Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Infomaniac Dancers

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting The Infomaniac Dancers...

(click to enhance the size of those who dance)


  1. Wait are they men?

    Eeeeps, that's not how I want to see Swan Lake

  2. Some of the ladies, especially in pic number three, have strong chest hair.

  3. CYBERPOOF: I thought you liked men in tights.

    MAGO: And strong underarm hair but you'll have to wait to see that one.

  4. I do, but not wearing nelly pink tutus and synchronized swimmer makeup.

    Especially the makeup freaks me out.

  5. Dorset poofs night at Cafe C ???

  6. Is the freakishly tall dancer in pic 1 IVD ??

  7. I like this idea - it's really the female parts in the traditional ballets that are the more interesting - why shouldn't drag queeny dancers get a go?


    But then, I am a big fan of cross dressing.

  8. MJ, I thought I told you that was a private set of photographs, and for your eyes only. I didn't want everyone else knowing what I got up to in my spare time.
    At least you didn't show the one of me doing the pas de deux whilst wearing a tutu. Demmed uncomfortable dontcha know.

  9. Mexicans.

    "AYAYAYayayayaayayyyy Dolores ..."

  10. Beast! Ssshhhhhh! You promised not to give away my secret!

    I love the expression on faux (but real) man in pic #2.

  11. CYBERPOOF: I do, but not wearing nelly pink tutus and synchronized swimmer makeup.

    You don't know how funny that sounds coming from the man who wears eye glitter and high heels.

    BEAST: Dorset poofs night at Cafe C ??

    Are you referring to Rubber Duck Homo Night at Cafe C?

    Is the freakishly tall dancer in pic 1 IVD ??

    Who else could it be?

    T-BIRD: I am a big fan of cross dressing.

    Good because I'd like to see you in a suit and tie with a moustache.

    GINRO: I didn't want everyone else knowing what I got up to in my spare time.

    I promise not to release the video of you cake-farting.

    KNUDSEN: They must be Slavs.

    Franconians, actually.

    MAGO: See comment to Knudsen.

    You're an odd race.

    IVD: I love the expression on faux (but real) man in pic #2.

    It's begging to have CyberPoof Photoshop that pic of you with your tongue lolling out.

  12. But, but, but, why?

  13. They all have great legs, though!

  14. I am anxiously awaiting the Grand Pas d'action scene.

    PS: Yay, little trash cans are back!

  15. FAMULUS: Why, you ask?

    Because Infomaniac is dedicated to bringing you top notch entertainment.

    More bang for your buck.

    PONYGIRL: *enter ZZ Top*

    “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them”

    XL: I’m convinced we’re the only two people in the Blogosphere who noticed the missing trash cans.

    Do you suppose aliens are responsible?

    Are we the chosen ones?

    *bolts doors and windows*

  16. what evil wizard is to blame for this version of coppelia? seigfried or roy?

    *grand jette, twirl, aaaaaaaand LEAP into orchestra pit*

  17. ummm... is there something wrong with these photos?

    *scratches head and doesnt get it...

    arent all dancers "that way"...

  18. NATIONS: Coppélia…

    Is that a ballet about Donn Coppens?

    *grand pliés over Nations’ face*

    VOICES: *tries to channel spirit of Vaslav Nijinksy for the answer*

  19. Old K says Slavs, I was going to say Russian Men. Or maybe woman. Hard to tell with all of the testosterone they take.

  20. BOXER: Vahtevah do you mean, dahlink?

    *covers Adam's apple*

  21. Are they doing the lambada? Now I think I know why they call it the forbidden dance.

  22. Now, now, don't get personal mmmm'kay?

    I don't wear sychonized swimming makeup and pink tutus though.

  23. PRU: They can actually do a good LIMBO as they’re all flat-chested and can fit under the bar.

    Well, as long as they don’t get, um, “excited”.

    CYBERPOOF: Can you smile underwater?

  24. No. I can't even force myself to open my eyes underwater.

  25. Oh, my. I suppose they're gearing up for the Nutcracker!

  26. the manling in the top photo with the red corset does look a bit like marylin manson... huh...

  27. A little more muscle-y than Marilyn Manson, though... now he's a creepy guy....yikes.

    I used to be able to pirouette...

    *twirls around and bounces off wall*

  28. ponygirl, so is the picture a before or after shot?

  29. Um.... which, uh, picture are you referring too?

  30. i'm back, sugar! ;-)

    ballet trocadero, right?

  31. pony girl...the one with the marylin look-a-like!

    *wonders if pony girl is related to suzanne from the voices blog*

    where the hell is mj today? off working no doubt...

  32. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

  33. CYBERPOOF: Let me help you with that.

    *dunks head under water*

    EROS: Right on both counts.

    VOICES & PONYGIRL: Carry on.

    Just pretend I’m not here (which I wasn’t).

    BOXER: Big hands?

    Which can only mean one thing!

    SAVANNAH: Woohoo! You’re back! I’ll pop over after work tonight.

    Yeah, those are the Trocks but they’re moonlighting as the Infomaniac Dancers.

    VOICES: I’m trying to get some work done here!

    FROBI: Yes, speaking of nutcracking.

    How exactly is it that you know that their plums are sweet?

  34. sooo... thursday is a workday for you then?

  35. Big hands don't mean that much really. Kate Beckinsale has big hands but she's as womanly as they co...are.

  36. ha! and I used to do I like em...

  37. VOICES: Not necessarily.

    Every week is different.

    GINRO: I’ll have to conduct some personal research on the matter.

    MANUEL: You like "em"?...

    As in Emanuel?

    As in Rahm Emanuel?

    Because he was a ballet dancer too!

    Hey, there’s a “Manuel” in Emanuel!

  38. Man! And I do mean Man, that's a good looking group.

  39. Can I paint on the moustache with boot polish and go with a Dietrich suit?

  40. T-BIRD: Just don't try to kiss me or it will stain.

  41. Well, I'll be!
    I guess you were backstage cracking the whip and supplying the Nair then? How'd I miss you??

  42. JASON: Well, I'll be!
    I guess you were backstage cracking the whip and supplying the Nair then? How'd I miss you??

    Waxing emergency.

    Enough said.