Thursday, June 22, 2006

30 Pounds of Velveeta Cheese! What to do?

A woman and her Velveeta Cheese dilemma.

What do I do? I was given 30 lbs. of Velveeta Cheese in 3lb blocks. Can I FREEZE Velveeta Cheese? If so would it be better to freeze it in the packages it comes in or can I split it into 1 lb. packages?

Thankfully, the problem was resolved.


  1. HA mom used to buy that crap and freeze it all the time...

    Back before Costco was in Canada my parents used to go to the states to Price Club and buy skids full of that goop and stick it in the freezer. Suffice to say i can't stand the look, taste or smell of it anymore.



  2. Pamer: Sheesh. Another pic I'll have to cover with yet another posting. However, I'm at work now so can't oblige you. Don't come back to this page 'til tomorrow is all I can say. :)

    I've never been to a Costco. Don't know what I'm missing.

  3. never heard of it. and how did you get so much, did it fall off the back of a lorry?

  4. Tickers: It wasn't me. The link goes to a woman named Jane... in Connecticut. If it were me, I'd have a fondue party.

  5. I'm with Pamer, just way too much of it as a kid.

    Processed cheese fondue party would be the way to go.

  6. oh gnarly. velveeta.
    the stuff is so salty it's bitter. i dont think its even made with milk products, unless its milk from a truck or a building or something.
    who in hell GIVES velveeta as a gift? thats...thats just inbred!

  7. s'ok MJ...i've learned to deal with the horrors of my childhood

    First Nations is right, I don't think there is any milk products either, just vegetable oil and...hooves

  8. um, isn't it technically a petroleum product and untouchable by the ravages of time? Velveeta. Oh so very special.