Friday, June 09, 2006

Dolly Parton Documentary: For the Love of Dolly

A new documentary by Tai Uhlmann, For the Love of Dolly delves into the lives of five die-hard Dolly Parton fans. The documentary is currently on the film festival circuit in the U.S.

Although I’ve never built a replica of Dolly’s Tennessee Mountain Home in my backyard, or transformed my home into a Dolly shrine, or made handcrafted porcelain Dolly Parton dolls, or taken regular therapeutic trips to Dollywood, or had Dolly tattooed on my bottom, or relocated to Nashville just to live closer to Dolly – you can still count me in as a fan.


  1. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene Jolene. I'm beggin of you please don't take my man!

    WAIT! What was the Kenney Rogers duet?! ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, that is what we are! No one in between how can we be wrong!!
    (stop me!)

    I AM FIRST !!!

  2. ~D: Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene.
    Please dont take him just because you can.

    There's no stopping us.

  3. Dolly never harmed a fly. she's okay. I do think she looks a bit tragic these days though. There comes an age in a lady's life when that sort of figure is just...well....wrong...

  4. I agree with jungle jane....her bod just seems wrong.

    Nuff said....I'm off.

    Now post a hotty fast!

  5. She is such a cartoonish character that she's actually adorable.
    When I was a little girl, on weekends my grandpa would always watch the Porter Waggoner show, and he had Dolly on as his sidekick/duet partner. During commercials, they'd advertise a laundry detergent called "Breeze" which always came with "candy stripe" towels (grandma's pantry STILL has some, threadbare though they be) and they'd conclude the commercial by saying "and yew can only git 'em in boxes of Breeze!" Ah, the early 70s. Where did they go?

  6. JJ & Awaiting: Maybe so but ya gotta love her anyway.

    Phlegmfatale: And I do believe her hair was even bigger in the Porter Wagoner era.

  7. MJ I will pick you up a souvineer next time I go to Dollywood.

  8. yeah, mj - and she probably curled it on orange-juice cans like my aunties did!