Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As you know, all new male Infomaniac readers must submit a photo of their bare buttocks to Mistress MJ.

Without further ado, we present the derriere of FAMULUS!...

It’s FAMtastic!

It’s a FamulARSE!!!

Infomaniac is pleased to add this bewitching botty to our ever-expanding collection. To view more alluring arses, click here!

For those of you slackers who haven’t yet submitted your photos, now is the time.

Shy fellas may request that Mistress MJ keep their backside away from prying eyes in her private collection.

But the bold and the brave may submit photos for publication here on Infomaniac; your source for pleasing posteriors, hirsute hindquarters and beauteous botties.


  1. Yay! First!

    Wait a minute... It doesn't feel like I'm first. Has someone been here before?

  2. It looks like it wants to say something.....or is it just chewing a toffee ???

  3. What a brave brave man.

    Snaps to him!

  4. Too bloody early for me to be looking at bare arses... I need a fag..

  5. Well done he is as hairy as an ape and Yeti he stills poses, maybe he doesn't know.

  6. Inexplicable DeVice: I can assure you that no-one has been here before you..

    mago: It's what I was born with. Or at least it's the one that I have lovingly developed since then. either way, it's the only one I've got and I shall defend it to the bitter end.

    Beast: It often speaks, but no-one ever likes what it says. It doesn't like toffee, or bananas...

    CyberPete: It's just a photo. I'm not setting fire to it or anything spectacular. Or are you lot planning something that I'm unaware of???

    Scarlet: Later then? ;-)

    Old Knudsen: He knows. :-(

  7. What do we make of a man who'll show us his arse, but has to hide his face behind shades?
    If his face is half as beautiful as his arse he'll be a handsome chap.

  8. My glutinous maximus is insured with Lloyds of london for a substantial sum.

    It is used extensively for body double shots in Hollywood blockbusters starring Brad Pitt.

    If you wish my shapely buttocks to appear on this piss poor Blog you may contact my agent who will negotiate a suitably large fee.

  9. KAZ: You wanna see the eyes? I'll see what I can manage... ;-)

    Garfer: It's OK to admit that the green monster doth dwell within you... ;-)

  10. ....or is it just chewing a toffee ???

    Cutting out the middle-man then. Quite handy when going on a diet.

  11. i like the a unique placement

  12. A fine specimen...

    Have I missed BEASTs arse, oh no sorry, that was the banana but!

  13. A fine specimen that throughly deserves spooning.

  14. Good Lord. Cover that thing.

  15. Daisy: Hang on, what dimple?

    Hardhouse: Thank you. What can I say...?

    Carnalis: Yes, yes, yes, although it is generally on the outside and therefore doesn't really get the full benefit. But it thanks you for the thought...

    Heff: Make the most of it. It's next public appearance will not be for a long time...

  16. FAMULUS: Continue with your charming repartee.

    BITCHES: Mistress MJ is preoccupied sorting and censoring a number of unsuitable photos that have come in so far from Infomaniac readers.

    *looks askance in particular at Mr. Ginro*

  17. LOL!

    I was bored, I felt mischevious, and I can't stop laughing.

  18. Have I missed BEASTs arse, oh no sorry, that was the banana but!

  19. The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'
    That's what I said
    The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
    Or so I have read

    Big Bottom
    Spinal Tap

  20. BITCHES: Isn't it nice to see that Famulus, unlike certain other bloggers, doesn't use his bottom as a fruit basket?

    p.s. Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom" should be our theme tune of the day.

  21. Don't you mean hissute?

    Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a few rolls of Duct Tape.

  22. That is a nice arse.

    Thank you Famulus! Do you do many lungees to get that firmness?

  23. XL: Spinal Tap have much to answer for.

    MJ: I an confirm that my arse is (currently*) a totally one way street.

    AB: No idea what a lungee is, but no I don't think that I do any. I cycle when I can, squash once a week and jog twice a week or so.

    I hesitate to say this, butt that is probably my best side...

    * Never rule anything out, just in case...

  24. Just what do you squash with your arse?

    Spooning must be reciprocated... I like being on the outside (backside) at times as it leaves the hands better able to do certain things.... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!).

    I'd give your arse a pinch....

  25. Ponita: To be honest, I think that my arse can pretty much squash anything...

    You can be on my outside any time. ;-)

    A pinch of what? Salt would be unnecessary. I feel that mint might go well with it...

  26. Ah, so now we know why MJ took a day off...

  27. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today to get a face full of FamulARSE.

  28. Huh? I felt nothing. :-(