Wednesday, June 14, 2006

British Bedroom Habits

Yeah baby!

Randy Brits’ bedroom habits are revealed in the Durex Report 2006.

Some findings from the new survey:

The North West has the most sexually fulfilled women.

The North East is most likely to cheat.

Yorkshire has more sex per year than other areas.

The Midlands is a hotbed of bondage and blindfolds.

East Anglia is least likely to have unsafe sex.

South West has most sex on the beach.

London has most members of the mile-high club.

South has the lowest number of unplanned pregnancies.

More details on this survey in The Sun.


  1. Yeah - I'm from the North West. They do it a lot in Yorkshire 'cos they're still trying to get it right.

  2. South West here and I've never done it on the beach! On the prom several times but not quite on the beach!

  3. Rubbish hardhouse, you are the only person I know that got sunburn on the soles of his feet!!

    think about it

  4. Suggesting I have helium heals?? How very dare you!

    I can't stand sand in my food, not gonna stand for it on my sex objects!

    *bows and hopes HM isn't offended*

  5. Bunch of British pervs is all I know.

  6. I had a British boyfriend once. He was the horniest guy I've ever met and I finally broke up with him because it was like having a dog that keeps sticking his nose in your crotch all the time.

  7. Prunella has already done the research. There was really no need for the Durex Report.