Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Album Cover of the Week

“Understand Your’e Swede” by Jimmy Jenson, The Singing Swede.


  1. Yerdie Yerdie Yerdie
    I'ma firsty!

    Yimmy Yenson works at Volvo, married Inga, a Stewardess, who he met at an ABBA concert.
    He pays 75% of his income in taxes but the Government pays him $150,000 a year to have 8 blonde kids and on Sundays he likes to relax in his outdoor Sauna and watch the Minnesota Vikings play football while he sips on a bottle of Vodka that cost $500.

    It's basically the same as being Canadian only they're taller.

  2. Ummmm... whats he got in the bag, where did he go to get it, why did he need the hatchet? whats that one kid trying to get the other one to do over by the trees? finally, why is the one child too afraid to come out of the house?!

  3. No'rway am I buying this album.

  4. Holy crap! It's Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo!
    Fred's got a head-in-a-bag for lunch, which he chopped off himself. Daphne's brought their myriad kids (including Little Mi from the Moomins on her right) outside because she's hoping they might freeze to death in the snow as she's sick to death of them capering around all the time.

  5. 9 children, a pee-bag and an axe. Hard long winters there.

  6. Playing live this Friday, 13th at Camp Crystal Lake!

    Singing the classic: Red Rover, Red Rover send Jason right over!

  7. Jimmy Jenson looks like a bit of a turnip to me.

    Chunky jumpers and bondage, that's what the Swedes are into.

  8. DONN: He may have met his stewardess on Infomaniac Airlines for all you know.

    And Canucks have funny pictures of moose on their boxer shorts rather than the Scandinavian cross.

    The only Canucks I know with saunas are Finnish by birth.

    Fancy a whipping with the birch vasta?

    VOICES: And how does his wife stay in such excellent shape after nine kids?

    EROS: You’ve turned into quite the funster punster, haven’t you?

    IVD: Rearry?

    MAGO: That pee bag doesn’t appear to be made of superabsorbent polymers like our Roadbag.

    EROS: Was that “Part 20: Jason Takes Sweden”?

    GARFY: And don’t forget their innate ability to assemble flat-pack furniture.

  9. My name is Jon Jonson, I come from Wisconsin , I work in the lumber- woods there

    When I go down the street, the people I meet, They say... "What's your name?"

  10. I must say, I've never heard of him, but turquoise is my favoritest color.

  11. My Grandfather vas Sveedesh! He liked to eat cheese that was so smelly that Grandma made him keep outside under the back porch!

    I never even noticed the runt of the litter standing in the doorway...but it looks as if Yimmy has decided what to do about that anyway so I'm stickin' with 8 kids.

  12. hopefully he's bringing home birth control... one way or another.

  13. GEOFF: This could be used as an alternative to The Lumberjack Song, minus the cross-dressing.

    DIVA: Perhaps I should base my postings on readers’ fave colours from now on.

    I feel a mood indigo coming on.

    DONN: Have you eaten Surströmming?

    BOXER: Doesn’t the average Swede produce 1.2 offspring?

    If the bag is full of Surströmming, that will be all the birth control needed.

    One whiff of that will put him off his stroke.

    MAGO: I’ll tell you what’s whacky.

    The fact that the Swede’s can’t spell.

    Notice the word “your’e” on the album cover.

  14. Good luck trying to understand Swedes.

    That's impossible. Been trying for years and still don't.

    Looks like IDV is right about Mi from Moomies. Scary!

  15. it almost looks like he is holding his pipe upside down... wonder what kind of "tobacco" he has in the bag!

  16. CYBERPOOF: Swedes, Danes…

    Same thing.

    VOICES: Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

    Unless, of course, that’s a “little green bag”.

  17. A l'air d'un espèce de tuyau à moi.

  18. unless of course it is indeed a head in the bag...

  19. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this photo: RED RUM RED RUM!!!

  20. but it's in stereo, sugar! ;-)

  21. Oi! We are not the same as Swedes.

    Don't ever tell that or I'll...


    Call you something nasty and leave in a huff!

    That's what I'll do (and maybe send you the shorts)

  22. It's all misspelled. He wanted to write "Yurij Swede" like Yurij Gagarin ... The Danes came into being when the Swedish Vikings marched South and left behind the lame. It must be true, a Finn told me and they never lie.

  23. Swedes, Danes. They're all pretty.

    I have a question about the title. "Understand you're Swede".

    Understand you are Swede? I hope it's a self help book designed to help all the Swedes understand their Swedishness. And smelly cheese.

  24. I think it's a deep socio-ethnological study of the average male Swede, his perception of the world, the woods, women and his axe.

    This canned rotten fish is a case for the "WMD"-thing. These cans are prohibited in airplanes for a reason.

  25. hahahahahahahaha that's fucking great!

  26. I'm moving to Sweden! I like mini skirts, kids, tall strapping young men, and I can't spell either. Sounds perfect.

  27. VOICES: Keep your pipe to yourself, you showoff.

    RANDOM: And a voice saying “Here’s Jimmy Jenson!”

    SAVANNAH: It’s stereo?


    I can play it on my Hi-Fi.

    CYBERPOOF: You all look the same to me.

    MAGO: That explains why the Danes drink more than the Swedes.

    T-BIRD: I think it’s a Swedish/English dictionary.

    For example, if a Swede says, “Jag är snyggare naken,” that translates to “I'm better-looking naked.”

    MAGO: Perhaps I’ll carry Lutefisk on board instead.

    MANUEL: Always a pleasure to tickle your fancy.

    PRU: So you like a smorgasbord.

  28. That only explains why the Danes are so sweeed. The drinking order is a matter of discussion about them Northereners (Noerregerners?). The Finns are leading undisputed as totally pissed anytime. I guess Norwegians are close in, than Swedes and Sweedes (vulgo: Danes). There may be local differences.

    Lutfisk, yeah. If need be you can chew it. They give bags in the aeroplanes ... anyway: Fisch will schwimmen! Hit the aquavitae, do what the aboriginies do. SKOL!

  29. MAGO: Doesn't Finland have an unusually high suicide rate?

    I'll opt for the glögg this time.

  30. It's the Tango that kills ... I never touch gloegg (again), the "day after" extends to three or four days. Better stay with the pure stuff.