Friday, November 28, 2008

Filthy Friday

(Click for maximum pleasure)


  1. How criminal!

    It's against the law to drive without wearing a seatbelt!

  2. This is freaky Friday...
    click to enlarge and look to the right near the top of the steering wheel..
    see a white eye..
    see the other eye..
    the black round nose..
    the teeth below..
    it's a face...
    it's a Sasquatch!

    Insead of getting a picture worth tens of million$ this dumbass drives right by Bigfoot while his neighbour's wife takes a pic of his beer gut and his wiener?


  3. Someone needs to rethink the sunglasses and for the love of god put on some clothes.

    Why oh why!

  4. Please tell us that you didn't take this picture MJ....

    So very very wrong in so many many ways.

    Sometimes the digital age is just plain disturbing!

  5. You know, I was too busy noticing his stomachs and didn't really get to the Filthy Friday bit for a few seconds.

    Where is he going do you think?

  6. He's not even wearing his seatbelt!

  7. From our series "Would be rockers" or "Where it all ends": He's going straight to hell ...

    Some years ago a truck driver run over a small car while rubbing his knob. He was pinched in his cabin, willy still in hand. Two blokes took the real one while he died the small death.

  8. This is why I never applied for the chauffeur position at the Dating Service.

  9. Why do I always come here while eating my breakfast? Why?!

  10. He really should invest in an automatic transmission.

  11. There is no way I'm going to enlarge this.. sorry but no...

  12. I just knew Famulus couldn't resist showing us his better side!

  13. Has the FatSlag and old Hag Franchise branched out into Driving Lessons???
    Is this the 'Stck Shift' Lesson ??

  14. is that a police car? look closely at the window area, isn't that one of those police lights?

  15. If He Were A Catholic, could he make an "Emergency Stop"?

  16. so that's where the column gearshift is

  17. EROS: Book 'em, Dano.

    TATER: This sounds like a job for the Sasquatch Detective Agency!

    CYBERPOOF: The Pope wears Gucci sunglasses.

    If it's good enough for Papa...

    NWT: I keep my eyes on the road.

    T-BIRD: Where is he going do you think?

    To hell and back.

  18. LEAH: He's not even wearing his seatbelt!

    Can you imagine the chafing?

    MAGO: It's almost as dangerous as driving while talking on a mobile.

    The law needs to put an end to this multitasking while driving.

    XL: Your pillow-fluffing skills are the stuff of legend.

    IVD: Did we put you off your cock-au-vin?

    GARFY: Do you suppose he was the model for this gear shifter knob?

  19. SCARLET: You will and you did.

    KAZ: But Famulus promised to take off his sunglasses!

    BEAST: I'll show you where you can shift that stick!

    DAISY: You sound as though you're well-acquainted with the 5 - 0.

    TONY: The Devil made him do it.

    KOOKABURRA: See comment to Garfy.

  20. mj...well it is an occupational hazard...

  21. Nice car, nice scenery, nice beard, nice shades.

    Kind of the opposite of LuridDigs.

  22. You don't have to sacrifice beauty in these tough economic times and with your busy schedule!

    Save money by multitasking: Get a tan while driving! You'll keep your sunkissed coloring and you'll save time and money that could be spent on purchasing lovely, fashionable eyewear!

  23. Hey!

    Is no one here prepared to defend my honour?????

    I'll sue!

    I'm not THAT grey yet, you gits!


    And remind me to check all your blogging comments earlier in the day in future...

  24. Where do you find these ghastly pics? I mean what kind of google search results in that? By the way google chrome dont like yer blog...

  25. Oh, I really, really, really, really didn't need to have that image in my head today.

    **bangs head on computer***

    It's still there.

  26. DAISY: You live life on the edge, don’t you?

    KAPI: Who knew so many gay men could have such bad taste?

    By the way, did you miss Lurid Digs Day on Infomaniac?

    EROS: It’ll be a farmer’s tan (arm and neck of one side of the body only).

    FAMULUS: The early bird really does catch the worm around here.

    Do try to keep up.

    MUTLEY: Stop sending me pics of you and your friends.

    What happens when you try to access Infomaniac using Google Chrome?

    Does it shudder? Spit? Vomit? Do tell.

    BOXER: Yet you have an image of a squirrel stuffing its face full of nuts on your blog.

    We all know the squirrel is your stand-in.

  27. He's behind a horse trailer.

  28. Hands at the "10 and 2" position!

    He won't be prepared if anything happens!

  29. There's the potential for all sorts of trouble whenever he changes gear, isn't there?

  30. He ought to really pull off on the hard shoulder.

  31. While do I return here every Friday ?

  32. I saw the comment to GARFY. Oh dear; that's terrible. I'll come again next Friday (that's worse)

    Happy Thanksgiving See ya

  33. Yes, but at least the squirrel is wearing a hat.

  34. GEOFF: Geoffrey! We are not that sort of blog!

    MAXI: Always keep a firm grip.

    BETTY: Try to avoid "snatching" (changing gears with too much force).

    GEOFF: And remember…it’s slippery when wet.

    HEFF: Because every so often there’s a huge set of hooters.

    KOOKABURRA: Cum again but take note that my Thanksgiving was in October but thanks nonetheless.

    *mumbles in that disgruntled way that Canucks do when mistaken for Americans*

    BOXER: You can leave your hat on.

  35. I can't even think of anything to say....

    Now, if that was a photo of, say, Eros or Famulus, well then I am sure I would have lots to say!

    But some old pudgy guy with a golf tan wanking in the car while Sasquatch lears in through the window?..... no.

  36. "Canucks do when mistaken for Americans"

    Sometimes, Americans are mistaken for Canadians: The Canadian Caper!

  37. PONITA: Surely Eros and Famulus must tire of being treated like sex objects.

    XL: And even MORE Canadian Capers!

    and-a-one, and-a-two...

    RICH: You want to play cop, don't you?

    Show us your nightstick then, Officer Richie.

  38. The car must be a rental, otherwise he'd have put a towel down on the seat.