Thursday, June 05, 2008

WINNER of the How Not To Decorate Competition

Following yesterday’s intense voting, Infomaniac is pleased to announce that the grand prize winner of the How Not To Decorate Competition is…

Dora’s Panther Painting!

Dora, you are the winner of a set of 20 beverage napkins that say,

“From the looks of it, your home could use a homo.”

Tatas was close behind with her Coconut Monkey Money Box and Prunella received her fair share of votes for her Dead Tarantula.

Infomaniac extends a big thank you to all of you who submitted photos of your hideous crap.

You all need to hold a giant yard sale or have a bonfire or call in Colin and Justin.

And thanks to everyone who showed up on voting day to participate.

Infomaniac will be holding more exciting competitions in future.

Stay tuned.


  1. Yay! Congratu- I mean, commiserations Dora.
    Perhaps your MG will let you burn that panther picture now it's an internationally renowned figurehead of hideous tat?

    Yay first!!

  2. I was robbed! I want to keep my votes and I'd like to talk to the voters because I believe my crappy dog statues won the popular vote.

    Oh wait. Wrong election. This one went very smoothly.

    Congrats to Dora and the Panther.


    I like the painting.

  4. Well... Congrats Dora?

    That painting really is a hideousity of grand proportions. Well deserved.

    Colin and Justin look a tiny bit gay. I'm shocked!

  5. Duuuuuuuuuude. I can't believe you won.

    Actually, yes I can.

  6. I've been to Colin's house. It's quite noice.

  7. T-Bird, you've seen it with your own eyes!!!! It's BLOODY HIDEOUS!!!!

    If MG knew that I posted a pic of it and that everyone bagged it out she would cry. She really does love it.

    Send those homos round anytime, MJ, we need re-decorating.

  8. congratulations to all of us who voted for dora! at least, we know bad....wait, most of y'all submitted a pic...*blush* i like those guys, colin & justin! they're hilarious!

    easing my way out the door...

  9. IVD: Don’t you witches have a ritual you could perform?

    BOXER: Are you going to give Dora a knuckle-bump?

    KNUDSEN: My clown painting will make the bad dreams go away.

    CYBERPOOF: Colin and Justin are probably just a bit poofy.

    T-BIRD: You’re the lucky lady who gets to see it up close and personal.

    HERGE: Colin’s house?

    I thought they got married and live together in a five-storey Georgian town house in Glasgow.

    You haven’t come between them, have you?


    DORA: Your panther painting could have its television debut!

    Congratulations, you lucky, lucky gal.

    SAVANNAH: Did you know that Colin and Justin are IVD’s TV boyfriends?

    He’s hooked on them and watches them daily from the comfort of his vile velour-cord chair.

  10. Congratulations,
    that is one angry pussy...

    I am woman hear me roar,
    in paint by numbers too big to ignore.

  11. DONN: And it has teeth.

    Vagina dentata!

  12., Dora!

    Perhaps if there were some pictures of some balls on both sides, the cat wouldn't look so mad...

  13. That panther looks like one of those painting by numbers kits. I think the artist was possibly innumerate.

  14. Nah, didn't come between them. Didn't meet Justin, Their pad is swish mind you, as one would expect.

    They do say panthers can be nasty bastards when they turn blue.

  15. You know, you can get something for that now.

  16. EROS: Must you bring your balls into every conversation?

    RATTY: I see sixes and nines and vice versa so innumeracy cannot be ruled out.

    HERGE: I’ll bet there wasn’t an antimassacar in sight in their house.

    CYBERPOOF: A cure for what? Poofiness?

    There’s no taming a wild poof.

  17. Definitely well deserved. Now I shall go poke my eyes out.

  18. We know a sad cunt who actually bought that fucking Justin and Colin book.

    Dont we, IVD?

  19. RANDOM: You'll need your eyes for Filthy Fridays.

    PIGGY: I bet IVD will try to get their phone number off Herge.

  20. A hard-fought competition won out by a truly ghastly and impressive work of, uh, art.

    Good show, MJ.

    I think you now should follow up with your own display of objects in your house or boudoir that you might have entered had you not been the grand poobah in this one.

  21. Being poofy. There is a cure for that.

  22. I have been taking photos of my house but I do not have the thing to connect my mobile to my pc so I cant upload them right now....I think my home is indescribably if someone was to donate a few quid via my paypal I could do the biz and put them all on line....

  23. congrats to the winner!!!

    *gets back to work, thinking how glad he is now for not having been ridiculed and then won the homo napkins*

  24. Congratulations to Dora and her truly horrible panther painting! I will always be grateful to you for taking this bullet for m

    I will always be proud that I lost to such a worth opponent!!!!

  25. * sidles up to Herge and whispers something in his ear *

    That phone number will be mine!

    I only want it so I can set Colin & Justin onto Piggy and his House Of Tat.

  26. That was an amazing competition! Congrats to Dora, that painting sure is......something all right.

  27. WW: Didn't you see my clown painting?!

    CYBERPOOF: But who'd want to cure it?

    MUTLEY: We'll take your word that your house is hideous.

    And rumour has it that you toss all your Jetsons boxer shorts on the floor in a heap.

    VOICES: You day will come.

    NATIONS: Your gator head scored quite high.

    If only you could take us on a virtual tour of Rancho First Nations.

    IVD: You only want it so Colin and Justin can whisper in YOUR ear.

    PRU: If I wasn’t so cheap, I’d send you and Tatas runner-up prizes.

  28. I just want to ask myself "Why the hell do I come here?" And no, not in the literal sense. God I love you.


  29. SUZANNE: I know you only come here for Filthy Fridays.

    Check your calendar.

    You're a day early.

    MANUEL: I couldn't help but notice that you didn't send in any pics of your own.

    Feel free to offer up a late submission.

  30. MJ, it is a well know fact that kittens love to play with balls. In fact, everyone luvs balls! Even the lesbians...just ask Martina Navratilova.

  31. EROS: Even the lesbians?

    Let's ask Dora, then, shall we?

  32. I can't believe you guys didn't like the panther photo. I"m so sad.