Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brandine Gets Lucky

After only one day up and running, Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service is a success!

Thanks to everyone who helped Brandine get lucky…

Brandine with unidentified Infomaniac reader


  1. Phew! At least it's not me. I had a dream about being smothered last night but luckily it was because I tried inhaling the pillow.

    It's not Connie is it? He hasn't been around for a while...

  2. IVD: Connie actually posted again!

    Those legs are almost as bandy as yours.

  3. "Call me Ishmael"

    "There she blows!--there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!"

  4. EROS: Is that how you talk to your girlfriend?

  5. Only when I plan to harpoon her!

  6. Oh my lord!

    Thank god that isn't me under there.

    To answer your question, yes I can swim without those airwings

    although I haven't actually been swimming for years

  7. MJ: The only reason Connie posted is because I got off.

  8. Are you sure it's not you IDV?

    I mean it could be that the stories about a house falling on witches was actually just made up to cover for the fact it was a plus sized, pole dancing pimp with a huge arse.

    Looks like Dorothy has already stolen the ruby slippers.....

  9. EROS: Mind you don’t catch crabs with that harpoon.

    CYBERPOOF: Can you smile underwater like a synchronized swimmer?

    TATAS: You got off?

    It took a MONTH for you to get off?

    You need a stronger vibrator.

    Or Connie needs more stamina.

    DORA: You’re so right.

    It looks suspiciously like IVD under the house.

    Minus The Shorts!

  10. Is that one of the Smothers Brothers?
    Must be Dick?

  11. I'm sure I could, but why would I?

  12. LMBO!!! i am so sending you my address!!!! thanks, sugar for all the giggles ;-)

  13. Blimey you wouldn't be able to hear the stereo under that lot
    Suet Pudding anyone??????

  14. Are you sure that's not YOU underneath Brandine?

  15. DONN: She always liked Dick best.

    CYBERPOOF: To show what a star you are.

    SAVANNAH: Postcard on its way to a peach in the Peach State soon.

    BEAST: I’m sure you could feel the bass though.

    WW: Shut up.

  16. Why would I need to show everyone, as long as I know I'm a star.

    Because I am a star!

  17. isn't that old knudsen under that...woman?

  18. RICH: Knudsen would have an escape plan.