I collect pictures, video clips and (fantasy) stories about guys with long fingernails. I also like to exchange mail with guys actually having their nails (extremely) long. This web site shows my collection of pictures, video clips, (fantasy) stories and a message board for people with similar interest in long fingernails on men to meet each other. Enjoy!


  1. It´s not really the length of their fingernails is it?
    Or - now I´ve seen the site -perhaps it is. It seems to be a fairly harmless perversion compared to some of your findings.

  2. I wonder if press-ons are considered false advertising. Like falsies on women.

  3. I don't think press-ons would be exceptable.

    BTW, you've just hit on one of my mini-phobias. Men with long finger nails have freaked me out beyong belief since I was a wee girl.

    Thanks mj, thanks a lot.

  4. WTF?? Man oh Man.

    Well actually it's not too bad compared to some fetishes out there but if i see the male toe nail version of this imma gonna puke!!

    "I love my man with long, sharp toe nails. Even better if they are all yellow and full of fungi...**Swoon**"

  5. OK, I CAN like long fingernails if they are well manicured-no scragglies, hang nails, chewed pieces, etc. I do not need to see polish-unless its black. and I think they should be no longer than just a LITTLE bit long-you know?

  6. I have such a dirty mind. I literally cringe at the thought of a man with such long nails....can you guess why?!

    *laughs hysterically*

  7. Since you're all cringing at the long fingernails, I'll quickly post something else so it's not the first thing you see when you click on this blog. Hey! Tazzy & Piggy's posting for today is MUCH more cringeworthy!

  8. Not for me...uh huh...I like a man with nice short squared nails cause men are always scratching their nether regions anyway.