Friday, November 14, 2008

Filthy Friday

Click pic. Oh g'won...

[photo via the Kapitano Collection]


  1. Rimming and calisthenics all rolled into one greased up package.

  2. Hey, was I fast or what? It's almost like I was just sitting here waiting for Filthy Friday to post...

  3. It's the latest issue of Better Homos and Gardens!

    Which one is Kapitano?

  4. the expression on standing dude is worth the click.

  5. Is this from the December cover of Hustle & Felchness?

    I see that one guy is doing some bench presses,
    not bad, must be about 175 lbs,
    and the other guy is doing diddly squats.

  6. *notices leah was here waiting for first clicksies*

    heh heh... i have dial up so no comment on the picture other than sounds like a classic friday pic from all yer comments so far.

  7. LEAH: You’re fast all right.

    At least that’s what I’ve heard.

    EROS: It’s nice to see such a fine “spread” in that magazine.

    BOXER: He looks a little constipated to me.

    COPPENS: How many reps are required for this exercise?

    VOICES: Leah is the perv you pictured in your last post.

  8. ahhh.... well glad i caught her on tape then.

  9. Hah!

    I think I've actually seen that movie. Something Colt Hawaii.

    Nothing filthy about that.

  10. Is he looking for Frobishers gym bag

  11. Nice bench... I've been looking for one like that for my garden...

  12. I tried that once and got cramp!

  13. I hope the one standing remembered to use his "Colt Shower Shot" beforehand

  14. VOICES: Oh everybody's seen that!

    CYBERPOOF: Have you been watching Gaypornucopia again?

    BEAST: You are soooo jealous of Mr. Frobisher''s superior Man Bag!

    KOOKABURRA: Pilates?

    I don't think they're in any position to be flying a plane!

    SCARLET: If you need a place to sit, why waste money on a bench when Beast's face is available?

    KOOKABURRA: Do you need a spotter?

    FROBI: Ack!

    Don't remind me about cramps!

    *throws flaming uterus at Frobisher*

    FROBI:The Colt Shower Shot is best left in your capable hands.

    We'd all love to see (and I quote) your "impression of the Trevi fountain in Rome when I hooked it up to the power shower in the changing rooms of the David Lloyd Sports Centre and shot artistic jets of water out of my mouth!"

  15. Looks cold out there, at least he's got something to keep his face warm.

  16. it can't be comfy, resting on your shoulders in such a fashion. How would you explain that particular pain to the chiropractor?

  17. Is that what butt munching is?

  18. Kind of First Aid, eh?

  19. Are they in Ireland? It's awfully green and lush there.....

  20. MAXI: Failing that, you could lend him your balaclava.

    Don’t all Irishmen have a spare balaclava or two around the house?

    CARNALIS: Is this particular treatment covered by the NHS?

    T-BIRD: Is it called butt-munching, you ask?

    That question is best posed to IVD who is knowledgeable in such matters.

    MAGO: First aid?

    Well they look as if they’re playing doctor.

    PONYGIRL: We’ll have to wait for confirmation from Kapitano but I believe it’s the Yorkshire Dales.

    It sure as hell ain’t Poco, is it?

  21. I have no idea what that is but I must have mustn't I?

    The views alone are worth watching it for. Just lovely. Hawaii is so pretty.

  22. CYBERPOOF: What is it you must have?

    Frobi’s Colt Shower Shot?

    I want Mr. Frobisher to film his Trevi Fountain impersonation for us.

    HEFF: Gives new meaning to the name “Butlik”, doesn’t it?

  23. No, it ain't PoCo and it sure as hell ain't Winterpeg, either! Those boys would be all blue by now - nothing keeps you warm around here in the cold except alcohol and a hot tub.

    Well, a good, roaring bonfire is not bad, except you have to keep turning to get all sides warm.

    And hope you don't singe anything...

  24. PONYGIRL: I'm sure they had blue balls before they got together.

  25. now that i have seen the picture i do believe the standing man is being quite polite by holding himself open for the full salad toss..

  26. Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died,
    Give me, give me one more chance to keep you satisfied,
    If I made you feel second best,
    I'm sorry, I was blind.

    You were always on my mind,
    You were always on my mind.

  27. I just hope standing guy doesn't forget himself and think he's sitting on a cake.

    As for whether it really is called butt munching: I'm sure I don't know. AS if you'd ever catch me doing such a thing.

  28. I suppose so, because I don't have one.

  29. Hee, I love the Heff comes here looking for naked girls and ALWAYS gets something different. However, he seems to return, so who knows.

  30. How dare you exploit Siamese twins, they can't help how they are joined.The top guy must shit and the other eats it and poops it out, not their fault you know its Gog's plan.

  31. I can't see an inscription on that bench. Like "Doris Choppley, 1902 - 1987 loved this spot and liked nothing better than to have a nice ham sandwich followed by a lovely cup of tea just before the drizzle came. She is remembered fondly, especially by her daughter who inherited a house and a substantial sum of money so she could retire and emigrate to Southern Spain".

  32. Eroswings:
    Which one is Kapitano?

    I'm the one behind the camera, of course. As opposed to the one behind the behind.

    Kookaburra said:
    Pilates anyone?


    I tried that once and got cramp!

    In your jaw or your thighs?

    Just curious.

    Carnalis:it can't be comfy, resting on your shoulders in such a fashion. How would you explain that particular pain to the chiropractor?

    Carnalis says, "I know it sounds improbable, but I was hanging upside down from the ladder, painting the floor, and this morning I can't move my shoulders."

    Chiropractor says, "Come off it. And speaking of coming off, No one's munched my butt in ages. It's a nice butt too. Have a look. No, a close look."

    CyberPete said:
    I think I've actually seen that movie.

    It is indeed by Colt. Called "Massive".

    I have other stills. But some are a bit shaky, cos I was holding the cam with one hand. And it wasn't even one of my own hands.

  33. It might be Hawaii; they are sharing a pupu platter.

  34. Just catching up....

  35. Ahhhh filthy Friday at MJ'S it doesn't get any better does it?

  36. VOICES: Salad cream to follow.

    EROS: So touching.

    *tears up*

    IVD: That’s lunch for you.

    CYBERPOOF: Mkay.

    BOXER: Heff’s got Donna.

    What more could a man want?

    KNUDSEN: All hail Gog Almighty.

    GEOFF: Everyone has a commemorative bench these days.

    There’s even a bench on Corrie (Maxine Peacock).

    Do you suppose Claire’s ever sat on it? Knickerless?

    KAPI: Thanks for allowing us into the Kapitano Archives.

    A rich treasure trove of smut if ever there was one.

    XL: Will they get “leid”?

    SCARLET: Mind that filthy mouth of yours, Missy.

    RICH: I aims to please, Rich, and I’m pleased to aim.