Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Guide to Fried Dough Around the World

“What can be agreed upon is that almost every culture has its own version of fried dough, be it savory or sweet, with or without a hole.”

From andagi in Okanawa to zeppole in Italy, a guide to fried dough around the world.


  1. yipeeee ist ...again tut those poofs are getting slower

    mmmmmmmm dohnuts had some today at work love the plain sugar ones with the hole in the middle (waits for comments from pigster)

  2. Midget Arse: They're really slowing down. Well, you know they're getting on in years.

  3. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!! Churros! And Beignets!!!

    Now I am sooo hungry!

  4. note the resemblance to the pink toroid held by homer and the thang standing underneath. just sayin.

    frybread, y'all!
    with a slice of grandmas dog, yes please!

  5. ....wait a minute. they make their frybread all wierd. its supposed to be
    drippings and cracklings from fat meat like pork, bear or possum (really) form a medium dough. flatten like a tortilla and fry in deep meat fat until golden brown all over. put some sugar on that! oh my!( i had to learn this from my german mother in law.)

  6. First Nations: I hadn't noticed the resemblance 'til you mentioned it. I swear it's a coincidence. Feel free to psychoanalyze me.