Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, SID!

Happy Birthday, you filthy Irish bastard!

They said it was baby fat. They said he’d grow out of it.

Fast forward to adulthood…

A grown-up, blimpish, Brobdingnagian SID was the inspiration for Mr. Stay Puft from the movie Ghostbusters.

Why, you ask, am I such a devoted SIDophile?

Is it his fat, lumpy, wobbly arse?

Dead sexy

Is it his bald patch?

Patch is partially concealed by this product.

Is it his man boobs?
(Click the link above to see his moobs…I dare not post them again lest sensitive viewers regurgitate.)

Is it my beloved "Wee SID?"

Is it his Rebel Without A Cause attitude as he speeds down the motorway?

Yes, it’s all of the above but it’s SO much more. So much more that space doesn’t allow but I’ll let you in on a secret.

I love the way SID fills out a nappy…

Balloon dance optional

“Wee SID” lights up in celebration

Everyone help yourselves to cake while I blow out the candle!!!

Happy Birthday to our Stupid Irish Daddy.

First round's on me. Sláinte!


  1. *spits out birthday cake crumbs*

    *weeps a birthday weep*

    THANK YOU for that exposition of the Holy SID, MJ.

    Yes, another year closer to death,AND another day closer to getting revenge for that.

    *waits till party is over before getting revenge*

    Canuck Bitch.


  2. Happy Birthday, do they do happy in Ireland?

    yeah yeah I know its Northern Ireland not Ireland and its also Londonderry not Derry but its the lads birthday.

    Go on treat yerself and throw a half brick at a peeler.

  3. Happy birthday SID !

    I didnt know MJ was a chubby chaser

    she seems to be obsessed

  4. SID: Stop your sobbing .I’m putting you back to work tomorrow so make the most of your day off.

    Revenge? At your advanced age, you don’t have much time left so yes, get cracking on it after the party.

    *raises glass and buys SID another round*

    KNUDSEN: In Canada we call strippers “peelers” so there could be some danger and illegalities involved in brick-throwing.

    And our one dollar and two dollar currencies are rather large coins so I wouldn’t suggest tossing those at the peelers either.

    BEAST: While I do admit to favouritism in SID’s case, there’s no need for jealousy as all Infomaniac regulars are treated to a birthday posting.

    And not just the chubbies although Piggy has been featured prominently.

    Male readers are celebrated ONLY if they send me a photo of their bare arse. So hop to it. Send me a pic along with your date of birth and you too can enjoy the adoration for a day.

  5. How comes we didn't know it was the fat cunts birthday?



    I'd ask for a slice of cake, but you've probably already scoffed the fucking lot of it.

    Greedy cunt.

  6. NON-LINKABLE PIGGY: You didn't know about his birthday because he didn't want to be reminded about his rapid descent into geezerdom.

    Remember how YOU felt on your 60th?

  7. The auld bollocks must be weeping over his cellulite.

    I suggest we have a whip round and fund a course liposuction.

  8. I am not sending a picture of my pert yet muscular bottom , that piggy will be licking the screen

  9. Lá Breithe Sona dhuit.
    Lá Breithe Sona dhuit.
    Lá Breithe Sona. a SID,
    Lá Breithe Sona dhuit.

    I shall listen to some U2 and eat some French, um, Irish fries in your honor today when I'm out...

    Later, I shall play some Enya, eat some Lucky Charms, and drink some Bailey's coffee to celebrate your day!

  10. GARFY: To cut costs (SID’s a cheap bastard) we could siphon the fat from SID’s corpulent body ourselves. A DIY liposuction, if you will.

    I’ll provide the bucket (industrial-sized) and you hook up a length of tubing and get sucking.

    BEAST: None of usbelieve your claims to a pert muscular arse ‘til we’ve seen it for ourselves.

    No birthday cake for you til you put out.

    BINGOWINGS: I have all the fixins here for an Irish Carbomb…

    Baileys, Guinness, and Jamesons mixed into one potent cocktail.

  11. I knew it was a scary day today

    anyway (Piggys fave word) happy birthday SID

    Hope that candle won't burn all the way down

  12. happy birthday sid!
    all three of you!


  13. Earth...Sun...orbit...365...blah...don't choke on cake.

    Get free stuff for not dying.


  14. Happy Birthday SID.

    Or perhaps after evrything up there, just 'Birthday'...

  15. FN: He hasn't caught up yet to the number of personalities held by IVD.

    RIMMER: We've got loads of free stuff for him if he pops his clogs.

    It's only a matter of time now at his age.

    IVD: Just you wait 'til March.

    I have plans.

    WAITRESS: I see you've started in on the Irish carbombs.

  16. Wow where do I start. First happy birthday but watch out for the hot candle wax! Fat, fat, fat, not good for anyone to see. Big tits and fat ....not matter what. I bet that motorcycle engine is really straining.

  17. MYTOES: I hope he's not burning the candle at both ends.

    Although that could explain why it hurts when he pees.

  18. Thank you cunts oneand all!

    To drunk to post todiy

  19. SID: *tucks a tired, drunken SID into his wee bed as the clock ticks over in Ireland to another day*

    *grabs his bottle as he passes out and shares it with the rest of you*

  20. CYBERSCARY: Didn't mean to forget you!

    Would you like to lick the icing from the candle?

  21. saw the headline and thought you meant me........but that was a month ago......happy birthday s.i.d........

  22. MANUEL: This blog is beginning to stink with filthy Irish bastards.

    DRUNKEN filthy Irish bastards, I might add as I well remember the train wreck that was your birthday hangover.

  23. MJ, that was a beautiful, loving tribute.

    SID, Happy Birthday. This makes one more day where you're not resting in the Cold, cold earth. Celebrate it appropriately.

  24. HFB SID!
    Make shure that somebody BLOWS out that candle before you go to sleep.

  25. PEEVISH: Nothing but the best for our Lard-Arse.

    HE: I’ve seen to it.

    Now can you recommend a good lip balm for my burn?