Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping for Houseboys

Mistress MJ is out shopping for houseboys…

See you back here on Sunday.



  1. Hello?


    *echo echo*

    Where's everybody gone?

  2. That looks like my grade 9 Grad photo!

  3. One of those fags is black, I am boycotting this racist post. You can insult poofs but people of colour are still trendy.

    Ghey is the new black but not in a good way.

  4. That one in the cart looks verrry familiar...I do believe he was my 10th-grade Latin teacher!

  5. do you have a receipt for this one? I'd return him.

    Remember to check under the hood this time.

  6. GINRO: The usual response as commenter number 1 is to yell, "Yay! First!"

    Bit of an iconoclast, are you?

    TATER: Since when is there graduation from Grade 9?

    You Manitobans and your rebellious ways.

    CSI: As part of the "New Frugality" movement, Mistress MJ shall look for a "buy one, get one free" deal.

    KNUDSEN: Mistress MJ's friend and travelling companion "C" is a black tranny who approves this post.

    Plus, I've shown her that photo of yer arse and she said, "Not bad for a white boy."

    LEAH: Sona si latine loqueris.

    BOXER: He just needs a good lube job.

  7. well mom, i was out with some friends and have you ever heard of magic mushrooms?

  8. That's Jesus in the trolley.
    I hear he can work miracles around the house.

  9. Amazing what you can pick up at Tesco's these days..

  10. I see you went for style over substance.

    Wait a minute... There's not even any style! But I suppose all that fluffy hair will make dusting that much easier?

  11. I do like to be different. What's the point in following the crowd? Sometimes, as with lemmings, they're headed for the cliff.

  12. Is that the Savage Rose tribute band?

  13. Besides, I'm an INTJ you know. I have standards to maintain, lol!

    But I saw this and thought I'll guess, I know, that you could find a family Xmas card far worse than this one:

    Quite possible the worst family Christmas card ever

  14. These are clearance items at a sidewalk sale?

  15. Read the return policy carefully before you make a purchase!

    Just because they've come out of the closet doesn't mean they won't go raiding yours to try on shoes!

  16. BITCHES: I’m off and running for the day.

    Sale at “Houseboys ‘R’ Us”!

    If you’re interested, you can see more of the tinselly tarts pictured in the photo by visiting The Cockettes.

  17. Oh I get it! It's the cast of Jesus Christ: Poofterstar!

    Trolleyboy: Jesus (aka "oh sweet Jesus, oh my god, why?"

    Bo-Peep: Peter the Fisherman (obviously fishing for men)

    Pinkpantaloons: Judas (looks evil, well...devilish)

    Strange Hat: Matthew the Tax Collector (people in the most repressed occupations have the most baroque fantasy lives)

    Red: John the Baptist (the original messiah, usurped by trolleyboy)

    Chocolove: Thaddeaus (the one everyone forgets)

    Look in their eyes and tell me it's not true.

    No, their eyes.

  18. That's the kind of trolley thief you find in underpasses.

    He's yours MJ. You can tattoo him at yer leisure.

  19. BITCHES: Coming home to your comments after a hard day of houseboy-hunting is a pleasure.

    Just for that, I think I'll post a little something for Sunday.

  20. This Does Not Look A Safeway...........