Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lurid Digs

Back in June, Infomaniac showed you some common decorating mistakes that folk make when posing nude for photographs.

For example, a little leopard print goes a long way…

Imagine our glee to discover an entire website dedicated to “horrifying gay amateur interiors” such as this…

And this…

“These Feng Shui-challenged souls have proven over and over again that male homosexuals can be just as color uncoordinated, sloppy and nastee as their straight bretheren.”

Visit Lurid Digs for more catastrophic décor.

Note: Infomaniac wishes to thank Eroswings who, in Mistress MJ’s absence, stepped into her stilettos to assist with the comments in our last post.


  1. Good gawd, I think I have been blinded! Do these men have NO taste at all????

    There seems to be a common thread of excess - too many spots, too many stuffed animals, too many Wile E. Coyotes. GAK!

    I feel nauseous.....

    Except: FIRST! YAY!

  2. That last fellow looks like a true patriot. I bet he votes "straight" ticket Republican!

  3. I found it hard, no not like that to look at the decor, why would you have a mirrored headboard?

  4. I thought I would stop by to see how the Mistress had been misbehaving during my absense. I see she hasn't let any of you down.

  5. Why wouldn't you have a mirrored headboard?

  6. I can see that I will have my work cut out creating a bottom photo worthy of this site...

    I shall not do it in my bedroom for sure. Too many secrets revealed in one shot.

    I feel that the shed maybe the best place...

    Can you buy mirrored headboards or do you have to create them yourself? Somehow I think that the UK and US may have different answers to this question...

  7. for being as gay as they are representing themselves, you would think they would have more fashion sense...i think they are just posing as such to find a good and cheap decorator imho

  8. PONYGIRL: Is this your first first?

    XL: Is this typical Red State behavior?

    Here in Canada we call them Albertans.

    KNUDSEN: Install a mirror on the ceiling of the Knudsen Love Junction instead and turn on your webcam for us.

    p.s. How do you tuck the sheets into that round bed of yours?

    CECE: Who are you and what have you done with Cecile?

    SCARLET: Why wouldn’t you have a mirrored headboard, you ask?

    Bad feng shui!

    FAMULUS: Are you afraid we’ll see the disco ball in your bedroom?

    I thought sheds were a British thing.

    Do you actually have sheds in Holland?

    DAISY: I was shocked to discover that one of my poofter friends had a messy apartment.

    Obviously a mutation in the gay gene.

  9. I take it you provided the interior design tip for those fine gents.

    Do you charge much by the hour?

  10. I think that should be
    Horrifying Gays....and ameteur interiors.

    That poor little man with the tassles ......awww bless

  11. GARFY: The only "tip" I have in mind is the local landfill site.

    BEAST: A man with a banana up his botty cannot criticize a man with tassles on his man boobs.

  12. "Albertans"

    My mistake. I thought they were called "Newfies."

  13. But they're not tassles... they're pegs on his man boobs... I saw a film about... well, whatever...

  14. XL: Don't be dissin' the Newfies as they are the friendliest and most fun-loving of all Canadians.

    Albertans, on the other hand...

    SCARLET: You and I both know they're pegs.

    But if Beast wants to believe they're tassles, then who are we to burst his bubble?

    He's so very fragile right now, as you know.

  15. I have just used all my will power to avoid visiting
    Bet I'll go there later.

  16. MJ: Yes we have sheds here in
    Holland. This is mine.

    And just to clear about this... I am English!


  17. MJ, I think that was my first First on your blog, but I have had one or two others on different blogs.... still a newbie at firsties. :-D

    I just checked out Famulus' shed - holy crap, that thing is a guest house! The shed in my backyard is about 10x12 and stores the lawnmower, rakes, my bike and a few horse related items. One door - no windows, and the paint is peeling a bit. Guess next summer it will get spruced up.

    But at least the decor fits the usage of the building.... unlike those, erm, 'men' you posted about.... gak!

  18. Yes, Famulus has a huge erection in his garden.
    Tell Beast I will repair the Dyson. I got carried away. And I will bring extra hobnobs... Apologies.

  19. do you think the last dude voted for McCain?

    and I'm worried that I likey the white glass rabbit.

  20. KAZ: You’re fooling no one.

    You’re over at Lurid Digs right now and have been since you left here.

    FAMULUS: Prove you are English.

    Do you make arrangements with the folk back ‘ome to have Heinz baked beans and HobNobs delivered to your door in Holland?

    As for your so-called “shed”…is that where you store your big tool(s)?

    PONYGIRL: Famulus appears to have a double-wide.

    This gives me an idea…

    Perhaps I’ll solicit photos of everyone’s sheds.

    SCARLET: Beast is currently trying to pull the stinky duvet over me to have a kip.


    BOXER: I think it’s Joe the Plumber.

    As for the white rabbit, have you been dropping acid?

  21. MJ: Tally-ho wot! Colour, neighbour, 31/12/2008, trousers (not pants) and trying to bum a fag is just asking for a cigarette... Proved?

    Nope, but I do bring back Marmite, HP Sauce, Irn Brew, Polos and anything by Cadburys.

    I put the large erection in my garden to very good and frequent use. As for power tools, well, it's just good that the batteries are rechargeable...

  22. FAMULUS: I'm almost convinced of your Englishness but there's one final test...

    Do you like to dress up in ladies' clothing?

  23. Those are Gays?

    * hastily rethinks lifestyle *

  24. MJ: The honourable member for Snotsbusy is unable to comment on such topics in public. However, if the delightful lady would care to join me later in my chambers, we could discuss the matter further, over a rentboy possibly...

  25. IVD: Surely someone MUST kick them out of The Club.

    They're giving the rest of you a bad name.

    FAMULUS: If anyone knows anything about rentboys, it's the chap above you (IVD).

  26. MJ: Isn't he IDV? Or am I missing something? I was purely going on The Naked Civil Servant as my reference guide...

    I shall IDV a good inspection later...

  27. *goes back to sleep, nothing to see here today*

  28. Sorry Babe but those are my terms, lol.

  29. First photo: actually think he looks kind of jolly and playful! although I wouldn't want to find him in a children's ball-pit in a theme restaurant...which is where I think he might lurk on his off-days.

    Second photo: It is to weep.

    Third photo: He shall be featured in a bad dream some night soon, chasing me down with an flagpole and a band of reanimated ceramic coyotes at his heels.

  30. these chaps should get themselves a nice blueish greyish duvet cover.......nice

  31. Even I dont have so many pot animals...or flags... and shit.

  32. dropping acid or horomonal?

    same thing, right?

  33. Wellll ... yeah ... so far.
    *reaches for the white*

    Where's my Airplane cd?
    *humming "Feed your heat", rollin' another one*

  34. FAMULUS: Inexplicable DeVice’s initials truly are IDV but I changed them to IVD as he has a “warty wand” if you catch my drift.

    VOICES: z z z z z z z z

    GINRO: Eh?

    LEAH: I’d like to install a ball pit here on Infomaniac.

    MANUEL: Haven’t you redecorated since the Manuel’s arse photo shoot?

    MUTLEY: That’s saying a lot coming from a bed-sit in Bridport.

    BOXER: The two should not be combined.

    MAGO: You’ve been sleeping on a surrealistic pillow, haven’t you?

  35. Hips, yeah ... and the Matress, aww later.

    Good Morning.

  36. Famulus: Pay no heed to MJ. My wand most certainly isn't warty.
    And I'm not naked, either - We don't do Nude Days at work.

  37. The first pic is meant to inspire people to save the one wants to see the horror of where their hunted hides end up.

    The second pic makes me wonder, who told this fella to wear white socks with his black lace panties? And why is the most disturbing part of the pic the dirt on his knees?

    As for that last pic, truly, a proud patriot...and brave man to wear such snazzy slippers with his, um, form fitting outfit. He's certainly making a statement: I'm sitting bare butt on this chair--just like I've done on all my other furniture!

  38. IDV: I believe you, honest. Anyway, modern science can fix almost anything these days...

    MJ: Are you spread nasty falsehoods? That's mean.

    Leah: Good analysis. I think that number three is the only one that really scares me. He looks far to serious and competent. I certainly wouldn't accept a drink from him.

  39. MJ: Sorry, spreading

    Far too early for this sort of mental activity...

  40. "male homosexuals can be just as color uncoordinated, sloppy and nastee as their straight bretheren

    The Coyote motif looks like the handiwork of the CBC's Design Guys, Steven and Chris.
    It's Wiley not Willy you twats..

  41. MAGO: Good morning starshine
    The earth says hello
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below

    Gliddy glub gloopy
    Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo
    Sabba sibby sabba
    Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo
    Tooby ooby walla
    Nooby abba naba
    Early morning singing song

    IVD: Shall I send FAMULUS a photo of your diseased wand?

    I was doing you a favour by not linking to it.

    EROS: You know how leaving socks on vexes me.

    FAMULUS: Do you want me to send you the link as proof?

    COPPENS: Let’s get Steven and Chris and Colin and Justin hyped up on caffeine and then send them into these homes on a mission.

  42. MJ I am soooo tempted to say yes, but I have a very strong suspicion that I will instantly regret it. It'll then turn into one of those things that you can't un-see. I'll have nightmares and everything...

    That's a yes...

  43. FAMULUS: IVD’s warty wand is the second photo down, under Old Knudsen’s pic.

    You can’t miss it.

    You’re welcome to send Mistress MJ a photo of your own wand which I’m sure is disease-free and far superior to IVD’s mangy old thingy.