Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reading Weekend

Mistress MJ is catching up on her reading this weekend…

Click me, bitches. And while you’re up, fetch me a cocktail.

What books or magazines or papers are waiting on your bedside table?


  1. I don't read books. Blogging has ruined it all.

  2. (You don't read books a.b.? Are you Posh Spice by any chance? lol)

    I'm not telling you what books are by my bed. You'd all just laugh and make fun of me.

  3. i'm home...just catching

  4. Obviously I am perusing the Prada and Gucci catalogs . searching for a new MANBAG!

  5. I am reading a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

  6. In all seriousness: "World War Z," "120 Days of Sodom," and at my 7-year-old's request, "The Enchanted Castle" by Edith Nesbit. Never let it be said that I'm not well-rounded.

  7. The Guardian newspaper and its accompanying two hundred supplements. I'll be reading about the impending recession again again in that, just to cheer myself up. Then later I'll be getting drunk to forget about what I've just been reading.

  8. who's Posh Spice. Is it a new drink?

    Hee. OK, I READ, if PEOPLE magazine counts, I read.

  9. Nothing special. Dünninger et al.: Baierische Literaturgeschichte, Band 1 Mittelalter, Würzburg 1972.
    Borges: Tlön, Uqubar, Orbis tertius.
    Jasperson, Marion: Über Grenzen, Berlin 1929.
    Mutzenbacher, Johanne: Das Leben einer Wiener Dirne von ihr selbst erzählt, Wien 1936 (illustriert).
    Malinkowskaia, Jekaterina: Bureau for the sozialisation of woman, First annual report, Moskwa 1923/24. (The rare edition with pictures.)
    Marguerite de Jesùz: El mucho grande, or: How the savior came into my heart. Beginenmystik des ausgehenden Mittelalters, hg.v. Magdalena Johansen, Lund 1973.
    Handbuch der Seemansknoten, o.O. o.J.

  10. Your shades look weird and your jaw a bit mannish.

    I've got a Terry Pratchett book, Wyrd Sisters and a copy of GT on my bedside table.

  11. The t.v. listings and the menu to order Chinese food for delivery!

  12. BOXER: Blogging cuts into my reading time too but being an insomniac sometimes adds opportunities.

    Although I don't recommend it!

    GINRO: Let me guess...

    Are you reading "Hole In The Bed" by Mister Completely"?

    DAISY: I'll be over soon.

    BEAST: Anything would be an improvement over your Roy Cropper bag.

    SCARLET: Canadian cereal boxes are bilingual.

    A special early morning intellectual challenge.

    MAXI: Ahgobollocks.

    XL: Any tips you can share?

    LEAH: Lay off the sticky toffee pudding or you'll be too well-rounded.

    BETTY: I read the Guardian's "Book" section every weekend but avoid the business section as I don't need another excuse to drink.

    I want to start reading Russell Brand's football column. Could you please ask Geoff what day it's published?

    BOXER: Comedian Larry David was initially attracted to his (ex) wife Laurie because she read People magazine.

    Turns out she became an environmentalist though.

    Larry said, "I thought I married a narcissistic, materialistic kind of princess from Long Island, and it turns out that she completely misrepresented herself."

    MAGO: I see you're making your way through Oprah's Book Club selections.

    CYBERPOOF: And you're going the Cosmo Girl quiz.

    EROS: Shove over on the sofa.

    I'll bring the beer.

  13. CYBERPOOF: That should say "doing" the Cosmo Girl quiz.

  14. Russell's football column is published every Saturday. This week, though, he is "away".

    The Hammers were at home and got a clean sheet. Unlike Russell, fnar, fnar!

  15. GEOFF: Ta. That explains why I couldn't find it.

  16. First War and Peace, A Tale of two Cities, old Man and the Sea and .............. who am I kidding? why would I spend a week reading one of those shitty books when I can watch them on the telly for 2 hours?

    Books are for the weak and there is no room on my bed table as all me meds are there.

  17. KNUDSEN: I see you're mentioned in Julia Child's memoir as a "love interest".

    I was shocked by her account of the "stuffing incident".

  18. Nightstand has many unread magazines - Macleans, Outside, Explore, The Walrus - but also many read ones. Which reminds me to take the read ones and leave them at the gym and to turn off computer and read the unread ones.

    Also have an unread "Late Nights On Air" by Elizabeth Hay (novel set in NWT) and am re-reading "Cider House Rules" by John Irving. I plan to spend some time tonight with some single malt and finish off at least one book. Maybe the bottle too!

    Thanks to free porn on Internet - no longer have to have some magazines under the bed...

  19. No that's too advanced for me. I'm doing the one from the High School Musical 3 magazine.

  20. Cigarette papers and J P Sartre's 'Being and Nothingness'.

    That and the 2008 Bumper Book of Boobs for Boys.

  21. I,m still working my way through a job-lot of 1970's HEALTH & EFFICIENCY it's a dirty job,but someone has to do it.........................

  22. NWT: I thought of you while I was reading "Late Nights On Air".

    This is a good night for a single malt and porn.

    CYBERPOOF: But if you don't take the Cosmo quiz, how will you find out if he's only after you for your bod?

    GARFY: "Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it. "
    --Woody Allen

    TONY: You're a martyr.

  23. nothing. i'm still unpacking boxes, sugar...and drinking copious amounts of wine! xoxoxo

  24. Good woman! I'll have a glass of that please.


  25. FIRST!!! ahhh... feels good to be first...

    we have a shit load of books next to the bed. cheese reads everynight during errr... nevermind.

  26. CYBERPOOF & SAVANNAH: Is there room for one more?

    RICH: They'd look better wrapped around your head.

    VOICES: The Bible?

  27. Could use some wrappin' ...