Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grooming on the Go

Mistress MJ boarded the bus and seated herself behind a lovely young lady with a rather pronounced Adam’s apple.

The blonde took out her hefty cosmetics kit and began applying full makeup: concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.

Mistress MJ is not averse to a lady applying a little lippy but this was taking personal grooming in public too far.

However, Mistress MJ said, “live and let live,” that is until the "lady" raised her arms high in the air and applied her deodorant!

And then a man a few seats behind started clipping his fingernails!

So what personal grooming habits do you consider acceptable or unacceptable in public?

And what grooming faux pas have you been witness do?


  1. First.
    I consider absolutely NO grooming habits in public acceptable. One has a private bathroom for that. Use it!

  2. [Scene: Airplane, nearing end of a long trans-oceanic flight. Attendants offer those hot, tiny, lemon wedge scented, hand towels.]

    A guy proceeds to give himself a "bird bath" from the waist up with the towel.


  3. Nasal hair plucking
    Most unpleasant

  4. A touch of lippy is ok. Anything else should be done in a bathroom.

    Applying deo in public is pretty unclassy

  5. I don't really notice people's personal grooming habits on public transport because I hate the possibility of making eye contact with someone. I'm generally not too bothered about people putting make up on - eating egg sandwiches on public transport, in a confined space is a lot worse.

    Mind you, exfoliating your feet on the train/bus could be going a bit too far ...

    My MIL was once sat on a bus next to an old man who took out the top plate of his dentures and licked off all the tasty morsels of food that had accumulated there. Does that count as personal grooming?

  6. I've seen women changing babies nappies (diapers) on the bus.

  7. Squeezing blackheads + the puss shoots out & hits the neck of the guy in front.
    (this is a lie:but a bit of a fetish of mine.............)

  8. One of my curvy female students was sitting on the front row when she undid her top and started applying underarm deodorant.
    It was OK though because she continued to listen to my every word.
    But I lost the attention of every one of the lads.

  9. Toe nail clipping... And then he ate the clippings...

    I feel ill now.


  10. Nail polish is horrendous. The whole carriage stinks.

    Picking one's nose and eating the bogeys may make one more presentable afterwards but is pretty sick-inducing for other passengers.

  11. I think that watching someone apply lipstick is rather erotic, but anything involving 'picking' should be avoided.

  12. Smegma scrapeing in church is probably a faux pas.

  13. Betty: That has got to be one of the most disgusting things I've ever read - and definately the most disgusting thing I've read today.


  14. MAGO: Spoken like a true German, er, Franconian.

    XL: What airline are you travelling on?

    Here we’d have to pay $10 for a wet wipe!

    BEAST: Is public nasal hair plucking typical behavior in Bournemouth?

    CYBERPOOF: Have you ever touched up your lippy in public?

    BETTY: Congratulations on replacing my worst food-related memory with a nastier one.

    I was eating dinner in a restaurant with my old uncle when he removed his new hearing aid and tried to put it in my hand so I could admire it.

    Obviously I didn’t know when I was well off!

    MAXI: The Irish are filthy so I’m not surprised.

  15. TONY: Please don’t attempt pimple-popping on my blog which is filthy enough without you indulging your perversities.

    KAZ: Proof that you are the charismatic queen of chemistry.

    SCARLET: Why oh why did I get all of you bitches started on this topic?

    *smacks self in forehead*

    GEOFF: So much for the golden age of rail travel.

    *hearkens back to the heyday of the Orient Express and other luxury train trips*

    You could write a book based on your commute.

    CARNALIS: I think that watching someone apply lipstick is rather erotic

    *agrees (depending on the woman involved)*

    *casts knowing glance in Art Deco compact at Carnalis*

    TICKERS: There aren’t enough Hail Marys to cover the sin of smegma scraping!

    CYBERPOOF: Absolutely.

  16. I most certainly have not.

    Then again I am quite old fashioned.

  17. ***plucks nasal hair***

    Not so's you'd notice Miss MJ

  18. The dirty looks I get when I shave me pubes, its terrible.

  19. CYBERPOOF: Oh I forgot to tell you what happened next.

    She had a large gym bag with her (not dissimilar to Beast’s MANBAG) and after applying her deodorant, she whipped a pair of stockings out of the bag and proceeded to change her clothing on the bus!

    BEAST: Shouldn’t you be out shopping for a new MANBAG?

    KNUDSEN: It’s not so much the pube shaving that bothers folk.

    It’s the gingerness of the shavings.

  20. Oh my dear, that's not appropriate.

    It's not a manbag though, it's just an ugly backpack

  21. Teenage girls who remove belly button fluff from their exposed midriffs are to be applauded.

    Men who pick residual chicken vindaloo from their molars most definitely are not

  22. nail clipping.

    I can't say anymore.


    *shudders again.**

  23. Men who constantly adjust their crotch in public. Provokes somewhat contradictory feelings in me.

    It's a collision between:

    * "Oh stop it you vain man"

    * "That's just so distracting and vulgar", and

    *"Mmmm. Need any help with that? Honestly it's no trouble. Can I use my tongue?"

  24. CYBERPOOF: Beast is delusional.

    GARFY: I'm sure you have a front row seat and you're doing the wave.

    BOXER: Thanks for sparing us the gruesome details.

    MAGO: I'm sure if I had a dick, I'd constantly be shuffling it about.

    As it is, I have to remind myself not to twiddle my nipples in public.

  25. Picking your nose is one thing; wiping it on the nearest chair or table increases the offensiveness exponentially.

    People cleaning out their ears with q tips in public--how can you not pay attention to all that gunk that comes out stuck to the q tip!?!

  26. EROS: Ear and nose pickers are rampant on public transit.

    Although nose pickers alone driving their cars seem to slightly outnumber nose picking bus riders.