Saturday, November 22, 2008

Domestic Dilemma

As you can see, I’m in a domestic dilemma since CyberPoof stole my houseboys.

Too much housework and not enough help.

While I’m in here, I might as well look for Tickers’ missing mojo.

Is anyone else missing anything that may have disappeared into this black hole?


  1. Do hurry up! I'm due to attend a Bukaki party tonight and I seem to have lost my taste for for that sort of thing. I'm beginning to think it's not worth the strain on me old knees.

  2. So what's were the value of my house went.

    Can I have it back please?

  3. my ummph is gone...let me know if you find it...

  4. I would have thought you'd deal with a little bit of grace and dignity but I think we can all agree that didn't happen.

  5. I havnt seen my Spotted Dick for several days.........

  6. Yep, I'm feeling a little flat... nothing a bycycle pump wouldn't cure though.

  7. uh, well, now that you ask and it seems there might be a reason ...well, come closer and i'll whisper what i've lost, ok...


  8. TICKERS: I haven’t located your mojo though I’m sure it will turn up soon.

    I found some knee pads for you though.

    No, wait. That’s SAVANNAH’S diaphragm.

    GARFY: Geoff and Betty might have a spare room for you.

    DAISY: You’re saying that your “get up and go” got up and left?

    CYBERPOOF: At least I don’t have ladders in my stockings.

    MAXI: So that’s where I put her urn.

    TONY: You haven’t seen your spotted dick in ages?

    Maybe if you’d lose a little weight!

    SCARLET: Feeling flat?

    Perhaps our milkmaid can spare some of her wares.

    SAVANNAH: So that’s your diaphragm?

    I thought it was one half of a set of knee pads!

    I almost gave it away to Tickers!

    XL: I used your ebelskiver pan to make sticky toffee puddings!

  9. I wouldn't stick my head into that black hole. It's probably coated with dried up fat and bits of burnt onion. It needs scrubbing down with a Brillo pad and some Ajax.

  10. That may very well be the case but you aren't wearing knickers either and in that position, that's a big faux pas.

    Put some knickers on dear and shoes while you are at it.

  11. I've lost my...

    ...oh no, here it is.

  12. I am just a bit concerned asthe curtains and the dress are made from matching material. Is this an austerity measure due to the economic downturn ???

  13. BETTY: It’s more likely sticky toffee pudding residue.

    I’m ashamed to admit I’ve eaten six of them this week!

    My bottom will soon be as big as BEAST’s!

    CYBERPOOF: For your information, I’m wearing a thong.

    I’ll floss your teeth with it if you don’t behave.

    KAPI: No, your cock ring isn’t in here.

    BEAST: One with such an ugly MANBAG is not fit to criticize other’s fashion faux pas.

  14. You know the last time I came near a hole in a wall, someone on the other side wanted something from me... I promptly paid them and drove off with my lunch order.

    Perhaps some of your readers can assist you with that hole in the wall; I'm sure some of them are experts at prodding black holes.

  15. I'll have to try because there is no way I'll be wanting things near my mouth that have been close to your black hole.

  16. If you wouldn't mind, my dignity should be somewhere down that shaft. Mind picking it up for me while your down there?


  17. EROS: I think I found George Michael!

    CYBERPOOF: You should be so lucky.

    T-BIRD: I found your dignity but it appears to be in XL's ebelskiver pan.