Friday, November 21, 2008

Filthy Friday


  1. FIRST!

    Watch it, those things are loaded!

  2. It's one of the 8 maids a milking!

    7 swans a-swimming
    6 geese a-laying
    5 gold rings
    4 calling birds
    3 French hens
    2 turtle doves
    and a partridge in a pear tree.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention...

    Whomever comments first and second will be noted as the biggest pervs of all you bitches.

    Congratulations XL and Eros!

  4. Oh thank God I decided to have that second glass of wine and was delayed getting home!

    Your label is wrong... it should be "Extreme Boobies"

  5. She looks very proud and happy - and why not? She could feed an army with those.

    Even as a mammalogist - I'm impressed!

    Old Knudsen would like to meet this woman I'm sure - she could soak his cap in something besides sweat, urine, and alcohol. And he could coat her in... well, nevermind.

  6. She's got enough there to be all 8 maids a'milking..... Gawd, those things are huge! I bet she's bigger than Dolly Parton.

  7. BOXER: Hey, where's the squirrel?

    NWT: Are you here to give me my mammography?


    Q. How can you spot Dolly Parton's children in a crowd?

    A. They're the ones with stretch marks around their mouths.

  8. this just made me giggle .. i remember hitting the wall on other side of the room with my breast milk under pressure.


    those were the days ...

  9. I'm sure even the straight lads find those intimidating.

    I bet she has severe back pains. Poor lass.

  10. Beast, I just gagged a little.

    That woman looks awfully jolly for someone carting around a size double K set.

  11. This was a time before airbags in cars. The car wasn't a write-off but no matter how hard they tried they couldn't get that windscreen clean.

  12. A still from an Allen-movie?
    Or Russ Meyer?

  13. "biggest pervs"

    Thanks for the award!

    [Flinches in pain as Mistress MJ jabs pin into chest whilst awarding medal.]

  14. She's dressed as a milkmaid, isn't she? The adult industry will never cease to amaze me with their subtle stylings.

  15. BEAST: Paging Nurse Beastie.

    Paging Nurse Beastie.

    SCARLET: Guernsey.

    KAZ: How do you really feel about this, Kaz?

    CYBERPOOF: Those straight lads (pervs) XL and Eros didn’t seem to be put off.

    LEAH: Beast, I just gagged a little.

    I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever told BEAST that he made them gag.

    You must have a very sensitive gag reflex, Miss Leah.

  16. GEOFF: Ha! Could Perv of the Day #2 have been involved?

    MAGO: In keeping with the Russ Meyer theme, would you describe her as a Super Vixen or an Ultra Vixen?

    XL: I was aiming a little lower than that.

    T-BIRD: The milkmaid braid is THE hair fashion trend!

    You can look like a porn star too!

  17. Lactating lollipops!

    I'm off to cower behind the sofa.

  18. She should have pictures of missing children on those things.

  19. Ha ha ha I love filthy friday!!! Those breasts kind of scare me. The word smoother comes to mind.

  20. HEFF: Did this bring back happy childhood mammaries for you?

    GARFY: Does she make your lolly pop?

    MAXI: So should yer ma.

    RICH: The word “smother” too.

    I understand…you’re a little over-excited, aren’t you?

  21. I think I got some in my eye. AHHHH!!!! MY EYE! MY EYE!!!

  22. the squirrel is taking a little va-kay.

  23. *wonders if they come filled with Jameson's*

  24. come on, sugar...those can't possibly be real....

    xoxox happy filthy friday!

  25. More like Freaky Friday.

    That's one pic I don't want to click to make big.

    I wonder if she can squirt into her own mouth? And how much we'd pay her not to.

    Does she knock herself out when she runs too fast?

  26. RANDOM: Eye eye eye eye…

    Did you just get back from Mexico?

    BOXER: I could have sworn I saw the squirrel at Knudsen’s.

    ANON: If you are who I think you are, the answer is yes.

    SAVANNAH: Who cares as long as they meet Federal Vehicle Motor Safety Standards?

    KAPI: I wonder if she can squirt into her own mouth?

    *looks through photo files*

  27. Ahhh breast milk. Quite sweet you know.

  28. Breast is Best!

    Reminds me of that hit song:

    My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard.
    And they're like,
    It's better than yours.
    Damn right,
    It's better than yours.
    I can teach you,
    But I have to charge!

  29. GINRO: It’s amazing how far back you can remember!

    Was that before or after you took up smoking?

    EROS: Further proof of why I don’t get out to the movies much anymore.


  30. I thank the gods that I didn't have time to visit here at my usual time whilst eating my breakfast.

    Is Anonymous really him?!?

  31. this must be the person PETA was referring to when they suggested to ben&jerrys icecream they stop using cows for their icecream....

  32. IVD: If it is really him, the sod hasn't admitted it.

    VOICES: So if Ben and Jerry's used human breast milk for ice cream instead of cows, how would they get the milk?

    Would there be dairies full of nursing women?

    And a lot of happy farmers?

  33. Nothing.

    I feel all.

    Maybe I really have lost my mojo.

  34. TICKERS: Perhaps she's sitting on your mojo.

    Your mojo looks intact over at Eroswings' blog.

  35. is that why guys like milk mustaches so much?

    okay that was tasteless...

    i got a million of them...all equally as bad...

  36. Ultra I guess. Russell M. was unique and in his days a pretty subversive filmmaker. It's plain caricature.

    Size does count.

  37. DAISY: Don't let us stop you!

    MAGO: My fave is Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    You gotta love thrill-seeking go-go dancers.

  38. Off to get a Milkmaid braid now...

  39. Hey, I've been away all weekend. I would therefore like to point out that my apparent lack of perversion status, down here at the end of the comments is not a realistic indication of my lustings. This woman is one of my fave porno stars. I have a video of her doing this somewhere...

  40. FAMULUS: Did you take your MANBAG with you?

  41. Humm.... Yes and no.

    I took all the contents of the manbag with me, but in my weekend-manbag. I have three in total...

    The basic contents are the same but I have daddy manbag, mummy-manbag and baby-manbag...

  42. I just have to come back every now and then to oggle and make dribbly...