Monday, June 26, 2006

England 1 Ecuador 0

England 1 Ecuador 0 in the June 25th World Cup match.

David Beckham became the first England player to score at three World Cups.

Shortly after the goal, Beckham vomited on the field.


  1. come on england you can do it (we can live in hope )

    grrr next match saturday afternoon and i will be working then have to dash around to get ready for the annual retailers awards

  2. D. Prince: A friend told me David Beckham vomited on the field after the goal. Somehow I missed that. But yes, a great goal.

    Midget Arse: It's a national holiday here next Saturday (Canada Day) so I'm able to watch the big match. Yay!

    Are you up for a retailers' award?

  3. I thought you were supposed to be 'sick as a parrot' when things were going badly.

  4. Over here, the BBC declined to show David Beckham throwing up, but later on ITV showed it in full volcanic glory. Good to see ITV maintaining standards of decency and tastefulness, as per usual.

  5. Tickers: Once again I've learned something new from you.

    Betty: I'm hoping YouTube will do an instant replay.

  6. Does anyone see a pattern here?

    *Wayne Rooney injures his toe.
    *England beat Trinidad & Tobago

    *Michael Owen injures his leg
    *England beat Paraguay

    *David Beckham throws up on the pitch
    *England beat Ecuador

    I reckon Sven-Goran Erikson-Mobile-Phone has made a deal with the devil. Make England win matches even though they play like rubbish, and in return, take out one player per match.

  7. Kapitano: Your theory is convincing.

  8. can you imagine Victoria watching that and saying " 'ere he gives me no end of grief when i throw up me dinna"

  9. Pamer: Nothing posh about that.