Monday, June 16, 2008

Mute Monday - Old Man

Welcome, bitches, to my first Mute Monday!

Mute Monday is a meme where each week you're given a theme and you post photos or illustrations to express that theme in your own personal style. In keeping with the “Mute” bit, you try to express it visually rather than verbally although text is permitted. Then on Monday, you go to The Troll Report and say “I’m UP” in the comments section with a link to your blog.

And now without further ado, Infomaniac presents Mute Monday.

The theme this week is “OLD MAN”.

Next week’s Mute Monday theme is “AROMA”. I think I may be back for that one too.


  1. and you absolutely kept to your own personal style.

    How did you find actual photos of Old K? You are oh so powerful!

    May I say? Happy MM!


  2. Why do I come here? I don't know? I guess because I love you if I don't look at the graphics. I'm going to pretend I didn't see what I saw and hope I recover. Good Lord. Honey, it's Random Chick's birthday today. You were all wrong yesterday. It's the 15th, not the 14th. Stop by and make life worth living. Or not. The party's started, so stop hording that damn Irish stuff. And please bring along Random Chick's fans.


  3. first it was friday, now it's going to be monday as well? *le sigh*


  4. BOXER: Photos of Old K are a dime a dozen on the online dating sites.

    Happy MM to you and thanks for inspiring me to try it.

    SUZANNE: Are you high again?

    SAVANNAH: Yeah, well get used to it.

    Think of it with a Steppenwolf sound track and you’ll enjoy it more.

  5. I've just come from ATTLG's site so I think I need to go and lie down now. Great first Mute Monday. It's always great to see new players.

  6. GYPSY: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I just visited ATTLG for the first time and I'm convinced we were separated at birth.

    Now go lie down.

  7. Your lust for old man meat is insatiable

  8. I'm saying nothing.

    Maybe that way it'll go away.

  9. And from the looks of these fotos, the theme has expanded to "Old Man and the (four letter) C..."

    Hemingway would be proud...

  10. I like the Troll Report - good find, MJ!

    Interesting interpretation...

  11. BEAST: You’re not getting any younger.

    *eyes Beast up and down salaciously*

    CYBERPOOF: So you’re mute on Mute Monday?

    EROS: Strangely, I dreamt last night of Hemingway.

    Okay, think of something else and let’s see if I dream of it tonight.

    T-BIRD: Credit (or blame) goes to Anonymous Boxer who led me to Mute Monday.

  12. well maybe we just have the same warped sense of humor and sex....either way we could be very dangerous together....


  13. For some reason, I just laughed and laughed. It's too early NOT to. Happy First Mute Monday for you!

  14. Welcome to Mute Monday. Aroma should be a challenge. Dang, you get a lot of comments!

  15. Exactly!

    I already have Monday activities. Had you placed it on Tuesdays or any other day of the week I may have been game.

  16. I love the fact the you have old K! Great first MM!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Now come on, folks, you have to admit thats a slammin' blue veiner in the last picture there.

    I wish you'd have posted the shot that showed the expression on IV's face when Knudson bit down, though.

  19. LMAO! Well I wasnt expecting to see that! Happy MM :)

  20. When I could not avert my eyes in time and saw the last photo...
    I started repeating the prayer that Jen-nie said in Forrest Gump

    "Dear Lord
    make a bird
    so I can fly
    far far away"

    The guy in photo #2 prolly won't be giving the orderlies at the Rest Home any oral pleasuring like whatshisface in #3 until those last four teeth are gone...

  21. I am dumb with mute admiration.

  22. ATLLG: I suggest you keep those lifeguard shorts hiked up.

    Warp speed ahead!

    MOI: Don’t eat that apple!

    TROLL: Thanks for the welcome.

    Comments? Yes, well they just do that to humour me.

    They’ll all get their bottoms spanked if they don’t.

    CYBERPOOF: You already have “Blue Mondays” it’s true.

    Why not do a double posting?

    KATE: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    All the weemen love Old Knudsen.

  23. COMMENT DELETED: Oh you dirty devil!

    NATIONS: Ha! I hope Voices is on dial-up today so he can’t see what the hell you’re talking about.

    HAVING MY CAKE: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    What lovely buttocks.

    May I pinch them?

    DONN: ‘Tis better to have false teeth that can be easily removed, I find, than to wait for the last few to fall out.

    GARFY: Don’t clam up on me now!

  24. A DOUBLE POST?!?!

    I can hardly do ONE post per day, how could I do two?

    I need to lie down for a while

  25. CYBERPOOF: Perhaps if you were to make an offering at the shrine of Kylie Minogue, inspiration would come to you.

    SMUNTY: Get back to your Bible Study group before I slap your wee pee-pee.

  26. ahem, im not on the dial up and can see all the pictures just fine, thank you... and when knudsen bites down, beast is standing there to pull him back off me... now are all of us supposed to be mute as well?

  27. VOICES: You can talk...

    IF you don't have your mouth full!

  28. I was laughing until I got to the final picture. That's when I recognized....Dad?....OMG, I'm traumitized!

  29. Monday's nearly over for me. When I eventually get home from work, I'm going to collapse into a vat of wine and try not to think of old men.

    This does help to explain T-Bird's post, though.

  30. Oooh, girl. There are no words. LOL

  31. thanks!
    that last pic just made me lose my lunch. So I've saved a few calories.

  32. PRU: You think that's bad?

    You should see the pic I have of your mother.

    IVD: Collapse into a vat of wine?

    Head first, I hope.

    DIVA: Rendered MUTE!

    EMMA: Are you a vegetarian?

    You'll have to skip the sausage then.

    CYBERPOOF: Give us the heads up if you do.

  33. It was a long sea voyage and I was drunk and I don't have to explain myself......... Nice Mute Monday reminiscent of mine, you won't last long.

  34. KNUDSEN: Everything I know, I learned from you.

    "I won't last long"...

    Us weemen have heard that line from you before and we always appreciate the advanced warning.

  35. *reaches for 'Altzheimers Size' package of Handi-Wipes*

    yeah, no kidding. have you switched back to wintergreen snuus, Knudie? I detect a subtle hint of linament

  36. I can always count on you MJ for old man weiners.

  37. NATIONS: That's not liniment.

    I wish Old Knudsen would clean the screen after he visits here.

    RANDOM: Consider it a belated birthday present.

  38. voices is conspicuous by his absence. probably sleeping off the anaesthetic.

  39. I cant do a post in a day
    I have work and stuff , its monday for god sake , so I will have to start work on next weeks Aroma post.Harumph

  40. NATIONS: Voices is out buying a prosthesis.

    BEAST: I work and stuff too, you know.

    For the "Aroma" Mute Monday, just post a pic of yourself with stinky fumes emanating from your pores.

  41. bwahahahahahahahahaha tremendous.......

  42. LEAH: Part of a wholesome diet.

    But remember to eat it in moderation.

    MANUEL: Uh oh, it's the deranged waiter laff.

    Remind me to leave a big tip.

  43. the last guy .. i bet he has no teeth either. He has that soft-mouthed baby suck look.

  44. BITTERSWEET: He looks like he could gum you to death.