Monday, June 02, 2008

1,000th Posting

Hurrah! It’s Infomaniac’s 1,000th posting!

Rather than sitting there contemplating how much time you’ve wasted visiting this blog, why don’t you cast your minds back into the mists of time for just a moment.

Do you remember how you discovered Infomaniac in the first place? Tell us about it.

And now, our lovely waitresses will serve cocktails.


  1. congratulations. i love traveling with olga. wouldnt it be fun to come upon someone READING villa of the queens? grrherhaha

  2. A thousand, eh?

    Only another few hundred and your posts will match the number of your thigh wrinkles.

    I suppose I should say 'Congrats' and all that shite.

    Congrats and all that shite!

  3. I found you at Corrie Canuck :-)

    Congratulations on 1000 postings MJ!!!

    As for a cocktail - a slippery nipple would be good from the looks of the waitresses :-)

  4. Congrats!
    I only found your blog a couple of weeks ago and that was from the link at wee Piggy and Tazzy's place.

  5. See! How helpful are we? Bringing you high-quality readers like Lost.

    We're so wonderful.

  6. You found me.
    then I found knudson.

    you then got bumped to second place on my secret 'chart o sexay' listings.

    sometimes it's like that. deal.


  7. SHE: “grrherhaha”?

    You don’t have to mumble that you have gonorrhea.

    We’re all friends here.

    PIGGY: Yet fewer than the number of cellulite dimples in your arse.

    NWT: Infomaniac is like The Rover’s Return if the Rovers were a gay bar.

    Staffed by trannies.

    And I’m the landlady.

    Isn’t Piggy the poofter equivalent of busybody Norris Cole?

    Oooo…you’ve given me an idea!

    LOST: You came here from Piggy and Tazzy’s?

    What’s a nice girl like you slumming in a place like that?

    I thought Lost had Found me via Beast.

    PIGGY: I intentionally posted this early, thinking you’d be in bed and unable to soil my blog so early in the comments.

    NATIONS: Damn that Knudsen and his pulling power.

    It’s the cap. If only I had the cap.

  8. does it really matter? OK, I was jealous of you and Old K and came over here to kick your ass ... then realized "hey, she posts a ton of porn."

  9. BOXER: And then I told you how Old Knudsen cannot be held doon by any woman. Or gurlyboy, for that matter. He belongs to us all and the world belongs to him.

    And then you kissed me and we've been friends ever since.

  10. Nope, I found Beast through you. Must that six degrees thing popping up it's ugly head again. All roads connect to Pig n Taz. Now there's a thought to sleep on LOL.

  11. I found MJ thru Frobishersfunpages
    Has it only been 1000.
    Thats a lot of flaby old flesh

  12. i think i clicked a link from my stat counter, you were searching for "golden showers, old men and hot california boys"....

    no really....

    im pretty sure any way..

    have YOU been drinking?

    my bad, im just trying to say i missed you too!!!

  13. Wow! 1000 posts - awesome!

    I think IDV found you - I remember reading your comments on his page. Intrigued by the wit, I followed the links and now... I am part of the MJ Army.

  14. I googled "drunken canadian midget porn," ended up here and kept coming back.

  15. 1000 posts, eh? It feels like so much more...


    I can't remember how I had the *coughs*mis*coughs* fortune to find you? Probably through SID or Piggy & Tazzy?

    Right. Now where are the waiters?

  16. Congrats!

    I think you found me. No doubt prowling the interweb for shoes or was it that post of hot football players I did so very long ago?

    Then of course I felt obliged to come here. I still do.

  17. The first post of yours I read was actually your TFGES post.

  18. I found the first post of mine that you commented on back in May 2006! It was the one about the flight of the thaumjammer, i.e. Broom, tarted up by Blacksmith and (naked) Knight.

  19. Wow IDV you went through a lot of trouble for MJ

    you must really like her

  20. LOST: *reluctantly agrees that all roads lead to Piggy and Tazzy*

    It’s like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of bread crumbs but the birds eating the crumbs so you end up at the witch’s house.

    Or am I confusing P&T with IVD?

    BEAST: Was it during one of Mr. Frobisher’s famous “Drag Queens on Parade” nights?

    Was he sticking false eyelashes and a wig on you?

    VOICES: You’re back! And not shy to show it.

    I’m certain a number of the new crop of bloggers found Infomaniac through you!

    IVD: No! Not Piggy and Tazzy again!

    If this keeps up, I’ll owe them my soul.

    The only waiter here is Manuel and he’s exhausted from having his sugarloaf manhandled at a hen party.

    CYBERPOOF: I may have been looking for hot footballers wearing high heels.

    Who knew then that someday YOU’D be wearing the Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts yourself!

    IVD: Look! Here’s the Thaumjammer post!

    CYBERPOOF: IVD and I go back a long way, don’t we Diddums?

  21. T-BIRD & BOB: Ack! I haven't had my morning coffee yet. Forgive me.

    T-BIRD: At last.

    Something I can thank IVD for.

    Other than plenty of material about fumbling, drunken sexcapades down at the docks.

    BOB: All your drunken Canadian midget porn needs must be being met then.

  22. How about that. Is it time to sing

    MJ and IDV sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

    or was that too ick?

  23. I found you through that dozy Mick SID.

    What happened to SID? Has he died or summat.

  24. CYBERPOOF: I'm fond of IVD but not in THAT way!

    GARFY: SID's at Fat Camp but he keeps in touch with me.

    And he wants you to know that unfortunately, yes, he's still fat.

  25. I googled "Gail Platt milk jugs" as I saw a lovely pair she had on her dining table.

  26. GEOFF: And you got to see Gail Platt’s tits on vacation!

    What mammaries we've made here over the years.

  27. *looks around for cocktail waitress before heading out to the city*

  28. Thanks for the mammaries, MJ.

  29. congrats, sugar! i think it was old k that brought me to your door! xoxo

    but, whatever, now i come back just because you're just so damn funny! ;-)

  30. VOICES: *hums "On the Road Again" to accompany Voices on his way out of town*

    Don't take the waitress with you. She's needed here 'til the others have been served.

    GEOFF: And thank you for your "support".

    SAVANNAH: All the weemen love Old Knudsen.

    Did he offer you candy and ask you to feel in his pockets for loose change?

    I'm glad he led you astray down my path.

  31. congratulations, and bring on the next 1,000.

    as to Where? ....

    It was bound to be something to do with the old man, but as to whom came first, MJ or OK, i could not say :D

  32. Yes, we do go back a long way, MJ. Although you go back much further than me, naturally!

  33. Man, I'm always late to your nude parties...CONGRATS on 1,000 posts. Whoa! That's some accomplishment. You're way too dedicated.

  34. congratulations !!!!! keep up the good work

    helen (midgetarse) xx

  35. I'm pretty sure that "kiss" was a different kind of "smack", but if that's how you remember it, less paperwork for me.

  36. BITTERSWEET: Old Knudsen always lets the lady come first.

    IVD: Cheeky bastard.

    RANDOM: Are you saying I should take the rest of the week off?

    MIDGETARSE: Ta, Helen.

    Let me know when your blog is back.

    And a belated happy birthday!

    BOXER: The "smack" as you call it was just before you pushed me into the tub of jello.

  37. *laughs at Midget Arse, who clearly doesn't know how to enter her name and URL*

    *not that she has a URL at the moment*

    *she might do if she begs us and feeds us a nice big box of Godiva choccies*

    Jeez, MJ, the standard of your visitors is plunging even further than the leval at which it began.

  38. PIGGY: Considering that it appears that several of my visitors found me through YOUR blog, you're not one to take the high road on standards.

    Besides, I lurve my readers.

    Now go do something useful and give Midget Arse back her blog.

  39. WOW!
    I will never make it to 1,000..and if I did, you know what to do..and make it as swift and painless as possible!

    You Go Girlfriend!

  40. Jeez, MJ, the standard of your visitors is plunging even further than the leval (sic) at which it began.

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

  41. You are like Scheherezade in Arabian Nights.... but less hairy! Well you have to do another post - obviously. I found you on a Hot Porn Milf board I think...

  42. It was back in the hayday of my search for mp3s a few years ago that I stumbled onto blogs. Sure, I've heard about them; wasn't really interested in them. I was looking for Fleetwood Mac mp3s, and a search for Stevie Nicks led me to SNICKS blog, the first blog that I ever read and made me laugh.

    From Snicks (I saw Lost there!), I found Maidink (Life, Family, et al), Pax Romana, and from Maidink, I found SID and finally, Informaniac. I started reading during the time of SID winning the Freakin Green Elf Shorts; since then, I've been hooked; like a crack whore, I keep coming back for this stuff, wasting productive time.


    Now, where are the waitresses doing the body shots?

  43. They're over there with the waiters doing body shots, eros. You'll have to get in line.

  44. DONN: If you want something to ease your pain, be sure to visit Infomaniac tomorrow.

    I said baby, now it's for sure,
    You've got the fever, I've got the cure.

    BOB: Don't shoot the messenger.

    MUTLEY: But I'm not a mother.

    You, on the other hand.


    Mind I don't strangle you at daybreak.

    EROS: You're like a crack whore?

    Do you give five dollar blowjobs?

    T-BIRD: You mean Eros will have to step over you to get to them.

  45. No, but I've been known to be out late at night, looking for a good time!

  46. Go on take the rest of your clothes--and the week off! Live a little!

  47. EROS: Look no further.

    IVD is giving it away for free.

    RANDOM: But the How Not To Decorate Competition is this week!

  48. well done n all that! I found you through the dark, blue, lord that is old knudsen.....and I've never regretted it once since then.......not once....

  49. MANUEL: Another feather in the pee-stained cap of Old Knudsen for leading one of his flock astray.

    I've never regretted asking you for a photo of your glorious bare Irish arse.

    In fact, I think I'll go have another look at your sensational sugarloaf now.

  50. T-Bird said something about boobies and I clicked right over here....

  51. DORA: That T-Bird.

    Such a tease.

  52. congrats my friend...sorry i am late to the party...story of my life...


    Knudsen led me here too. He said he had something big he wanted to share with me, I wasn't disappointed x

  54. ELLIE: Old Knudsen will have you brewing his tea next thing you know.

  55. DAMN! Late again! Well YOU found me MJ...and I'm glad you did! Although my blog-mistress says she thinks her eyeballs may have been permanently scarred from looking at some of your FF pics!

  56. Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on #1,000!!!

  57. OLGA: Tell your blog mistress she should be thankful for your ongoing support.

    You're boobielicious!