Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Celebrity Arse – Monica Bellucci

Today’s request for Celebrity Arse comes from Donn, right here in Canada.

Donn is chomping at the bit to see the bare buttocks of Monica Bellucci.

Here’s a photograph of Donn if you’re not already familiar with him...

Yes, folks, he’s got it all. Looks, brains, a sparkling wit and a great personality.

Any woman could be his but what about Ms. Bellucci?

Is she out of his league?

Let’s listen in, shall we?

“Oh Donn. Not again,” sighs Monica, obviously accustomed to Donn’s constant pleas to bare her buttocks....

This is not surprising, considering that Donn lives in Winnipeg, aka WINTERpeg and he needs a little arse to keep him warm on those chilly nights.

And now, for the benefit of our lovestruck Canuck, Infomaniac presents…


“I dream of you, Donn, you studly Canuck,” moans Monica as she bares a satiny cheek…

“Looking out over these Tuscan hills, I pine for you and wish I were in Canada in your big, strong arms”

“I must have you, Donn! I’ll bare all if you’ll have me”

“Feast your eyes on my delectable derriere, Donn”

“I’m coming to embrace you!”

“At last I’ve found true happiness in your arms, Donn! Amore mio!”



Watch Monica Bellucci’s arse in motion

--- Il finito ---


  1. Ciao, bella donna! Lucky, lucky chair!

  2. "gas, grass or ass... no one rides for free..."
    whats the infomaniac charging these days? first born? first pop? last rites????

    i'll have to wonder what the dairyair looks like untill tomorrow...

  3. Oh dang. those stockings. Bella!

    I always figured Coppens' had a hot pistol.

  4. As the attorney for the estate of Donn, I regret to inform you that upon seeing this post, Donn succumbed to a sudden explosive Priapismic Stroke, a new condition which as of yet remains relatively unknown to modern medicine...
    it's sort of like spontaneous human combustion except only the weiner explodes.

    However, judging by the ridiculous ear to ear grin on his face, he presumably left this world a very happy camper.

    For the record his dying word was not Rosebud, it was,
    "OMG look at that...((GULP))
    MJ you're the bessss.....ACKKKKK!


  5. EROS: *wonders if she has a bicycle too*

    VOICES: A man is dead (see Donn’s comment) and all you can think of is ass?

    NATIONS: Coppens’ pistol is smokin’!

    Too bad he expired.

    He could have given you a pistol whipping.

    DONN: *notes that Manitoba has a Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners and makes call*

  6. Well. That wasn't as horrific as I thought it was going to be.

    Shame Donn popped his cock, though.

    I was more than a little disappointed to discover that the naked celebrity link seemed only to cater to straight boys. It seems I'll have to make do with second best.

    * Clicks on link to the Jake Gyllenhaal edition of Infomaniac Celebrity Arse *


  7. she really is perfect, if only she wasn't greek.

  8. I thought she was Italian, not Greek?

    What's she wearing in that third photo? That looks tacky although the boots are really hot!

    Still I'm torn, I can't concentrate as the ugly hat is pulling my eyes from the boots. It's so distracting.

  9. Ahhhh...arse pics. The whole reason I come to this blog.

    Cheers MJ. Sorry Donn had to die for the cause, but what's a little death among friends???

  10. IVD: You clicked on the link, KNOWING you would be seeing female arse in motion.

    Fascinating .

    KNUDSEN: It’s a real Greek tragedy.

    Perhaps if you ask her nicely to leave the front door ajar?

    CYBERPOOF: Poor little Danish boy.

    Our language is all Greek to you, isn’t it?

    DORA: I thought you were here for the boobies.

    Donn’s in a better place now.

  11. It sure is MJ

    I just don't understand..

    No comprendo, Ich verstehe nichts, jeg kan ikke forstå det, Je ne comprend pas

  12. I'm so over Monica, after doing her in the bottom in that subway I'm borrrrreeeddd with her.

    MJ, congrats on your 1001st posting. How many tits and cocks is that so far?

  13. Most enjoyable. How about Goldie Hawn?

  14. CYBERPOOF: Perhaps someone here will take you aside discreetly to explain.

    HERGE: Are you in the habit of getting your todger out on the Tube?

    Counting cocks…

    There’s a project for the weekend.

    VICUS: From Goldie Hawn’s “Laugh-In” days?

    Or post “Banger Sisters”?

    I believe she was on the cover of the National Enquirer’s “Celebrity Cellulite” issue.

  15. MJ - how often qualifies as a habit?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Deliciously wobblesome. Unfortunately those Med birds turn into fatsos by the age of 40. Must be all that olive oil.

  18. CYBERPOOF: Can anyone help CyberPoof?

    Knudsen, you started it.

    HERGE: The world is your Oyster card.

    It's a cheap date, I'll give you that.

    Such an excitable lad. Cum again!

    GARFY: Oh dear.

    She's turning 40 in September.

    Donn got in there right under the wire!

  19. You have to do a lot of lunges to get that ass.

    *attempts one in my office and decides "oh fuck it"*

  20. ****runs in*****

    ***flings Mr C's old underpants at MJ****

    ***waits for wet splat to confirm contact***

    ****runs out again****

  21. BOXER: I'll just stand behind you with this whip.

    BEAST: I told you those old underpants are to be used as dust rags!

    *looks around for flung uterus to re-fling*

  22. Just came back to have another look, yep its perfect.

  23. KNUDSEN: You say she's perfect now but wait 'til you find out she can't brew a decent cuppa tea.

  24. now that ive seen the photos.... not bad at all... nice choice for donn. is he still fapping away at his chubby?

  25. Don needs some Freaking Green Elf Shorts...

  26. ewwwww is Donn 'Bashin the Bishop'

  27. Very nice arse. What a woman should look like!

  28. VOICES: I think I'll let Donn answer that.

    RANDOM: The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts might melt from Donn's hot Monica-Bellucci-magnet thighs.

    BEAST: Call it what you may, Donn's been gone an awfully long time.

    Very suspicious.

    MYTOES: I'm pleased that she meets your demanding specifications that are nearly impossible for the average woman to meet.

    *runs off to have arse waxed and airbrushed*

  29. She's FREAKING ITALIAN! Belluci people. Not Bellapopolous. If it ends with an 'i' it's most likely Italian. Remember that, it's on the quiz next week. She's Italian, but speaks French too. She's awesome. Beautiful. Lovely body. Intelligent. Nice nose.

    I hate her.

    I wonder how she stays in shape?

  30. T-BIRD: By "Greek" Knudsen meant...

    Oh never mind.

    Perhaps I'll send an email to you and CyberPoof later to explain.

    How does she stay in shape, you ask?

    She bench presses Donn's massive, um...love muscle.

  31. mj you absolutely crack me up...er um i mean...you make me laugh :)

  32. DAISY: As long as I'm not the "butt" of your jokes.

  33. A sequel to this post would seem to be in order...such as shots of Donn's bare celebrity ass.

    This CAN be arranged...

  34. A photo of Donn’s arse? Arrange it!

    If you were brave enough to bare your arse, then why is HE stalling?

    Does he have something to hide?

    A SpongeBob tattoo, perhaps?

  35. I've an entry on her somewhere in my back catalogue. We were an item once. Well, in my head... and left hand.

  36. BBB: Remind me to curtsy when I meet you rather than shake your hand.

  37. MJ I'm sure your butt is as delicious. You have great legs and the butt is attached! Really needs waxing, huh?

  38. MYTOES: *checks for smoothness*

    Well, maybe not today.

  39. It would be a shame to cut those nice cheeks!!!!