Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Before we get started, let’s send out birthday hugs and kisses today to our Tickers in Wales…

He’s not ghey, he’s just a little bit poofy


Speaking of poofiness, HARDHOUSE is back on the dancefloor!

And he’s single!

It’s been TWO YEARS since we’ve heard from Hardhouse so let’s break out the bubbly!

Now moving along to the week that was…

As you recall, last week we examined the contents of Beast’s MANBAG and Mr. Frobisher’s MANBAG.

MANBAG MANIA continues this week as we peek inside the bags of SCARLET and FAMULUS.

Miss Scarlet’s handbag

Highlights include spare knickers and a vat o’ Vaseline.

Famulus’ MANBAG

Current buns and assorted detritus. How does it all fit into that tiny sac?


TONY relives his acid trip.


SAVANNAH’s finally moved into her southern plantation house.

Note that MY MISSING HOUSEBOYS have jumped ship from the clutches of the evil CyberPoof and are now at Miss Savannah’s beck and call…


BEAST gives us his watered-down version of my Saintly Sunday...

Both EROSWINGS and CYBERPETE handed out Lemonade Awards of which Mistress MJ was a recipient.

I did not claim my award, however, as I refused to share it with BEAST.

Well, it’s hardly a special award if they hand it out to just anyone, is it?

However, I did show up at the After Party with my entourage of (ex)houseboys …

And later, on top of George Clooney…

And speaking of Eroswings, thanks to Eros I learned how to make words blink like this and you can too if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.


OLD KNUDSEN ponders which celebrity will be the next to die.


MANUEL has given up fags.


And finally…


This week’s New Cunt of the Week is a bona fide Canuck.

All the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba, it’s PONYGIRL!...

If this photo looks blurry, you've had too much to drink

MJ: Why the name “Ponygirl”?

PONYGIRL: I am a Ponygirl of the Equine Kind, not the Submissive Kind.... which I had to find out when I googled my own blog name one day. Much to my horror (and curiosity), I discovered why there is a lot of traffic to my blog but no one seems to stick around and read anything! Go figure... I've got whips and spurs, but have yet to use them on another human bean.

MJ: So you’re saying you’re not this type of Ponygirl?...

PONYGIRL: Certainly not!

MJ: Occupation?

PONYGIRL: I am a nurse.

Nurse Ponygirl administers a little TLC to Eros, who has come down with a nasty case of the MANFLU.

MJ: So you’re an animal lover?

PONYGIRL: I have lots of four-legged friends whom I tend to spend way too much money on. At the moment, I am living with a dog who is 100 lbs of muscle and chicken feathers, an old cat who tends to bite those he does not know but is getting senile so tends to forget he doesn't know you, and a young cat who has a propensity for eating things she shouldn't and cleaning the heating ducts in my house. I also have a 6 1/2 year old horse who is a total pocket pony but with good manners and the sweetest face - gotta love those big brown eyes. (He does not live with me, but would gladly come in the house if given half the chance!) Every single one of these animals has cost me well over $1000 in vet bills at one point or another (that is EACH one, not all together....).

MJ: Personality traits?

PONYGIRL: I am not shy, can be pretty raunchy at times and have been known to make grown men blush (which is actually lots of fun!). But I am also a very compassionate, caring person (hence the nursing thing and the animal issues) who loves to laugh and play and have fun. I have a good brain in my head and thoroughly enjoying picking the brains of others, if they are willing to share their thoughts and theories with me.

There ain't nothing that I have seen, heard, touched or smelled that can truly gross me out.

MJ: Obviously you’ve never seen Beast’s bare bottom….

PONYGIRL:I can, however, gross a lot of other people out with pretty vivid descriptions of things I have seen at work. LOL!

I get totally freaked by spiders, though... and the bigger they are, the faster I run. Other bugs are not an issue.

MJ: How long have you been blogging?

PONYGIRL: I have been blogging for a little over six months and probably spend way too much time in front of the computer... just like everyone else here, so I guess I am either in good company or we are all pretty delusional.... take your pick.

MJ: I’d say you’re delusional.

Note: New posting on Wednesday. Make the most of this one in the meantime.


  1. Snickering first.

  2. And Happy Birthday, Tickers.

    What a hoof ... black leathered ...

  3. MAGO: Howz about making your blog public again so we can snicker at you too?

    I bet you'd like a big hoofprint on your bare arse, wouldn't you?

  4. I think about it and it's about time to do it publicly again. Yes, you convinced me, I'll let it hang out.

    You lost your bet: No tattoos, no impressions, no brandies - my skin goes unharmed.
    I'll have a look at Krafft-Ebing instead.

  5. Wow! I get to be the Newbie! How fun!

    I'll take good care of Eros during his convalescence - tending to all of his needs...

    *sashays away, grinning knowingly over her shoulder

  6. MAGO: No impressions?

    What a shame.

    *unlaces boots*

    PONYGIRL: You can be his night nurse.

    I have a feeling you'll have competition from IVD and CyberPoof for the day shift.

  7. This is one of the most complete posts I have ever seen. Porn, gaydar, George Cloney, horseshoes, bananas and a nurse.

    One stop shopping for all my blogging needs.

  8. You can leave the boots on.

  9. Happy Birthday, Tickers!

    Scar Blue's bag has vaseline, undies, and money? What exactly is her profession?

    Famulus has a screwdriver, bacalava, and multiple wallets and ID cards; makes me think he's either a thief or a spy!

    The Ponygirl interview was funny!

    Enjoy taking a few days off to shop for more houseboys.

  10. CSI: I forgot to include knitting patterns!

    MAGO: Make up your mind before I put the spurs to you.

    EROS: What's in your MANBAG?

  11. i declare, sugar, that was absolutely one of your most enlightening and comprehensive posts evah! xoxox

    happy birthday, tickers-alish! xoxox

  12. Yes, there is more than enough pictures and allaround filthiness to last until Wednesday.

    I like the handbag post.

  13. That is not how you ripen bananas.

  14. Happy Birthday Tickers .
    I must complain yet again about that flabby fruit infested bottom claiming to be my gym honed buns of steel.
    Its a travesty!

  15. "FAR OUT" (sits eating a banana for breakfast.......)

  16. Mago:Let it all hang free my friend...

    eroswings: I'm not a thief...

    MJ: Ah, more of my dream girl... Thanks. :-)

    The rest of the items are some of the more interesting things I've seen in, ooh, weeks. (Excluding the contents of my bag; I already know what they are...) Thanks. :-)

    Keep up the good work. Why am I saying that? I know you will. Although Wednesday's post is still causing me a few butterflies...

  17. I am always professional Mr Eroswings...

  18. banana split will mean something totally different to me in the future...thanks again mj :)

  19. I am outraged!

    How dare you steal one of my boyfriends.

    You hussy.

  20. "Meteor" spotted in Western Canada.

    Mistress MJ disappears until Wednesday.


    [que Twilight Zone theme]

  21. "I so much wish I could place a comment here today."
    -Practically Joe

    On behalf of Rodney, the Practically Wisdom Blog Team is visiting everyone on the list of BLOGs he follows. He would like you to know that he greatly enjoys reading your posts and commenting on them.

    Unfortunately Rodney, sorry, we mean Practically Joe, has been heavily sedated for a long period of time now, following an accident which left him with two broken ribs and a number of minor injuries.

    He has been coming along fine and asked the team to post an account of the incident, which was posted on Sunday, 11/23.

    We have great expectations that he shall return soon, as good as new. He wishes you and every blogger a Great Thanksgiving Holiday.
    For those not in the USA … Have a great week!

    Thank You.
    The Practically Wisdom Blog Team.

  22. As always, thanks for the porn, and for leaving me out of this, lol.

  23. SAVANNAH: *plies Savannah with more alcohol*

    BOXER: Following your ace bulletin board post, I think it’s time you invited your readers to display their handbags and MANBAGS.

    KNUDSEN: Well you can’t put bananas in the refrigerator!

    BEAST: No one listens to a word you say, FRUIT BOTTOM.

    TONY: Got the munchies, eh?

    FAMULUS: Your dream girl is Amy Winehouse?

    *zips lip about Wednesday’s post*

  24. SCARLET: You're a real pro.

    I found your business card in a phone booth, by the way.

    DAISY: I thought that you of all people would have some control over BEAST and his fruit-stuffing ways but I see that he continues to act out publicly.

    CYBERPOOF: And which one of your imaginary boyfriends might that be?

    XL: ASSteroid sighted over Texas.

    JOE: Miss Scarlet is on her way over to give you a “professional” massage.

    HEFF: I seriously considered mentioning your fashion post but spared you the humiliation.

    This time.

  25. MJ:Nope. If I were to dream about Amy, I suspect waking in a cold sweat and not being able to get back to sleep without the lights on. As for the buxom lady in the first photo and the previous post, well, lights off, hot sweat and no conversation as she is foreign, I understand. See, perfect.

  26. Keep your humungous mammaries and everything else away from George.

    He's mine, and has been for years.

  27. FAMULUS: And your mouth would be too full to speak too!

    CYBERPOOF: George Clooney is Old Knudsen's secret love interest.

    Just thought you should know.

  28. MJ:Well, yes, there is that. Or I'd be wearing massive ear muffs...

    Either way, I'm not fussed...

  29. I wouldn't care, he is with me now.

    I love him dearly and we will spend the rest of our lives together, George and I (and David Boreanaz)

  30. Well, MJ, I did do something similar regarding bags a few months back.

    Get well soon, Practically Joe!

    Famulus, it's winter, so muffs are back in season!

  31. FAMULUS: See “muff” comment from Eros.

    CYBERPOOF: The inside of your head must be a fabulous place to be.

    EROS: Yes, I recall that bag post of yours but we do not need to be reminded of your hoodie.

  32. I say again...

    Either way, I'm not fussed... :-)

  33. Absolutely!

    It's both sparkly and colourful. I'd invite you over but I've got enough mad hatters up there already

  34. I was going to say sorry I'm late, but after seeing Beast's Fruit Bottom again, I'm not sorry at all.

    Happy birthday Tickers!

    And not to spoil it for you and 'Petra: George's eyes are following me around the room.

  35. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Man with Banana in Bottom!

  36. I used to love bananas.
    Happy Birthday Tickers and hello to Pony girl.
    Is there anyone anywhere who doesn't fancy Geaorge?

  37. Hello, Kaz.

    I fancy George.... I have always fancied George. He can come home with me any day... or night... or whenever...

    Oops. Maybe not nights.... seems I have night nurse duties with Eros and his case of manflu. Don't want to miss that!

  38. FAMULUS: Is there an echo in here?

    CYBERPOOF: I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like inside your head but I’m guessing that time I was in a tranny bar on acid might come close.

    IVD: Now that you’re a “Smug Married” I’m surprised you could find the time to comment.

    T-BIRD: Shall I post it again next week?

    KAZ: Old Knudsen is hotter than George Clooney.

    PONYGIRL: You want it ALL, don’t you?

  39. Of course, I want it all.... what girl doesn't?

  40. Is there an echo in here?

    tee hee

  41. mj...the only thing i have control over is my 4 pound dog...and only because she gives it to me...beast has yet to give over the reigns...

  42. PONYGIRL: I have a feeling your wishlist exceeds our bandwidth.

    BEAST: May I remind you that I am not the one who uses my backside as a fruit basket.

    DAISY: I hope you are not suggesting that Beast likes to be ridden bareback.

  43. oh my we are on the same wave this morning aren't we...:)

  44. I for one found that all quite disgusting... cant we raise our eyes above the belt once in a while?


  45. mutleythedog:I'll have you know that it's called a girth...

    And it has to be tight, very tight. Otherwise the horse can toss you off... ;-)

  46. DAISY: I'm body surfing that wave.

    MUTLEY: My eyes are fixed firmly below the belt line.

    FAMULUS: It's Ponygirl who's set us off on all this horsey talk.

    Would you be interested in mounting a mechanical bull for my amusement?

  47. MJ: I've already mounted a mechanical bull, but we proved incompatable. I wouldn't mind trying a mechanical cow? That might work better. Can Beast offer any advice on this one?

  48. what a fabulous tranny bar it must have been. There are no trannies in my head though.

  49. Congratulations to one and all.
    Tickers HB!
    You gave me the biggest laugh of the year with your comment if it's got tits or a motor it's going to give you trouble
    Thank's to many more

    Ponita, what can I say, way to represent the hood! Enjoy your new well deserved award and all of the trappings that it entails..

    psst..crank up your firewall to "11" honey you're gonna need it to stop all the peeping tom, dick and hairies!

  50. FAMULUS: Beast is too full of himself today to offer any advice.

    He’s been commended at work and it’s gone to his head.

    Just get on the bull and ride.

    CYBERPOOF: No trannies in your HEAD but what about your BED?

    TATER: gluglugluglug

    Are you commenting from the bosom of our Filthy Friday gal?

  51. Not unless someone else put them there.

    I have not, and never had trannies in my bed. What would they do there?

  52. The Beast has no opinion on mechanised ruminants , and they sound a spectacular waste of space , why not mount something functional like the washer or the dyson

  53. um, "dog and pony show"? what does this mean?

  54. CYBERPOOF: Trying on your shoes, perhaps?

    BEAST: Why not get your arse over here and do my laundry and Hoovering?

    VOICES: I'll have you know Infomaniac provides quality entertainment.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber wants to take it to the stage!

  55. I hope not, the shoes are not for sharing.

  56. ***cavorts in Cyberpoofs espedrilles***

  57. That's ok Beastie, those are the lime green ones I bought at a flea market in Milano ten years ago.

    They don't mean so much to me.

  58. MJ, you are the one who keeps putting up pics of sissy cowgirls, so it's not just l'il ole me who puts the country in your blog.

    I've always wanted to try the mechanical bull but now that my back is totally f*cked up, I don't dare.... :( Besides, I have been on real, live bucking horses, so a mechanical bull is probably a poor substitute.

    Hmmmm... Ponita.... I think I like that one! Thanks, Taterhead! And I will do my best to represent The Peg to the best of my abilities. I'll keep the watchdogs chained to the firewall to keep out all those nasty toms, dicks and hairies.

    Tater Tot, another version of your little quip is: "if it's got testicles or tires, it's gonna give you trouble!"

  59. *returns later to find Beast parading about in CyberPoof's espadrilles, CyberPoof encouraging Beast's behaviour, Voices singing show tunes, and Ponygirl altering her identity*

  60. A bit late in the day but thanks for intro... It was a bit like coming out all over again

  61. HARDHOUSE: Cum again.

    So glad to have you back.

  62. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I haven't been around of late but I've been nursing a dance related head injury.

  63. TICKERS: Karaoke gone wild?

  64. I want the hoofs!!!!

    Wanna wanna wanna!

  65. K: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    The hoofs are all yours!