Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Remember


  1. It appears Rosie is about to rivet Adolf a new one!

    Happy Veteran's Day to you, too!

    Those angry, stomping women. How dare Hitler steal their nylons!

  2. Some people pay for that sort of treatment .
    Happy veterans day Miss MJ

  3. Thanks to Hitler, the Sound Of Music was banned in Austria.
    What a complete f*cking asshole!

    Hey Rosie, give him ein harter Stoß in der testikels for me.

  4. Has anyone noticed how the 'History Channel' is really the 'Hitler Channel'.

  5. So that's why he was so cunty, figures. I always thought it was because he was a big nelly bottom.

    Se la vie!

  6. Hitler only had one ball.

    Which explains everything really.

  7. "Has anyone noticed how the 'History Channel' is really the 'Hitler Channel'."

    Yes. It's the Hitler Channel in colour.... apparently...

  8. Mistress MJ,

    I wondered how you would commerorate the 90th Anniversary of when everything went pear shaped and you didn't disappoint me. Thank you.

    Happy Veterans' Day (really?)

  9. Remembrance Day, as it's called here in Canada, is a very emotional day for Mistress MJ, as it is for millions of people around the world.

    As Kookaburra points out, it's not a happy day, although it can be said I'm happy to be alive.

    I'll be attending services later and will bid you adieu until tomorrow.

    Thank you to all who drop in and comment today.

    You know I would have stomped Hitler's ball if I'd been around back then!

  10. "Happy Veterans' Day"?

    It's Armistice here and this primarily for WWI not WWII.

    But I guess that if you died for your country, that's probably not very important.

    Do you do the poppies thing in the US / Canada too?

  11. I feel lucky I wasn't my grandparents' generation.

    Two world wars and a depression.

  12. Geoff: Don't be so glum, we still have time.

    Although now that Bush is on the way out, the chances are probably fading...

  13. It used to be call Armistice Day in the U.S. and commemorated the end of WWI. Now it is called Veteran's Day and commemorates all veterans who served and died in all wars. But aside from government offices and banks being closed, it seems like the public sadly does not reflect upon its meaning.

    @famulus, I haven't seen the remembrance poppies in a long time. ???

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  15. XL: We still do the poppy thing in the UK. Not seen any here in Holland though.

  16. We still do poppies in Canada, and I have several. Every year, I wear the poppies, remember family members who were in the wars (no one died, thank gawd, but one uncle came home with a metal plate in his head).

    My dad was in the Air Force, although thankfully never went to war. I grew up on Air Force bases across Canada, and have attended many Rememberance Day ceremonies. I do so still. A solemn day but a thankful one for me. I still get goosebumps whenever I hear the bugle playing Last Taps.

  17. Famulus is right..Dubya still has until January to take some of the Big Toys off of the high shelf that they haven't played with since '45.

    They need more water in the Middle East right?
    So who would say no to adding a few manmade Lakes..
    like Lake Iran, Lake Syria, Lake Iraq...

  18. When I was a wippersnapper, I did several guard duties at memorial services. I was in the Air Cadets and got to play with rifles which made standing in the cold well worth it.

  19. *leaves flowers outside mjs and says something nice to self in honor of the folks who have fought for their countries around the globe*

  20. There is a direct connection from the 11th of November 1918 to the January 1933, September 1939 and the 8th of May 1945. The mad man wanted to re-verse history, fight the war again, but this time "the right way", without the "mistakes": He - and a large part of the German society - wanted to "undo" "November '18". A direct result is the 9th of November 1938.

    Peace, m'dear ...